15+ Reasons Why You Should Drink Black Coffee


#1 Improves Heart Health

Drinking black coffee can help you to keep the doctor away. According to studies by the American Heart Association, long term consumption of coffee may reduce heart disease risk.

Alternatively, a daily serving of coffee can lower the chance of becoming inflammatory and thus decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Also, research has shown that consuming coffee on a regular basis causes a small increase in blood pressure but only to people who are already susceptible and it doesn’t cause any health issues.


#2 Promotes Weight Loss

The fats in our food can be reduced by simply eliminating it from coffee. The caffeine in coffee has a lot of benefits and is extremely helpful when it comes to the weight loss process because it helps to increase the body’s metabolism.

One study concluded that coffee can aid in the fat-burning process and be beneficial for those who want to lose weight as long as they consume at least 200 mg of caffeine each day.

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#3 Improves Memory

Drinking coffee may help to improve memory function, as the benefits of caffeine are readily absorbed by the brain. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, which in turn helps keep a healthy brain active.

Another thing that triggers this reaction is exercise, so you can also channel your energy towards working out on a regular basis and being physically active, and easily stay alert at work or school.


#4 Reduces Diabetes Risk

Caffeinated coffee is helpful in reducing diabetes risk, especially in type 2 diabetes. This is an improvement over its more sugary counterparts that people usually add to their cups of brewed coffee to make them a little sweet.

A study conducted on 83,000 women revealed that those who drank black caffeinated coffee without sugar had a 23% lower risk for developing type 2 diabetes compared to those who consumed it with other sweeteners.

Some telltale signs that you might have diabetes are high levels of sugar in your blood and drinking too many caffeinated beverages such as coffee should be avoided by all who have this disease regardless of the fact that it does contain small amounts of caffeine but we cannot deny the many other health benefits it offers.

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#5 Lowers The Risk Of Parkinson’s Disease

Caffeine is believed to help avoid Parkinson’s Disease, a neurological disorder involving the degeneration of certain brain cells.

Achmad Subagio, professor at Research Institute of the University of Jember in Indonesia told PT.Sindoqq.com that drinking black coffee could reduce the risk by as much as 60 percent when it is consumed twice a day.

He suggested weakening the effect by having sweeteners added to mitigate the amount of caffeine that exists in the drink and also consuming fruit juices immediately before or after each cup. Because they are known to increase good cholesterol while reducing bad cholesterol such as low-density lipoprotein (LDL).


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