20 Places To Use Shelf Liner In Your Home

Shelf liners help keep the items on your shelves tidy and organized by providing a protective barrier between them and the bottom of the shelf. Plus, they make cleaning up a breeze!

We’ve compiled a list of 20 different places in your home where you can use shelf liners to make life easier.

List Of 20 Places To Use Shelf Liner In Your Home

Homeowners may not realize the benefits of installing shelf liners in their homes. Shelf liner is a great way to create a more functional and organized space for storage. It can be used in the following places:

#1 Kitchen Cabinets/Cupboards/Pantry

Do you have trouble finding a place to store all your pots and pans? Cabinets are not large enough to hold everything, shelves don’t provide enough room for storage, or there is too much shelf space that you want to fill?

Enter shelf liner. Shelf liners can be placed on shelves to make better use of the shelf space without giving up the convenience of what the shelves provide.

#2 Kitchen Shelves

Shelves in the kitchen are often the most used surfaces. They’re essential for storing plates, cups, and foodstuffs. But these surfaces can become very messy with time whether it’s because of spills or just natural wear and tear.

A lot of people wonder where to put shelf liner in their homes. You can use shelf liners to cover your kitchen shelves. This will help keep them clean all the time and even extend the lifespan of the products you have on your shelves.

#3 Kitchen Drawers

Many of us have a lot of stuff in our kitchen drawers. The problem with this is that it makes it hard to find what you are looking for when cooking, or when looking to grab something from the drawer.

When you store your items inside a shelf liner, it will be much easier to see what is inside, and also get rid of any food particles that may get stuck on the bottom of the drawer.

#4 Refrigerator Shelves

The refrigerator shelves hold the items that are most often used in our kitchens. Most of them spend time with condensation building upon them, creating a mess that is hard to clean up.

The problem is that regular plastic or wooden shelves absorb water and can often leave water stains or peel off layers of material if it’s not taken care of. A solution to this would be to purchase a shelf liner so it doesn’t have any place to stick to.

#5 Living Room/Bedroom

There is a lot of science behind the power of habit because it affects your life every day, from what you eat to how you interact with others. In order to create a better environment for yourself and cultivate new habits, it’s worth investing in shelf liners for your kitchen pantry or living room bookshelf.

#6 Dresser Drawers

It’s hard to keep your dresser drawers organized and free from clutter. The best way to ensure that you can quickly and easily find what you need is to use a liner inside each drawer.

With this handy addition, everything will be within reach and you’ll always know where things are. Shelf liners are the perfect solution for those who want to save time and space.

#7 Closet Shelves

Closet shelf liners can be a huge help when organizing a cluttered closet. It can be a great way to stay organized and free up space by folding clothes on the shelves instead of stacking them.

If you have a lot of shelves in your closets, it is best to buy an extra roll so you have enough for all the shelves. There are many different types of shelf liner as well as many different colors and patterns that you can choose from.

#8 Bathroom Drawers

Bathroom drawers are an absolute necessity in order to keep enough room in the cabinet for other necessities. A bathroom drawer is also a place you store your toiletries and towels. You can use a shelf liner to organize and keep things neat and tidy.

#9 Home Office

So you have finally decided to make your home an office. Well, good for you! You are more productive when you are in your domain. We all need some privacy and space of our own to think about the tasks at hand, focus on work, and be creative.

The idea of having an office can often feel overwhelming with all the decisions that are needed to be made before the space is complete.

#10 Laundry Room Shelves

Some people look at laundry room shelving as a necessary aspect of their home, while others would rather live without it. But, if you’re anything like me and your laundry room is also your pantry and food storage area (because we don’t have enough space in this tiny, cramped apartment!), then you know that you need those shelves for cooking supplies and pantry items. I’ve found some clever ways to use shelf liners in my kitchen and laundry room.

#11 Garage Shelves

A recent trend in home décor is to use shelf liner on garage shelves, even though many people are unsure of the benefits of doing so. With this article, however, it will be easy to see exactly why this simple switch can make a big difference.

Shelf liner is made from durable synthetic paper that has been treated with polyurethane to make it waterproof and grease-proof.

#12 Under The Sink

If you are the type of person who likes to explore new ways to use household items then this article is for you. Prevent your kitchen from being cluttered with the installation of a shelf liner that will help corral things under your sink.

Install shelf liner on top of your cabinet shelves to stop pots and pans from sliding off when they are not in use. There are many more places where shelf liners can be used in your home, see some of them here.

#13 Under Garbage And Recycling Cans

On any given day, there may be a number of cans and bottles on your kitchen floor. There are so many products out there for storing your food and drinks, but what about the garbage?

The people at upright reusable grocery bags have come up with some clever ways to use shelf liners in your home to avoid some of that clutter.

#14 Protect The Table From Kids Art

Protect your table from kid’s art by putting a piece of shelf liner over it. This will keep your table protected while you’re using it for dinner or other activities. When you’re done, just roll up the shelf liner and put it away. There are many other places in the home where a piece of shelf liner can come in handy.

#15 Under The Dog Bowls

Do you ever feel like your home is overrun with dog bowls? If so, then this article might be just what you’re looking for. It provides some ideas on where to use shelf liners in order to keep those pesky dog bowls hidden and out of sight.

There are many different kinds of shelf liners that come in a variety of thicknesses, colors, and textures. There is the option of using the same color as your walls or contrasting it with a bright color.

#16 Protect Painted Furniture

Painted furniture is easily damaged if it’s not properly protected. One way to protect your furniture is with shelf liner, which can be used in all kinds of spaces–from bookshelves to kitchen cabinets.

It’s available in a variety of colors and patterns, so you’ll have no trouble finding one that matches your home décor. There are a lot of small things that can get overlooked when thinking about home organization.

If you have kids, you know the paint ends up everywhere- not just on the walls. In order to protect your furniture from getting ruined, you can use a shelf liner to cover it. This will help you from having to repaint your furniture over and over again.

#17 Cover Wire Shelves

Cover wire shelving with shelf liner to protect it from rust and stains. These inexpensive liners can be found at most hardware stores and come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Liners make it easy to clean your shelves without needing to remove them, which saves you time and effort. Remove the liner and throw it in the washing machine for quick cleaning without even taking it off the shelves.

#18 Under Rust-prone Objects

Homes are full of delicate, valuable belongings. If you’re lucky, you have a homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy that will cover the cost of replacing your cherished possessions if any harm comes to them. But what about preventing harm?

Rust-prone objects can cause serious damage to your home and should be dealt with right away if they are found. Luckily the shelf liner can protect sensitive objects from the damage they could cause.

#19 Under Your Toilet Seat

Yuck! You’ve been right this whole time about those unsightly strands of toilet paper on the floor. In all your wiping and scrubbing, you may have missed a little something… The first place to install a shelf liner is underneath your toilet seat.

That’s right, that nasty ring that has been gathering around your bowl can be cut off the hard way with a razor blade or rubbed away with a cat litter scooper.

#20 Under Litter Boxes

Many homeowners often use shelf liners to prolong the life of their shelves and drawers. But according to one expert, shelf liner can also be used for other purposes in your home.

Shelves Liner can be used as an under litter box for animals with sensitive paws or allergies since it’s designed to trap hair, debris, and other dirt that might be on the floor.

Tips To Keep Shelf Liner In Place

Shelf liners are a quick and easy way to dress up a shelf with a patterned, textured, or solid design. The most common problem with shelf liners is that they slide around too easily.

This is a common problem for all types of shelf liners, but it can be mitigated by adding friction in the form of a non-slip mat underneath the liner.

We try to make sure that there is something that works for you, whether you like a smooth or a textured look. Depending on how you like your books displayed, we have a variety of shelf liners to choose from.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the article mentions that shelf liner is a great way to organize and store your belongings to reduce clutter and stay organized. It also helps to protect shelves and the items on them from scratches and dings, as well as protect against spills.

To conclude this article, I recommend using this product at home to provide organization and protection for your things.

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