What Is The Difference Between French Pressed And Turkish Coffee?

Coffee drinkers may be left wondering what the difference is between French pressed and Turkish coffee. This article will explain how they are different, while also giving some tips on the best way to brew each type of coffee.

French press coffee is made by placing ground beans in a glass carafe with hot water, allowing them to soak for 4 minutes, then pushing the plunger down into the carafe to push the grounds to the bottom.

Turkish Coffee vs French Press

What is French Press Coffee?

Making French pressed coffee is not unlike pouring tea from a teapot. French pressed coffee is made by steeping the ground coffee beans in boiled water and then pushing the coffee grounds to the bottom of a receptacle with a plunger.

Unlike Turkish coffee, French Press beverages aren’t served hot because they’ve been steeping for so long.

What is Turkish Coffee?

Turkish coffee is a unique and complex brew, unlike any other type of coffee you may be used to. It has a rich, thick flavor and is served with cardamom and sweetened to taste. Turkish coffee is made by boiling finely ground coffee beans in an open pot with sugar and water. The grounds are allowed to settle before pouring the resulting liquid into cups.

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Turkish Coffee vs French Press: What Are The Differences?

The two most popular types of coffee in the world are French Pressed and Turkish, but they are very different. The biggest difference between French Pressed and Turkish is that French presses require a metal filter, whereas Turkish coffee doesn’t.

In addition, the grind for a french press is much finer than it is for a Turkish grind. That means that more sediment from the beans makes it through the press in a french pressed mug, which makes for a stronger brew.

Differences In Beans

There are many differences between Turkish coffee and French press, but they can be boiled down to one major difference. With Turkish coffee, you grind the beans; however, with French press, the beans are whole.

This grinding process is what separates these two methods of brewing coffee. The nature of the grinding process is what produces the difference in taste when comparing these two types of coffee.

Differences In Brewing

The brewing process for each type of coffee is different. For a French press, the ground coffee is mixed with hot water and steeped to extract its flavor. The filter provides a rich taste from the coffee beans without any bitterness.

A Turkish coffee pot has a more granular grind and is brewed by boiling water until it forms a thick paste. This is then poured over the grounds, which are stirred to mix them evenly, before being left to settle once again.

Differences In Roast

In a French Press, coffee is ground to a medium-fine consistency and then steeped in hot water. In this method, the oils from the coffee beans are not extracted.

In Turkish Coffee, on the other hand, there is no filter and so some of the oils from the beans form a layer on top of the mixture while they’re brewing which gives it a slightly thicker consistency and more of a roasted flavor than that of a French press.

How To Make Turkish Coffee With An Ibrik?

There are a few ways to make Turkish coffee. One approach is to use an ibrik, which is a lidded cauldron with a long handle and spout, such that the coffee grounds remain immersed throughout the process of brewing.

But sometimes we don’t have an ibrik on hand, and will need to improvise; it turns out that even though this may mean we have to adapt our process somewhat, you can still get a taste of real Turkish Coffee!

How To Make Turkish Coffee Without An Ibrik?

Turkish coffee is a popular drink that can be made at home without an ibrik. It’s almost the same as French press coffee, but with a few variations. Turkish coffee is made with a coarser grind coffee.

The water is introduced to the pot and then it is heated over a burner until boiling occurs. Next, the hot water is poured over medium-coarse ground coffee that has been placed into the ibrik/pot and stirred for about one minute as it brews.

The coffee steeps for about two more minutes after which it can be enjoyed in “eşkarotka”, (a traditional glass used) or cupped into individual cups.

Can You Make Turkish Coffee In French Press?

Turkish coffee is a very popular brew for many in the Middle East and its distinct rich undertones have been enjoyed in one form or another for hundreds of years.

Many people believe that Turkish coffee should only be made using a particular style of pot called an Ibrik steel coffee pot which has very small holes at the base so the water can reach very high temperatures without boiling over.

However, you can still make Turkish coffee using a French press and you will use it in a similar way to traditional French Press coffee but with less water added.

When brewing this delicious drink, you need to take your time to stir the grounds once they’ve been added into the French press so as it doesn’t get too thick as it will not be able to pass through the small hole at the bottom if it’s too thick when it gets there.

Over To You

We hope you enjoyed our post on French press vs. Turkish coffee. It can seem intimidating to purchase a new coffee maker, especially when deciding whether to get a French press or a Turkish coffee maker.

However, we hope that this blog post has given you some helpful information about the differences between the two, and helped you decide which one is best for you!

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