11 Reasons Why I’m A Big Fan Of Steel Cut Oats

Steel-cut oats are a great breakfast option for those who are looking to try something new. Not only are they filling, but they are also very low in calories. Though they take longer to cook than rolled oats, the results are worth it!

The things I love most about steel-cut oats are that they have no added sugar, they keep my appetite satisfied for hours, and they’re just plain delicious.

Steel-cut oats are a staple breakfast in my household. Why you may ask? Here are 11 reasons why I’m a big fan of steel-cut oats. Steel-cut oats have a longer shelf life than other types of oats, including instant and rolled oat products.

You can make them in the microwave if you’re in a hurry. They have a delicious nutty flavor that’s impossible to find in other types of oats.

#1 Loads You Up On Nutrients

Steel Cut Oats are a great source of fiber and other nutrients. Not only is it a good breakfast food, but steel-cut oats can be used as the base for many other dishes like soups and casseroles! Plus, steel-cut oats make you feel full longer than any other food.

If you’re looking to eat healthier and lose weight, this should be one of your go-to foods! Steel-cut oats are a great way to start off your morning!

#2 Can Help You Lose Weight

Steel-cut oats are a delicious and nutritious breakfast option that can help you lose weight. In addition, they have a long list of benefits including being easy to prepare, offering a slow release of energy, and being high in fiber.

I am a big fan of steel-cut oats because it’s made with just one ingredient: whole grain steel-cut oats. Unlike other breakfast options, there is no added sugar or salt, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to lose weight.

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#3 Might Support Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Steel Cut Oats can help keep blood sugar levels steady. The carbs in steel-cut oats take longer to break down which helps regulate the body’s blood sugar levels.

One study found that steel cut oats caused slower post-meal glucose concentrations; reducing the risk for spikes and crashes. Steel-cut oats are heart-healthy too! They are rich in fiber, manganese, and folate.

#4 Fills You Up On Fiber

Steel-cut oats are made by cutting the oat kernels into pieces with steel blades, which preserve all of their intact fiber. This type of oats has a lower glycemic index than processed instant oatmeal.

Steel-cut oats also take longer to cook than instant oatmeal, so it’s perfect for times when you need to wake up slowly. I’m a big fan of steel-cut oats because they provide more nutrients and they taste great!

#5 Amps Up Your Antioxidants

Steel-cut oats are one of my favorite breakfast foods. They keep me energized, they keep me feeling full, and they’re healthy for me, too! Steel-cut oats are rich in antioxidants; they contain the highest amount per serving compared to other types of oats or grains.

Steel-cut oats also help maintain a steady blood sugar level, which is helpful if you’re trying to manage your weight. So eat up, and see you in the morning for a good breakfast that will keep you going all day long!

#6 Could Be Good For Your Gut

Steel-cut oats may be the perfect food. They’re a great gluten-free breakfast option, they’ll keep you full for hours, and they’re good for your gut. So why am I a big fan of steel-cut oats?

Steel Cut Oats can also soothe an empty stomach. They are great for meal prepping around the holidays, are simple to cook, have a low glycemic index, and are delicious. You can buy steel-cut oats in the bulk section, but you can also cook them from scratch.

#7 Helps Lower Your Cholesterol

Steel-cut oats may help you lower cholesterol and keep heart disease at bay. Studies show that the levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) decrease significantly when you switch to steel-cut oats and that it can reduce your risk of developing heart disease by 66%.

So, if you’re looking for a healthier alternative to rice or quinoa, give steel-cut oats a try!

#8 Supports Smooth Skin

Steel-cut oats are a great way to get a healthy breakfast, but they also offer other benefits. For starters, steel-cut oats are an excellent source of insoluble fiber, which helps with digestion and may lower cholesterol.

On the surface, this might not sound so appealing – who wants to be constipated or have high cholesterol? However, insoluble fiber is actually good for the skin, too. In fact, one study showed that it can improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

#9 Could Prevent Allergies In Babies

Steel-cut oats have been found to be a healthful breakfast option for all ages.

Steel-cut oats have a low glycemic index and are high in soluble fiber, which helps regulate digestion. In addition, they provide a source of dietary protein without the use of animal products.

New studies show that early exposure to whole grain foods such as steel-cut oats may prevent allergies from developing in babies.

#10 Relieves Constipation

Steel-cut oats are a hearty breakfast meal because they can be eaten warm or cold. Steel-cut oats are rich in fiber and protein, the two nutrients that help to relieve constipation.

They make an excellent addition to any diet because they enhance digestion and give you a sense of fullness for hours after you eat them.

The longer cooking time also helps your body use its natural enzymes better since it doesn’t cook your food too quickly like other types of oatmeal do.

#11 Gives You Plenty Of Plant Protein

Steel-cut oats are full of plant protein which aids in weight loss, decreases inflammation levels, and satisfies the appetite. Steel-cut oats are also full of fiber which helps to promote cardiovascular health.

They can be made flavorsome by adding fruits or nuts. These reasons are why I’m a big fan of steel-cut oats.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Steel-cut oats are a fantastic and healthy breakfast option. They can be eaten any time of day and provide many health benefits. If you’re looking for a new breakfast item to try, steel-cut oats should be it!

Don’t miss out on this nutritious and satisfying breakfast food. Steel-cut oats may provide the fuel your body needs to carry you through the morning’s activities. Make steel-cut oats part of your routine!

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