7 Savory Ways To Add Coffee To Your Dinner

Coffee is a very popular stimulant that many people enjoy. It’s important to remember that coffee isn’t just relegated to the sweet side of the meal table – coffee can easily be enjoyed with savory dishes as well.

One way of using coffee in your dinner meal is by using it as an ingredient within your main dish and thus framing your meal around your beverage actually!

Not only does it aid in digesting a meal, but this additional caffeine jolt will keep you energized long after your evening has ended.

Here are seven ways for incorporating coffee into dinners at home:

#1 Coffee Crackers

Who doesn’t like some coffee before dinner? If you want to make a delicious snack, use some brewed coffee instead of water in these crunchy crackers that pair well with aged cheese.

#2 Coffee Marinade

If you’re ever at a loss for something to marinate your food in you can always try out a cup of coffee (if you’re into that kind of thing).

It adds real flavor to meats and other ingredients so that when you throw them on the grill later the whole meal will taste delicious but not overpowering.

Nobody likes burnt food, no matter how flavorful.

#3 Coffee Rub

Coffee rubs are versatile, meaning that you can use them on a lot of different kinds of food. You don’t have to limit yourself to red meat alone.

The coffee flavor will pair particularly well with gamey meats like venison, which makes coffee rubs ideal for fall meals cooked over an open fire.

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#4 Coffee Roasted Vegetables

Coffee roasted vegetables never fail to surprise us here at Mullanphy. On special occasions, we love pairing the earthy roast of coffee with sweet root vegetables and are excited to hear back from you. As the saying goes, “If you love something, let it go.

If it comes back to you, it’s yours forever.” So on a cold evening this fall when your mother-in-law (or date night) comes around enjoy a delectable side dish just for the two of you by roasting some beets and carrots with coffee as a quick and easy way to please both sets of taste buds!

#5 Coffee Vinaigrette

Coffee vinaigrette is one of my favorite salad dressing recipes. It only takes two ingredients and it’s very easy to make all while adding a delicious flavor to whatever meal you want to add it to!

#6 Coffee Chili

Coffee in chili can be a fun way to play up the flavors in your meal. The caffeine kick actually helps bring out the potency of your meal, and many vegetarians even add coffee beans to their dish to fill in nutritional gaps!

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#7 Biscuits With Spicy Coffee Butter

Coffee is always a great idea! Adding coffee grounds and hot sauce to butter not only adds flavor but an interesting kick.

This butter, blended with freshly ground coffee beans in a hot sauce like Tabasco or Cholula will melt right into your dinner biscuits; a fun and creative spin on a classic.


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