8 Recipes That Will Kick Your Coffee Craving

It may seem as if we are all in an endless search for the magical forces at play on our modern technologies: some search for solutions to save data, others try to tweak their Wi-Fi to make sure their phone isn’t draining their battery, and still, more are after a password you’ll never forget.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! Go back to what matters in life— your friends and family. Make a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy it with them!

So go ahead, get inspired by this 8 awesome compilation of treats that shouldn’t go unnoticed!

#1 Banana Coffee Chip Breakfast Cookies

Banana coffee chip breakfast cookies: the best way to kick off your morning. Though the concept of enjoying pastries first thing in the morning may seem indulgent, these cookies are surprisingly low-cal and guilt-free.

An entire batch of 12 calls for half a cup of sugar and only 2 tablespoons of butter, which means you’ll just feel slightly guilty when you eat more than one!

#2 Coffee Breakfast Smoothie

Coffee Breakfast Smoothie is a healthy and tasty way to get your day started. Coffee, banana, and vanilla whey protein powder make up this smoothie recipe that is as easy to make as it is delicious!

And provided you either bring along your straw in the car or remember to buy one at your local convenience store when you pick up some coffee for this recipe, you won’t have to worry about being distracted by a cup of coffee as you sip away on a breakfast beverage that will help keep you going all day long!

#3 Coffee Jelly

These are the two things that make up coffee jelly. If you like gelatin and you happen to be a fan of coffee, you’re in for a nice treat. But let’s not forget that quite possibly the most important ingredient in this delicacy is caffeine!

You see, coffee jelly has found its way into kitchens around the world thanks to its signature caffeine kick; eating it will surely wake you right up in time for work or class – or maybe an evening out with friends?

#4 Ice Cream Coffee Float

Now, why am I giving you this recipe? Do I really need to? What sort of a question is that?! Of course, my dear readers.

You know by now how much time and love we spend on coming up with just the right recipes for all sorts of desserts from brownies and pies, to cakes and cookies, as well as drink concoctions like our own Recipe for Perfect Lemonade or Sparkling Grape Juice.

Nothing makes us happier than the chance to share one of our own favorites with you: a treat we liked so much we had to have another bite.

Now imagine the possibilities if you decide to get even more creative by adding in some milk chocolate or caramel toppings or making your float into an ice cream sundae by topping that vanilla ice cream with whipped cream and nuts.

#5 Chocolate Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches

If there were two things that I could not eat, they would be Nutella and coffee. So when I tried a new shop, Kopps, here in Stockholm that had a Choklad Donut (chocolate donut), Loco (short for ‘Coffee’) and Nötte (‘Nutella’) Sundae together-I knew that it was love at first bite.

I mean come on, who wouldn’t swoon at the very thought of this decadent treat? But what makes this particular sandwich even better is that it actually looks like a donut! Just look at it!

#6 Brown Sugar Coffee Cookies

Brown Sugar Coffee Cookies are out of this world! This dessert is not a new concept to me, but I have never attempted to make them myself – until now!

Imagine baking up some freshly brewed coffee with your morning batch and pairing it with crunchy chocolate chunk brown sugar cookies that melt in your mouth.

These aren’t exactly healthy, but isn’t dessert supposed to be good for you?

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#7 Chocolate Mocha Pancakes

Chocolate Mocha Pancakes are the bomb. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Emily, this does not seem like breakfast food!” Well, to you I say, who says??? Maybe it’s more of a dessert.

Maybe it’s more of a coffee shop treat. Who is to say that these mocha chocolate chip pancakes aren’t an acceptable substitute for breakfast?

And we all know that scrambled eggs and coffee are definitely breakfast staples! So, in my opinion, this makes these chocolate mocha pancakes breakfast food!

#8 Mocha Nice Cream

Mocha Nice Cream is a glorious mix of coffee and ice cream that will have you feeling the caffeine hit before your feet touch the floor.

Containing only four ingredients, this guilt-free delectable may become a frequent part of your breakfast routine.


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