Qleek · Kimpton

The Kimpton group is one of the largest chain of boutique hotels in the US with more than 65 venues. Kimpton often hosts event planners to promote their property. Events are an important source of revenue for Kimpton, so having event planners have a favorable view of a venue is extremely important.
Kimpton chose Qleek as an ideal giveaway to enhance the impression event planners have of their venue. Each Qleek provides attendees with videos, photos and details about their facility ensuring that their property stays top of mind. Post conference, over 75% of attendees accessed the material, enabling Kimpton to achieve the experience they desired. In addition, Qleeks analytics enabled Kimpton to get insights about attendees and how they engaged with the content.

Qleek · Indiemono

Indiemono is one of the largest Spotify playlisters with millions of followers over the platform.

The Indiemono team use Qleeks to promote the content around their playlists, new releases and music discoveries.

Qleek · Paper Garden Records

Paper Garden Records is an independent record label based in Brooklyn, New York.

The PGR team used Qleeks to share their own playlists, new releases from their artists and to promote their online radio to their fans.

Qleek · Givaudan

Givaudan is the world's largest company in the flavor and fragrance industries. It is the first manufacturer of flavors, fragrances, and active cosmetic ingredients in the world.

Qleek helped Givaudan communicate their training content inside a gift box shared with VIP customers. Every Qleek included training videos and documentations from the workshop.

Qleek · Eggology Podcast

Qleek helped the Eggology podcast connect with their audience by providing a branded Qleek to listeners who rated the podcast on iTunes.

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