Goodbye flyers & flash drives!

We help you promote digital content at scale for events, retail & activations.

  • Designed for mobile
  • Unlimited hosting & advanced security
  • Lead capture & alerts
  • Engagement analytics
Customer stories

Lead collect, alerts & Analytics

Qleek gives marketers more out of their giveaway spend. Our dashboard will help you control your content, and get deeper insight into your audience.


A simple mobile experience

With one tap, Qleek unlocks white papers, webinars & case studies. Plus users get notified whenever new content is available.

Example of Qleek content

The old way

  • 👎  Not mobile
  • 👎  Limited storage
  • 👎  No security
  • 👎  No analytics
  • 👎  No remote content updates

The Qleek way

  • ✔  iPhone & Android support
  • ✔  Unlimited secure storage
  • ✔  Real time analytics
  • ✔  Remote content management
  • ✔  Fully branded & customizable
Qleeks are Magnetic

Stick Qleeks on your fridge, at your office or on any metal surface to keep your favorite moments closer.

No Storage Limit

Upload as many pictures, songs and videos as you like to your Qleek.

Update Content Remotely

Use the app to update your Qleek even after sharing it with someone.

Custom Artwork

Create a beautiful qleek in seconds. Upload your photo, choose a name and we do the rest. Beautiful design, guaranteed!

Create yours
Secure & Private

All your content is secure and only people who own your Qleek have access to it.

iOS & Android App

Fast, fluid apps for iPhone and Android devices to manage and edit your Qleeks.

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Join thousands of users relying on Qleek

“Qleek enables us to deliver a great content experience to customers. It gives us the data that proves that how we communicate with them is effective.”

Eric Jellson

Director of Marketing · Kimpton Hotels

“We loved using Qleek in the gift bag for the kickoff of different projects in 2018. And we will keep using it to promote our products in the future.”

Solene Fay

Communication & Event Manager · Givaudan

“Qleek is such a simple user experience, I wouldn’t go back to flash drives even if you paid me. We basically programmed 500 Qleeks in a few clicks.”

Sophie Troel

Head of Digital · Air France

“We keep using Qleek for our live events. It helps us connect directly with our audience with the notifications & learn what content they engage with.”

Dam Fernandez

Co-founder · Indiemono

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