Qleek: Your content
& merch combined

Qleek promotes your content & lets fans support your work. Everyone wins!

  • Share videos, songs, news, etc.
  • Captures emails & engagement data
  • Notifies fans directly

Manage your content &
get engagement insights

Use the qleek dashboard to control your content and get 24/7 access to analytics with on-the-fly engagement data.

Easy to setup

Use our technology to create smart records or merchandise item. Fans use their phone to unlock your content

No Storage Limit

Upload as many pictures, songs, videos and more using the Qleek dashboard.

Update Content Remotely

Use the dashboard to update your Qleek pages even after sharing it with fans.

Custom Artwork

Create a beautiful Qleek experience in seconds. Upload your design, choose a name and we do the rest. Beautiful design, guaranteed!

Secure & Private

All your content is secure and only people who own your Qleek have access to it.

No App Required

Fast, fluid and mobile friendly pages for iPhone and Android devices without having to download an app.

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