Try Our Save The Date Wedding Favor Qleek Sample, FREE!
Qleek backside packaging
Try Our Save The Date Wedding Favor Qleek Sample, FREE!
Try Our Save The Date Wedding Favor Qleek Sample, FREE!
Try Our Save The Date Wedding Favor Qleek Sample, FREE!

Try Our Save The Date Wedding Favor Qleek Sample, FREE!

The sample is a $9.99 value.

Includes 1 Qleek & a 20% Coupon Towards Your First Purchase.

Use Qleek as a Save The Date for your friends and family and share details, pictures, playlist, videos and more with a beautiful keepsake. 

Save the date Qleeks

* Limited Time Offer. Sample orders are a one time purchase with no obligation to future orders.

How Qleek Works?

Why Qleek?

Made with professional-grade printing with responsibly harvested beech wood.

Every Qleek is hand-crafted in Massachusetts at our facility in Boston.

We offer Free shipping on all domestic orders over $35.

Loved by Thousands of Brides

It is so simple to customize, and even easier to use. Just scan it and all our wedding memories show up in a beautiful slideshow. ”

– Alex & Sarah

The team was super helpful when designing ours, they helped us make Qleek fit our lavender wedding theme. ”

– Cyn & Luc

Qleek is fun, modern and easy to use. It also has an analog feel and is way more unique than other favors out there!! ”

– Chris & Hannah

Frequently Asked Questions

 Will I be signed up for any type of subscription if I buy the Sample?
No. The Sample comes with NO obligation to make a follow up purchase and you will NOT be signed up for any type of subscription or reoccuring order. Your method of payment will only be billed ONCE for the shipping fee.
 Will I be charged duties or taxes to receive Qleek if I'm not in the USA?
No. Since the Sample is listed at a minimal value on customs forms, none of our customers have paid a duty or tax to receive the sample if they live internationally.
 Can I upload my content to the sample?
The Sample comes already preloaded with demo content so you can have a better idea of how your guests will use Qleek.
 How long will it take to receive my Sample?
Most customers in the USA receive their Sample within 2 - 3 days of purchase. Customers outside the United States typically receive it within 3 - 5 days (depending on customs processing).

Our Story?

Founded in 2015, co-founders Johanna Hartzheim, Ismail Salhi & Pierre-Rudolf Gerlach were looking for a more intimate way to share important memories in real life. They wanted products that were not only the best, but also sustainable & easy to use. They were looking for a brand they could relate to, something that combines the convenience of digital with the intimacy of the physical. After months of searching, they decided to take the matter into their own hands and create Qleek.

The Qleek Team

What started in Paris as a side hustle, has turned into one of the fastest growing gifting companies, selling in over 15 countries. Their goal is for every life event in the world to use Qleek as a keepsake that saves our most precious memories via beautiful slideshows, playlists and videos. Thousands of happy users already are, why not join them?