Top 24 Best Coffee Shops In San Mateo, California (CA) State [2022]

“Good ideas start with brainstorming. Great ideas start with coffee.” Our days begin with a cup of tea or coffee in our society. A cup of coffee can help you feel refreshed as well as improve your ability to think clearly. 

In San Mateo, there are a lot of coffee shops. In terms of menus and brewing methods, each coffee shop has a niche.

Based on reputation and service, I’ve included 24 coffee shops in San Mateo in this list. Stay with me and read the article to learn more and to find a peaceful area in your preferred location.


Best Coffee Shops In San Mateo California

#1 Peet’s Coffee

Peet’s Coffee first opened its doors in 1966. Alfred Peet is the founder of it. The shop gathers coffee seeds from various parts of the world. They have a large variety of coffee options from which to choose.

Their goal is to ensure that every cup of coffee is as fresh and flavorful as possible.

Business Details:

#2 Philz Coffee

Philz Coffee started its journey as a general store in 1978. Phil is the owner of it. He experimented with several brews to create the ultimate cup of coffee. Philz Coffee was born after 25 years of his experimentation.

Philz was honest about the quality of services, compassion, and connection from the beginning. Every sip of coffee will give you a new feel.

Business Details:

#3 Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee’s espressos and coffees are fantastic. Both indoor and outdoor seating is available. Aside from that, they have plenty of parking and it’s lovely to sit outside and enjoy the sun, companionship, and coffee.

You’ll find a wide range of coffees, each with its distinct flavor. However, the cost is affordable.

Business Details:

  • Address: 3081 S Delaware St, San Mateo, CA 94403, United States
  • Phone: 1510-653-3394
  • Website: Blue Bottle Coffee

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#4 Estate Coffee

In 2018, Estate Coffee opened its doors for the first time. Their goal is to create a space where people from all professions can come together, collaborate, and enjoy high-quality coffee and delicious food.

For a morning coffee, they provide a spacious room and a pleasant ambiance. The staff is quite pleasant, and the coffee is of rich quality.

Business Details:

#5 3 Bees Coffee

Do you want to go to a coffee shop that is serene, quiet, and relaxing? Then Three Bees Coffee shop is a place to visit. Three Bees Coffee is a family-run business. They offer a wide range of freshly brewed coffees as well as custom hot and cold beverages.

Coffee is served in a calm, welcoming environment.

Business Details:

#6 Patio Coffee Shop

Patio Coffee Shop offers a good breakfast menu with a variety of options. They have a large assortment of coffee. Latte, cappuccino, or a variety of mocha are available. Every day, the coffee is freshly brewed. Their specialty is keeping the shop tidy and clean, which can appeal to you.

Business Details:

#7 The Grapevine Cafe

On the inside, the Grapevine Cafe is larger than it appears on the outside. This shop is large, with simple but pleasant sitting both inside and outside. The meals and beverages are of good quality. You will get any kind of food at a fair price. Service is also satisfactory.

Business Details

  • Address: 1726 S Amphlett Blvd, San Mateo, CA 94402, United States
  • Phone: 1650-572-8942
  • Website: The Grapevine Cafe

#8 Kingston Café

Would you like to have one of the best cups of coffee in a quiet, residential setting away from the major corporate coffee shops and restaurants? You can pay a visit to Kingston.

There is comfy seating, a sofa area, as well as a spacious children’s playroom. The quality of the coffee is good and the price is reasonable.

Business Details:

#9 Fiero Caffe

Fiero Caffe is a small cafe with pleasant service and tasty food. The shop is charming, spotless, and well-run. They have both indoor and outdoor seating available. There are numerous tables both inside and outside.

They meticulously make several sorts of coffee. Here you will find the best Italian coffee in the town.

Business Details:

#10 Cup Of Blooms

Yanny and Gem, two cousins, are the founders of Cup of Blooms. Their sole purpose is to serve their consumers with high-quality, authentic, traditional, and healthful drinks. Customers can relax in this welcoming environment while sipping high-quality coffee or tea drinks.

This may be ideal for socializing out or simply enjoying some alone time.

Business Details:

#11 iJava Cafe

In 2012, iJava Cafe opened its doors as a warm and welcoming place where travelers and residents could enjoy a fresh and nutritious casual meal experience. There are a variety of food and beverage options available.

They use only ethically sourced coffees and teas. Their main specialty is customizing food to the tastes and preferences of their customers.

Business Details:

#12 Apple Fritter

In the year 2015, Apple Fritter was founded. It’s a modest, family-run company. Delicious doughnuts, burgers, sandwiches, and fantastic coffees are all available. They provide both indoor and outdoor seating where you can relax and enjoy a cup of good coffee.

Business Details:

#13 Cafe 2k

Cake 2k is a modest coffee shop in the heart of the city. You’ll get good meals and drinks at a reasonable price here. Small tables in the atrium and chairs outside are among the many places to sit, visit, and dine. There is also plenty of parking because it is in a private lot.

Business Details:

  • Address: 2000 Alameda de las Pulgas, San Mateo, CA 94403, United States
  • Phone: 1650-212-2002
  • Website: Cafe 2k

#14 Vineyard Cafe

Vineyard Cafe is a family-owned business. Mr. Mike is the owner of it. He has been conducting the business for over 17 years.  This cafe offers a wide range of options to suit your mood. Hot and cold coffee, tea, espresso, latte’s, mocha’s, and frappuccinos are all available.

Business Details:

  • Address: 1825 S Grant St, San Mateo, CA 94402, United States
  • Phone: 1650-341-1800
  • Website: Vineyard Cafe

#15 Nordstrom Espresso Bar

Nordstrom Espresso Bar is a great place to go if you’re searching for good coffee that’s also artsy. Their baristas are courteous and routinely produce excellent cold and hot beverages. They ensure that you receive exactly what you paid for.

Outside the Nordstrom door, there are lots of seats. So you may relax while sipping your favorite beverage.

Business Details:

  • Address: 130 Hillsdale Shopping Center, San Mateo, CA 94403, United State
  • Phone: 1650-544-2322
  • Website: Nordstrom Espresso Bar

#16 Cake Creations Bakery And Café

In 1987, Cake Creations Bakery and Cafe opened its doors. They’re a modest family-owned company. Cake creations for various occasions are their specialty, and they also have a bakery. It sells artisan bread, pastries, sandwiches, coffee, green smoothies, and other goodies.

The meal is of acceptable quality. Customer service is also satisfactory.

Business Details:

#17 Teaspoon San Mateo

Teaspoon San Mateo is the place where you will get bubble tea, shaved tea, coffee, and tea. They serve high-quality beverages. However, you may discover that the price is not so reasonable. It is located in the heart of downtown San Mateo, parking might be a challenge for that.

Business Details:

  • Address: 128 E 3rd Ave, San Mateo, CA 94401, United States
  • Phone: 1650-393-5727
  • Website: Teaspoon San Mateo

#18 Foreigner

In the year 2019, Foreigner began its voyage. They serve a variety of rare and unusual foods and beverages. The surroundings and atmosphere are both refreshing and relaxing. It has contemporary decor and a hip ambiance that will completely revitalize you.

Business Details

#19 Ebar

Ebar is a San Mateo internet cafe. They sell high-quality goods. There isn’t a lot of variety or selections here, but the majority of the items are of decent quality. The service is prompt and accurate.

If you want to grab a drink or food and have some time to spend there are plenty of seats.

Business Details:

  • Address: 130 E Sailer Dr, San Mateo, CA 94403, United States
  • Phone: 1650-570-5111
  • Website: Ebar

#20 Bobabia

Bobabia originally opened its doors in 2014. They are dedicated to offering outstanding customer service in order to improve your day one drink or music at a time. This establishment sells high-quality tea and coffee to help you get ready for your next endeavor.

Business Details

#21 Tong Sui (San Mateo) – Desserts & Drinks

Tong Sui (San Mateo) – Desserts & Drinks offers a variety of coffee and beverages. This is the place to go if you want to try a variety of flavors. Their prices are good. A relaxing atmosphere in which to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Business Details:

#22 Bonjour Bakehouse

Bonjour Bakery first opened its doors in the year 2019. Francois B., a real-life French pastry chef, is the business’s owner. This bakery focuses on freshly baked goods, as well as coffee and tea.

One of the main attractions of this shop to customers is the richness and smoothness of their coffee.

Business Details:

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#23 Jack’s Restaurant And Bar

Jack’s Restaurant and Bar is a family-operated business. They feature a large selection of food and beverages. The cuisine is of decent quality. The cost is affordable. They offer stylish interiors and a welcoming ambiance.

Business Details:

#24 Bambu Desserts & Drinks

Bambu Desserts & Drinks started its journey as a coffee and tea shop. Later they added other items. They prepare every item with fresh ingredients. Over 90 drinks are available on the Bambu core menu. Customers can customize their drinks “Just The Way They Like It”.

Business Details:

Over To You

I tried to enlist almost all the coffee shops in San Mateo so that you can find a relaxing atmosphere with a quality cup of coffee. Hope you have found your one. Among the 24 which coffee shop did you like most?

Are there any specific types of coffee that you prefer most? Why do you like it? Write in the comment section below.

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