Top 12 Best Coffee Shops In San Diego, California (CA) State [2022]

San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle have long been dubbed “coffee capitals,” but it’s past time for San Diego to join the ranks of the country’s top coffee shops.

The coffee culture in San Diego has flourished in recent years, with more new roasters and cafes than ever vying for your caffeine fix. The laid-back beach lifestyle of San Diego is also one of the sweetest settings for savoring fresh cups of small-batch coffee on sun-drenched patios with homemade pastries, nutritious juices, and post-surf breakfast dishes.

What distinguishes San Diego is the profusion of small-batch coffee chains, people ready to roll up their sleeves and labor on a product for years before proudly displaying it in tastefully designed yet welcoming neighborhood stores.

We’ve put up a rundown of the best locations to linger over a cup of coffee in the city to help you explore some of the greatest options in the city, including old favorites and new additions to our ever-growing bean scene. 

Here are 12 of the loveliest coffee shops in San Diego, California, ranging from walk-up bars to breathtakingly modern cafes where crowds are a 24/7 thing as they offer hues you could never imagine coffees could come in!


Coffee Shops In San Diego, California (CA) State

#1 Better Buzz Coffee Company

Better Buzz Coffee is known for its gorgeous rustic yet modern ambiance, great brews, and gourmet breakfasts and pastry dishes throughout San Diego.

Neighbors are buzzing about each new opening, and it quickly becomes a gathering spot for individuals wishing to while away an afternoon, have a much-needed chat, or simply enjoy a cup of coffee in a lovely environment.

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Address (4 locations in San Diego): 
    • Cafe & Roastery (Flagship branch): 801 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92103
    • Drive thru & Take out branch: 1186 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109
    • Mission Beach: 3745 Mission Blvd, San Diego, CA 92109
    • Cafe & Drive Thru: 1480 Rosecrans, San Diego, CA 92106
  • Contact No: (866) 512-6911 
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: Better Buzz Coffee
  • Facebook: Betterbuzzcoffee
  • Twitter: Better_Buzz


#2 Bing Haus

Bing Haus is a Convoy ice cream and coffee shop that serves Thai-style wrapped ice cream and shaved ice in melons (seasonally). Nancy Chi, whose family owns several local Korean eateries like Grandma Tofu & BBQ and Friend’s House Korean BBQ, oversees the coffee and specialty drinks.

“Ice Cream by the Sea” — fish-shaped waffles filled with soft serve and fruit – is a real, lovely thing. Sit back and enjoy the culture beyond borders in a sip!

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Address: 4425 Convoy St. Ste 216, San Diego, CA 92111
  • Contact No: (858) 276 – 9479
  • Website: Bing Haus
  • Facebook: Bing-Haus
  • Instagram: 


#3 Heartwork Coffee Bar

Get ready to fall for a cafe! Heartwork Coffee Bar tucked away in San Diego’s lovely Mission Hills neighborhood, is dedicated to offering high-quality, locally roasted coffee and baked pastries.

They care about your experience in Heartwork Coffee Bar as much as they care about your coffee, and they hope you will stay and enjoy their welcoming environment. They are passionate about developing the community that has enthusiastically accepted them, roasting coffee in Chula Vista, and sourcing all other things for Heartwork locally.

Coffee Shop Information:


#4 S3 Cafe Bar

S3 Coffee Bar is a family-owned business that serves locally roasted coffee from Cafe Moto and cold brew from Red Hat Coffee in a fun-filled, bright, and cheery environment. The cafe is painted in cheerful colors which are accented by warm welcomes.

It’s known around the world for its amazing and colorful coffee and tea combinations, particularly the 24K gold cappuccino, Rose Gold latte, and Rainbow Latte. S3 is serious about great coffee and reinventing the classic cup of Joe in a variety of fresh and exciting ways.

Coffee Shop Information:

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#5 The Westbean Coffee Roasters

Wanna fix your mood right up? Head straight to The Westbean Coffee Roasters. with locations in Downtown, Bankers Hill, and Liberty Station’s Public Market in Point Loma, The Westbean Coffee Roasters brew simple yet nuanced cups roasted locally in San Diego.

The newest location, located at the base of Mister A’s on Bankers Hill, serves the same delicious brews as the others while also offering a larger food menu.

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Address: (4 locations in San Diego):
    • Downtown SD: 240 Broadway St, San Diego, CA 92101
    • Liberty Public Market: 2820 Historic Decatur Rd, San Diego, CA 92106
    • Bankers Hill: 2550 Fifth Ave, Suite #75, San Diego, CA 92103
    • Bay Ho Roastery: 4140 Morena Blvd, Suite A, San Diego, CA 92117
  • Website: The Westbean Coffee Roaster 


#6 Mostra Coffee

Mostra Coffee, which is locally owned and operated, had a big year in 2020 when they were named Roaster of the Year by Roast Magazine, and they haven’t slowed down since.

Each of the three sites serves dishes made using beans from all over the world, including those from the Philippines. Come in for hot espresso beverages ranging from Americanos to seasonal sips like champorado, a chocolate latte topped with crisp rice cereal and chocolate powder that is based on the Filipino chocolate breakfast porridge of the same name.

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Address: (3 locations in San Diego):
    • 12045 Carmel Mountain Road #302
    • 10550 Craftsman Way, Suite 187
    • 2001 Fourth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101
  • Contacts No: 
    • Carmel Mountain:858-304-0061
    • Craftsman Way: 619-577-3607 
    • Fourth Ave: (619)992-1559
  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Website: Mostra Coffee 
  • Facebook: MostraCoffee 
  • Instagram: Mostracoffee 
  • Twitter: MostraCoffee 


#7 Holsem Coffee

Holsem Coffee‘s main store in North Park is a study in high design and modern coffee processes.

Everything is created from scratch with the greatest quality ingredients available, from the in-house roasted coffee to the handcrafted hazelnut milk and syrups, as well as the traditional and gluten-free pastries.

A look at the menu and you’ll see three distinct cold brew varieties, including lemon meringue, Nutella, and banana bread, as well as a variety of lattes with flavors including orange zest, rose water, and strawberry malt.

Take a seat on the balcony and order gluten-free buckwheat granola with honey and coconut and fresh berries, as well as beverages like the Matcha Mint Latte with homemade peppermint syrup because Holsem got you covered!

Coffee Shop Information:


#8 Caffe Italia

Wanna visit Italy while staying in San Diego? Say no more! Caffe Italia brings you the essence of Italy in San Diego’s coffee cups. Caffe Italia, located in the center of Little Italy, is the ideal spot for a morning coffee, catching up on the news, or a small lunch.

This is a family-owned and operated Italian cafe in San Diego, CA, that provides not only the best gelato in town but also an excellent assortment of breakfast paninis, salads, and a one-of-a-kind espresso bar with the right blend of robust cups of coffee, cappuccinos, and espressos.

You’ll have a great time sitting in their inviting portico with a soothing fountain.

Coffee Shop Information:

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#9 Fig Tree Cafe

Looking for serendipity? Fig Tree Cafe could be the best option for your little hideout! The first Fig Tree Café opened in Pacific Beach in the fall of 2008, with a simple mission: to create a welcoming and genuine dining experience.

The menu at Fig Tree Café takes customers on a journey through the depths of California’s culinary tradition, delivering authentic and delectable cuisine at affordable neighborhood rates.

Each store is tailored to its specific area, but all three share a pledge to using fresh, local products, sourcing produce and eggs from a Ramona family ranch, and giving back to their particular neighborhoods.

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Address: (3 locations in San Diego): 
    • Liberty Station, 2400 Historic Decatur Road Suite 103, San Diego, California 92106
    • Pacific Beach, 5119 Cass Street, Pacific Beach, CA 92109
    • East Village, 695 Sixth Ave., San Diego, CA 92101
  • Contacts No:
    • (619) 821-2044
    • (858) 274-2233
    • (619) 349-4890
  • Website: Fig Tree Eatery


#10 Mystic Mocha

Mystic Mocha first opened its doors in June 2005 in the lovely University Heights neighborhood of San Diego. Since then, Mystic Mocha has been providing both superb versions of classic meals as well as exciting new journeys into untapped coffee, tea, food, beer, and wine territory.

The inside of Mystic Mocha reflects the creative sensitivities of the neighborhood. A quiet outside patio provides seating on the exterior. Take in the sounds of the chimes, contemplate with the hummingbirds, and chat with your friendly neighbors.

Coffee Shop Information:


#11 The Coffee & Tea Collective

The Coffee & Tea Collective is a team of people who are passionate about quality.

What began in a garage has grown to two magnificent venues in downtown San Diego’s North Park and East Village. In conjunction with SideYard Projects, their stores are gorgeous, modern, open spaces with enormous, white peg boards displaying numerous goodies to purchase and blonde wood tables and dangling plants accenting the sophisticated simplicity of their unique beverages.

The Hibiscus Lemongrass or the Ginger Sparkling Tea is the ideal complement to a sunny afternoon in San Diego.

Coffee Shop Information:


#12 Communal Coffee

Have you ever wondered if you could just sit down with a coffee in the middle of a flower shop and relax? Communal Coffee does this by surrounding cafe items with beautiful, for-sale vegetation.

Communal Coffee is a lovely coffee concept in North Park that serves exceptional craft coffee in well-designed, pleasant spaces that build community. A second shop has recently opened in South Park.

Each site has its own distinct look, but those looking for an al fresco experience should go to South Park, where drinks are prepared in a coffee trailer with plenty of outdoor seating. Simple batch brews, cold brew concentrates, and our favorite, a latte flight with your choice of lavender honey, rose vanilla, or vanilla bean is all available at Communal.

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Address (2 locations in San Diego)
    • North Park: 2335 University Ave., San Diego, CA 92104
    • South Park: 2221 Fern St, San Diego, CA 92104, United States
  • Contact: +1 619-313-0679
  • Website: Communal Coffee

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Over To You

As you can see, San Diego has a multitude of coffee shops to choose from. There are numerous other chains (or single stores) you will encounter, but the ones described in this article are undoubtedly the most well-known.

In this city, there actually exists something for every type of coffee drinker, but the diversity of specialty lattes and the interesting flavors employed in their creation is what really catches eyes.

Remember that most of these cafes sell little packages of their own coffee, so if you find something you like, you may buy some and take it home with you. Because many of these eateries are also tiny businesses, they offer their products (T-shirts, customized coffee mugs, and so on), which can make for a fun memento for you or your caffeine pals.

In any event, coffee shops in San Diego are an important part of the city’s culture, and you’ll enjoy discovering what they have to offer. Cheers!

Also, if you know where to get the best coffee in San Diego, please leave a tip in the comments!

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