Top 18 Best Coffee Shops In Salinas, California (CA) State [2022]

If you’re planning a trip to Salinas, California, and you need coffee numerous times a day then you are at the right place.

I attempted to make your job easier by categorizing the top 18 reputable coffee shops along with the must-try items of them in this list according to my previous experience.

This reliable list is going to save you time and let you enjoy the best coffee on your vacation.


Coffee Shops In Salinas, California (CA) State

#1 Viva Espresso Organics Coffee

If you’re looking for a coffee shop with a laid-back vibe, Viva Espresso is the place to go. There are also some artworks on show. The costs are reasonable, and the drinks are prepared quickly.

Whether it’s a thermos or an urn, each cup is handcrafted. Their coffee is great and a variety of dessert options are there if you wish to try.

According to my taste, the must-try items are soy cappuccinos, organic cold brew, and in case you like frappes, you will love their Oaxacan dark.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 1552 N Main St Salinas, CA 93906
  • Phone: (831) 442-8846

#2 The Beerded Bean

The Beerded Bean’s interior is warm and inviting. They provide a number of non-dairy milk options to pick from. They use authentic Mexican chocolate and grind their Mexican chocolate for coffee by hand.

The baristas are excellent. They welcome dogs and have a drink called “puppuccino” for them. Their pastries are delicious.

Some of the must-try items are Dulce latte, Mexican mocha, and their Mexican chocolate drink with organic non-dairy milk. Last but not the least, their pastries.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 210 Main St Salinas, CA 93901
  • Website: The Beerded Bean
  • Phone: (831) 202-0966

#3 Jack’s Coffee

After a short break, Jack’s Coffee has reopened with freshly roasted coffee, tea, cappuccino, espresso hot chocolate, smoothies, pastries, and this time they have a drive-through, which is really convenient.

The baristas are quite kind and helpful. They frequently recommend fresh drinks that you will love for a change. They also have so many non-dairy options.

Some of the must-try items are large matcha soy latte, caramel, white chocolate frappes.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 1348 S Main St Salinas, CA 93901
  • Phone: (831) 272-6889

#4 Starbucks

This Starbucks is conveniently located near the highway and offers a drive-through. Aside from that, the baristas are really nice and kind in their service. If you are a regular, they will greet you and ask about your day, and you may not have to repeat your customary order on occasion.

If the drink isn’t exactly how you wanted it, they’ll prepare it again at no additional cost to you. Because it’s right next to the highway, expect a long line at the drive-through, but here’s a tip: park your car and go inside to get your coffee to save time.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 515 Work St Salinas, CA 93901
  • Website: Starbucks
  • Phone: (831) 444-1969

#5 Castle Rock Cafe & Mercantile

Castle Rock Cafe & Mercantile is a great place to stop if you’re looking for a pleasant and adorable rustic chic atmosphere with a delicious cup of coffee. The staff is extremely pleasant, the service is excellent, and they provide helpful recommendations.

You can choose the amount of sweetness and syrup or flavor used in your drinks. They have a variety of desserts besides the pretty decent coffee menu.

Some of their must-try items are espresso, Donkey Kong Mocha, pumpkin cloud float, lavender vanilla latte, or lavender foam with oat milk drink.

Coffee Shop Details:

#6 The Power Plant Coffee and Store

If you want a cup of specialty coffee that has been roasted and prepared with care, a slice of farm-fresh pie to take home with you, or a snack while passing through and you’ve come to The Power Plant then you are at the right place.

The Power Plant is divided into three sections: coffee, cafe, and an incredible gift shop. The gift shop features some one-of-a-kind items. When it comes to coffee, they have both inventive and traditional options for you to explore.

Their must-try items are their innovative drinks like sweet potato latte or dirty chai latte.

Coffee Shop Details:

#7 Peet’s Coffee

The location of Peet’s Coffee is fantastic, as it is immediately across the street from a Starbucks. The space is huge and airy, with plenty of open tables and free Wi-Fi throughout. Along with teas, there is an extensive selection of brews and variations to choose from.

The Peet’s Coffee in Salinas is significantly larger and better-equipped than the other stores in the area.

They make everything with love. Still, you may want to try their latte, cappuccino, and pastries.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 1320 S Main St Nob Hill Foods Salinas, CA 93901
  • Phone: (831) 758-8481

#8 Park Row Café

When it comes to being a vegan, you want to be able to choose from a variety of non-dairy foods as well as vegan snacks, and this is the place to go.

The atmosphere is friendly, pleasant, and sunny, and it promotes local artists.

Their must-try items are the café de olla with oat milk, mango slushy, house-made Horchata, chocolate chips cookies, and vegan sandwiches.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 962 Park Row Salinas, CA 93901
  • Phone: (831) 800-3932

#9 Coffee Mia Brew Bar and Café

Coffee Mia Brew Bar and Café has the nicest small coffee bar, as well as varieties of coffee like they even have turmeric coffee.

The coffee is delicious! They also serve freshly squeezed juice!!! Every drink is freshly crafted to demand. The man behind the counter is quite pleasant and offers helpful advice. Every food has a home-cooked flavor to it, and their service is warm and passionate.

Their must-try items are basic coffees, bagel, chamomile drink, eggnog latte, and paninis.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 250 Reservation Rd Ste E Marina, CA 93933
  • Phone: (831) 384-0148

#10 Vertigo Coffee Roasters

Unquestionably Vertigo Coffee Roasters is a hidden gem. It’s the ideal location for grabbing a decent cup of coffee in a pleasant setting with friends. Even the plain black coffee from this cafe has a pleasant flavor.

If you prefer something less sweet than the vanilla latte (the mocha has a richer flavor), they will ask you if you are comfortable with whole milk as well, and they will inform you that they have the option to swap to oat or almond milk if you prefer.

They have tasty food like anything you try will be a treat to your taste bud. Still, their flavored coffees definitely deserve a mention.

Coffee Shop Details:

#11 Bella Bee Coffee

A light blue van stocked with coffee and snacks which taste delicious. Bella Bee Coffee is one of the greatest places to get gourmet coffee in town. The owner lady is quite sweet and puts her heart and soul into the drinks and snacks she prepares.

Ingredients of high quality are used. Every item has a homemade feel to it because you can witness the owner cook it with her own hands in front of you.

The must-try items are latte, oat nut butter toast, pumpkin spice loaf, apple cardamom almond bread.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: Seaside, CA 93955
  • Phone: (831) 917-6753

#12 Cherry Bean Gourmet Coffeehse

The location is spacious, artfully furnished, and staffed by people who are knowledgeable about their product and their profession.

In their basic drip selection, you can choose from a dark roast, medium roast, or light roast, and they will perform a specialty drip from their large menu of beans.

The Cherry Bean represents the neighborhood coffee shop as when buying coffee in quantity, the manager knows the regulars by name, knows their beverages, and knows their preferences.

Their must-try items are cappuccino, double espresso and for the whole bean, Tanzania Peaberry is the one.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 332 Main St, Salinas, CA 93901-2706
  • Phone number: 831-424-1981

#13 Sangs Café

Sang’s Cafe is known for serving up hearty comfort meals. The variety of options on the menu is incredible.

The food is outstanding, the portions are generous, the value is terrific, and the service is outstanding. Everyone is always hanging out on the stools at the counter. You should go there hungry because they will stuff your plate full.

Some of the must-try items besides their coffees are their hamburgers.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 131 Main St Salinas, CA 93901
  • Phone: (831) 424-6012

#14 Cafe Carmel

It’s a beautiful family-run ‘Cafe’ with a relaxed and welcoming ambience. This store is conveniently located on the main street and is easy to find. They serve a variety of coffees as well as wonderful meals.

The nicest thing about them is that they consistently produce high-quality food. Additionally, they provide honey as a sweetener.

Their must-try items are cappuccino, kale and fennel salad, decorated holiday cookies.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: Ocean Avenue & Mission AveCarmel, CA 93923
  • Phone: (831) 624-3870

#15 Plumes Coffee House

One of the few places where you can get a cup of white coffee. It’s hard to beat their drip coffee.

In addition, they provide boba tea, smoothies, and pastries to their customers.

Dark roast coffee pour-overs are made with a high level of quality. One of the restaurant’s must-try dishes is their espresso, which is also available in their sandwich.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 400 Alvarado StMonterey, CA 93940
  • Phone number: (831) 373-4526

#16 Juice & Java

There is an open mic night, the coffee is good, and the variety is broad. The cuisine is excellent, fresh, and convenient, and there is something for everyone, including picky eaters, those on any diet, and those from all walks of life.

In addition to serving delicious iced tea, Juice and Java have a very pleasant area with sofas and tables that welcomes you to just relax and enjoy the foggy morning with plenty of space to relax and read, write, or catch up with friends.

Their must-have items are banana espresso smoothie, the vanilla cinnamon latte with almond milk, Chai latte tea, pastries, hot chocolate

Coffee Shop Details:

#17 Wagon Wheel Coffee Shop And Restaurant

Wagon Wheel Coffee Shop And Restaurant is most known for its breakfast and appetizers, but it also delivers delicious cups of coffee to customers.

Although the coffee variety is limited, this is a great place to go if you want to have breakfast and then follow it up with a delicious cup of espresso. The meal is delicious, it’s fresh, and it’s convenient.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 7156 Carmel Valley RdCarmel, CA 93923
  • Phone number: (831) 624-8878

#18 The Bookworks

The Bookworks is one of those coffee shops that seems like it’s right out of a movie, where locals gather to gossip.

Grab a book from the adorable attached book store and relax with a hot beverage in hand for a while. Having a tea house and a bookstore in the same location is an uncommon and unusual combination.

A vast book collection in a peaceful atmosphere, located next to a large cafe providing wonderful tea and snacks

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 667 Lighthouse Ave Pacific Grove, CA 93950
  • Phone: (831) 372-2242

Over To You

If you found this list useful and it assisted you in finding your favorite coffee shop in Salinas, please let me know by leaving a comment below.

If you know of any more coffee shops in Salinas that should be included on this list, please let me know as well. As a coffee enthusiast, I look forward to hearing about any new coffee shops that are recommended.

I sincerely hope you have a great experience with coffee shops in Salinas.

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