Top 15 Best Coffee Shops In Rancho Cucamonga, California (CA) State [2022]

Best is a relative phrase when it comes to coffee. Coffee shops have grown into daytime bars, with everyone having their take on what makes them great.

In the last few years, the number of local coffee shops has increased, making it easy to grab a fantastic latte, cappuccino, or brewed coffee in about every corner of the city.

Today I’ll discuss where you can get a cup of high-quality coffee in Rancho, to improve your overall perceptions of this lovely city and make your day a bit richer. After all, a day isn’t complete without a cup of delicious coffee!

Below is a list of the best 15 nicest coffee shops in the Rancho Cucamonga, California area.


Best Coffee Shops In Rancho Cucamonga California

#1 &Coffee Co.

It is the dream of two brothers to serve specialty coffee. They serve their great espresso drinks to you and your guests from the convenience of a classic mobile vehicle. Setting the perfect atmosphere, for friends and family. To come together, by the common love of coffee. 

People love their coffee and fresh dessert. They make their own syrups which are always delicious. 

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#2 Bad Ass Coffee Of Hawaii

Bad Ass Coffee Of Hawaii is a franchisor of coffee shops that sell and serve American-grown, premium Hawaiian coffee while spreading the “Aloha Spirit.”

You can experience the distinct taste of Hawaii in Rancho Cucamonga. They proudly serve Hawaiian blends, 100% Kona coffee, and espresso drinks. Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii was born on the Big Island of Hawaii in 1989 to share Hawaiian coffee with coffee lovers everywhere. 

Their whole coffee menu is delicious and the workers are all very friendly. You will definitely go back if you try their coffee once. 

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#3 The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Herb Hyman, the company’s founder, began importing and roasting coffee in 1963. Jay Isais, their coffee master, picks just the top 1% of Arabica beans from the world’s best growing areas. At their Camarillo, California plant, they roast coffee beans in small quantities. 

This is a nice area to hang out. Their daily drinks are available in mild, medium, dark, decaffeinated, and flavored varieties. Their espresso shots are handmade and freshly drawn to give a perfectly balanced flavor. They also provide a variety of teas. They also serve different types of tea. 

Some frequent consumers claim that their tastes and overall quality are far better than Starbucks. Their entire crew is kind, and their service is quick.

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#4 Apartment Cafe

Apartment Cafe is a nice little cozy place to have your morning coffee. They have around 30 people sitting arrangements in both indoor and outdoor. Their interior decoration is beautiful. 

Their drinks are inspired by European culture, so you will taste the difference. They also serve fresh warm snacks, a type of food to please your appetite.

The customer service is incredible. Awesome vibe and they have a nice variety of delicious coffee, tea, and smoothie menus. All their coffee menus taste great according to their regular customers. They came here often to have coffee.

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#5 The Combine Kitchen

The Combine Kitchen is a perfect place to study or to have a light breakfast or lunch. You will love this place. There are a lot of windows so plenty of natural sunlight can come in.

The restaurant’s interior was clean and very naturally inspired – lots of light-colored wood, plants, and natural light streaming in. Additionally, they have fast WiFi.  

Their nice cozy place and delicious food menu will lift your mood. They have a vast variety of coffee and simple bite food. Also, they have vegan options on their menu. Service is super friendly and their prices will cover your budget.  

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#6 Red Hill Coffee Shop

Red Hill Coffee Shop is a small neighborhood café. Friendly staff and upbeat atmosphere. They also serve omelet and plate full breakfast items besides their coffee menu which will give you a great start for your day. 

They have a fantastic eating area. This isn’t your typical corporate restaurant. The classic roadside diner atmosphere will be provided with a table or counter seating, as well as vintage images on the walls. The waiters have a great sense of humor and provide excellent service.

The method they create their Iced Blended Mocha is particularly popular. The ice they use gives the drink a smoother, creamier texture. Their cuisine tastes better than home-cooked food. Everything on the menu is fairly priced.

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#7 Klatch Coffee

They are one of California’s greatest coffee cafes. They also sell top-notch coffee beans. Simply said, Klatch Coffee is an informal meeting for coffee and chat. Klatch Coffee has been providing award-winning coffee with wonderful conversation for over 25 years.

They started their company in 1993 because they loved coffee. They are devoted to ethical business methods, which means they develop trust and loyalty among the farmers with whom they collaborate. All of this is made possible via a Direct Trade concept and a simple handshake.

After they’ve been sourced, the beans make their way back to Southern California, where the search for just the best continues.

Mike, the shop’s founder, uses his degree in Chemical Engineering to strike a balance between knowledge and creativity. Roast style is known as “Peak of Flavor.” Simply defined, each coffee variety is roasted to its optimal taste profile.

You can visit them. They have a large number of businesses and outlets all around the country.

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#8 Classy Cafe

Classy Cafe is a truly family-run restaurant in this area. The owner of the cafe, Mark is very nice and helpful.

This wonderful coffee shop makes its bread here. Besides bread, they also serve some home-cooked food. They also give you nice warm cookies with your lunch, which are very good. 

People love their cute interior and relaxed atmosphere. Their service is very good and fast. Their whole menu is very affordable. It can be your all-time favorite shop for breakfast and lunch.  

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#9 Mr. Baker Finest Bakery & Cafe 

A French family-owned and operated bakery serving authentic French pastries, baked goods, and more. Mr. Baker Finest Bakery & Cafe is famous for its amazing menu of pastry and coffee.

They baked fresh pastry which tasted better with a sip of coffee. It is a nice cozy place to sit. Some regular visitors recommend it as a perfect place for a date. 

Their service is pretty good and fast. They have some special items for vegetarians which is good. Their price list is pretty convenient. Also, they have a nice parking spot outside. 

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#10 Via Venetto Cafe

Via Venetto Cafe is a nice little pop-up shop to have your morning coffee. The owner of the shop is very friendly and the service is very good.

They are extremely nice and have a lot of attention to detail. They also take their time with you and it feels very authentic. Some people say that it is one of the underrated shops in rancho. Their whole menu is fairly priced. Especially, people love their sandwiches.

The store is very clean and welcoming. They have a pleasant outdoor area to relax and enjoy breakfast and lunch.  

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Address: 9267 Haven Avenue #105, Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730, United States
  • Website: Via Venetto Cafe
  • Phone: (909) 987-2881

#11 Boba Fiend Tea House

Its humble beginning started in Riverside in April 2013. Since then, they’ve expanded from Inland Empire roots to reach Orange County. Hop into any one of their shops and try a wide variety of teas, coffees, slushes, smoothies, & more. All of their drinks are rich in taste and flavor. 

You will always be welcomed by the awesome and energetic employees. The menu has lots of different options. They also have 3 different sizes of drinks. Plus they practice social distance due to covid-19.

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#12 Boba Break Tea House

Boba Break Tea House is an amazing shop that has a lot of options on its menu for coffee and tea. They always use fresh ingredients which make their drinks super tasty. Their nice ambiance weather is very welcoming. All staff is very friendly and helpful. The service is very good. 

This is probably the best boba place around. The most amazing part is they will customize your drink for you. They put out special drinks for holidays that are so cute. The owner is very kind and tries her best to meet everyone’s needs.

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#13 Sunright Tea Studio

Sunlight Tea Studio brings feelings and ideas together in fresh, delicious drinks and warm experiences that brighten the day of everyone who walks through their door. By the time the tea is poured into your cup, it has passed through a strict selection process to ensure freshness and integrity of flavor.

They are committed to bringing joy into the routine of the daily caffeine fix. You’ll find something on the menu for everyone – whether it be Oreo Brȗlée Boba Milk for those who love cookies or a freshly-brewed Four Seasons Tea for those who want an elegant drink.

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#14 Bel Canto Espresso Bar

Bel Canto Cafe & Espresso Bar originated in Upland, California in 2003 by Jeanette Aljarrah. They sell only the highest quality of Premium 100% Arabica Bean Coffees with over 60 flavors to choose from. They have 1 LB & 2 LB Coffees, 2 oz. Ground Flavored Coffee Gift Packs, and special occasion coffee gift baskets.

They have amazing coffee in their shop. All of them are enriched with authentic flavors.  Once you try their Coffees, I can guarantee, you’ll want more.

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#15 Capital One Café

This cafe is run by Capital One bank. Staffs are extremely helpful, friendly, patient, and eager to assist all the customers.

It is a nice little outing. If you’re shopping in the area and need quick caffeine, this cafe would be the perfect place. They offer a variety of different hot and cold drink options including ice-blended drinks (Frappuccino).

No inside seating at the time due to COVID, there is outdoor seating though and I’m sure once COVID is over this will be a cool place to bring your laptop and work while sipping on a cup of coffee.

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Over To You

To keep customers caffeinated and full of fresh-baked pastries and breakfast dishes, coffeehouses play an important role in communities, promoting connection, supporting local causes, and showcasing local artists.

So, what do you think about my list? Let me know in the comment section if I miss some best options. And share this with your friends and family if you like my findings.

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