Top 20 Best Coffee Shops In Pasadena, California (CA) State [2022]

Pasadena or the “City of Roses” is known for its New Year’s Day Rose Parade and Rose Bowl Game and definitely, not coffee. But that doesn’t mean that Pasadena doesn’t have great coffee shops.

In fact, Pasadena has really unique coffee shops that you can visit to support a cause, get some authentic taste of foreign cuisine, or even enjoy your coffee in a great environment.

Don’t know about these coffee shops? Wee, we’ve got you covered. Go through our list of the best 20 reputable coffee shops to find the best coffee shop in your city. 

#1 James Brown Coffee Roaster 

James Brown Coffee Roasters has been serving coffee since 2006. Started by two friends, this coffee shop now provides one of the best coffees in California. Their specialty is that they roast the coffee beans themselves in-house to ensure that the best coffee is served.

They also have a very big interior space. You can come here and see for yourself how they roast the coffee beans and enjoy a cup of coffee with those fresh beans.

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#2 Republik Coffee Lounge

If you want to enjoy coffee in a good place, Republik Coffee Lounge could just be the place for you. They have gained a lot of praise for their excellent interior with a very chilling vibe.

They have decorated the place beautifully. They also have live music inside. You may feel like you are taking a trip to Europe while sitting inside.

So, don’t miss out on this awesome combination of both a cool environment and great coffee.

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#3 Dash Coffee Bar

Dash Coffee Bar isn’t one of the biggest coffee shops in Pasadena but it definitely is one of the cutest ones. Their decor is small and good. Though not big, they also have a private parking lot.

Their coffees are really strong and good. If you love strong coffees, we would recommend this place. They also have some pastries available which are really tasty. The owner is super-friendly. 

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#4 Coffee And Plants

Just like the name suggests, Coffee and Plants shop is a great friend of plants. They believe in preserving nature and plants by selling coffees.

How do they do it you ask? Well, they eliminate damaging environmental impacts of the dairy industry.

They also plant a tree for every 100 cups of coffee sold. They are really friendly. Their coffee might not suit all taste-buds and that’s why their staff is always active to suggest you the best-suited coffee so that you can enjoy it with a really beautiful interior filled with decors and plants. 

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#5 Rosebud Coffee

Rosebud Coffee has an excellent story behind its establishment in Pasadena. Rosebud was actually a coffee cart that traveled around LA.

They gave training to the youth and provided them with the opportunity of serving coffee. These trained people then took jobs in different coffee shops after training. That’s how Rosebud has been contributing to youth empowerment.

You can go there and sip their coffee and support the cause. 

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#6 Lavender & Honey 

Lavender & Honey coffee shop was opened by the Porters who were former baristas.

They wanted to open a local shop to showcase the coffee culture and contribute to the community. They have very good options for you to drink. Their drinks are really well-flavored.

The combination of lavender and honey as their name suggests is really good. They also have some sitting arrangements outside. 

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#7 Copa Vida

Copa Vida is a place where you will find not only great coffees but also amazing food. They are really focused on the community. They even pick out their chairs and other equipment keeping in mind the community.

The staff is really friendly and will chat with you and make you as comfortable as possible. They also try to deliver the food to your table really quickly. Their brunch is also really famous. It’s also beside public parking which will save you the hassle to look for a place. 

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#8 Highlight Coffee

Highlight Coffee shop is in the area bordering Altadena and Pasadena. This is also a very good coffee shop you can visit in Pasadena. Their coffee roaster is really amazing.

They also serve a large variety of coffees that you can choose from. Their staff is friendly and would respond to your queries and orders. They also try to help the local community whenever they can.

Even their mural on the sidewall was done by a local artist. 

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#9 Home Brewed Bar

We have another coffee shop on the list that roasts coffee themselves. Home Brewed Bar has some really unique drinks to offer.

The cold brew their teas to make the quality even better. Their drinks are made with their own house milk.

They also have other dairy and non-dairy options so that customers can brew just how they want it. They will also offer great customer service as their mission is to be an amazing part of your day. 

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#10 Intelligentsia Coffee 

Whether you like your coffee brewed, espresso, or decaf, Intelligentsia Coffee got you covered. Starting in 1995 in Chicago, this coffee shop now serves in five cities.

They have taken the responsibility to experiment and bring better coffees. Their food menu isn’t that special as they focus on coffee.

So if you’re looking to enjoy just a wonderful cup of coffee, do visit this place. 

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#11 Philz Coffee

Philz Coffee was born after 25 years of experimentation done by its pioneer, Phil Jaber. He had only one mission and that was to satisfy the needs of the customers.

Philz Coffee still holds this value and puts customers first always. They will take some time to deliver your coffee but that’s because they grind the beans for each cup which is worth the wait.

They also allow the local artists to showcase their work in the coffee shop. 

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#12 Urth Caffè 

Urth Caffè shop started in 1989 when the owners met a farmer and realized how coffee has turned into one of the most chemically treated food commodities. Since then, Urth Caffè has been trying to serve organic, healthy coffee.

If you are okay with the organic taste of coffee, this place is a great place to go. Their staff is really friendly and Urth Caffè believes in teamwork to ensure customer satisfaction. Their breakfast items are also really good. 

Coffee Shop Details:

#13 Blue Bottle Coffee

The next name on our list is a coffee shop named Blue Bottle Coffee at Old Town Pasadena. Their coffees are really good. Not anything exceptional but just a simple splendid cup of coffee that can start your day or fulfill your need for coffee at any time.

They always rotate their menu so there are new things to try every day. They also have a good outside seating arrangement. You can enjoy their outside patio place if you want. The staff is helpful too. 

Coffee Shop Details:

#14 Float Pasadena

Float has a coffee shop in Pasadena which is located near Lake Avenue. They have great coffees and amazing sandwiches.

The combination of one of their drinks and sandwiches will definitely lift your mood. They also have free parking. All of their sandwiches are highly recommended which you can enjoy with lemonade or your favorite coffee.  

Coffee Shop Details:

#15 Amara Chocolate & Coffee

If you love chocolate & coffee, Amara Chocolate & Coffee is a must to visit in Pasadena. They craft not only good coffee but also great chocolate. Their hot chocolate is available on Amazon and their website.

You can get a taste of their chocolate if you visit their cafe. They will also make your day with an awesome cup of coffee. People love their chocolate drinks which you should definitely try if you visit. 

Coffee Shop Details:

#16 Crave Cafe

Crave Cafe has a wide variety of items in its cafe. From breakfast items to fajitas, they have a lot of food available there so you can choose whatever you want. You can come at any time of the day and will find foods suited for that time.

They also have a separate kids’ menu. So, you can enjoy quality time with your children too. You can enjoy both indoor and outdoor seating. 

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#17 FrenchiFornia

FrenchiFornia has brought French taste to Pasadena. You can try their food which has an authentic French taste. Their cakes are really popular. Their pastries are amazing. You should definitely try their coffee with a pastry of your liking and have a great time.

Both owners are French and they are really proud of their shop which is evident. They are also very friendly and will help you if you are confused about what to order. 

Coffee Shop Details:

#18 My Place Cafe

My Place Cafe is a very nice place not just because of the coffee but also for the environment it will present to you. They have shaded outside seating arrangements that are dog-friendly so don’t forget to bring your dog with you.

The owner is a fine lady who is really caring and always tries to communicate with the local community. The staff is just like the owner and you will find a great service. Their coffees are roasted organically. They also have free wifi and easy parking. 

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#19 Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk is a place for coffee, dessert, and sandwiches. Their pastries are really tasty. You can easily combine it with a great cup of coffee. They also provide outside seating with shades and it is very clean.

The place might not be very noticeable but it is quite cute and the food is really good too. 

Coffee Shop Details:

#20 Jones Coffee Roasters

Jones Coffee Roasters started their coffee shop in 1994. But their family has been producing coffees in Guatemala since the 1870s. Their business has been carried by the Jones family.

The values have also been carried on through the family which ensures that their workers get welfare facilities such as education, medical care. They only have outdoor seating but it is huge.

They might not have the best interior or excellent decor, but if you want just a good cup of coffee, you will be overwhelmed. 

Coffee Shop Details:

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Over To You

Pasadena surely has a lot of coffee places and many of them are really unique. We have tried to bring you all these coffee shops so that you can find yourself with an amazing sip of coffee.

Check out the descriptions of the best 20 reliable coffee shops and find which one of them you are really interested in visiting. And don’t forget to let us know your experience.

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