Top 19 Best Coffee Shops In Ontario, California (CA) State [2022]

Ontario city is an old city in California. Keeping pace with the times, times have changed in their life journey. And to make their lives a little easier, many coffee shops have sprung up around the city.

These coffee shops are there to make the busy life of the city dwellers a little easier. A list of the top 19 reputable coffee shops in the city of Ontario has been compiled.


Coffee Shops In Ontario, California (CA) State

#1 Espresso Cuts Coffee

Espresso Cuts Coffee is a Latin coffee shop. Also a locally owned coffee shop in Ontario. with a casual atmosphere, the place serves you their takeaway and dine-in service.

The most highlighted things about the coffee shop are good for kids. So if you are in Ontario and you have kids, then undoubtedly go to this place and enjoy their special coffee.

The other plus point of this coffee shop is that it’s right next to the library. So, if you want to enjoy a quality full time, the spot is waiting for you.

Coffee Shop Details:


#2 First Choice Coffee Service

First Choice Of Coffee, one of the oldest coffee shops in Ontario, providing service to customers for 50 years. You find the most environmentally friendly product that gives you the best coffee experience with the richest taste and the widest variety.

From the very beginning of the business, they always give priority to their customers first. So, as a customer, you must get the best service there.

Coffee Shop Details:


#3 Klatch Coffee Ontario

Coffee Klatch Ontario, an inexpensive coffee shop in Ontario. The shop is always ready to meet your coffee cravings. The most interesting part is the ‘Peak of Flavour’ roast style, which is a balance of science and artistry, achieved through the Chemical Engineering degree of Mike.

The coffee Klatch Family started the business in 1993, a 29 years long business period. The Perry family maintains their coffee quality from the very first roasting the individual coffee quality to its unique peak flavor profile.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Owner’s Name: Mike Perry, Cindy Perry 
  • Address: 951 N Haven Ave, Ontario, CA 91764, United States
  • Facebook: Klatch Coffee
  • Website: Klatch Coffee
  • Phone: (909) 945-3500

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#4 Dch Roasters

DCH Roasters started as a small coffee cart in 2003. Within a couple of years,  successfully expanded the business with high demand and opportunities. Within nearly two decades it expanded broadly. To give the best service and production, there is a warehouse of coffee that maintains curated coffee beans and equipment.

The warehouse is in the thriving city of Riverside in Southern California, the birthplace of DCH Roasters coffee shops. So, if you are a coffee lover, you must try the authentic coffee of the shop.

From coffee roasting to serving, all of the steps are full of perfection that wins your heart obviously.

Coffee Shop Details:


#5 Page One Cafe

Page One Cafe, a coffee shop in Ontario. Since 2007, servicing the customer with great service and fresh coffee.

The atmosphere gives you great comfort. Besides, you can get fresh coffee or any other food at a friendly price.

The staff is friendly and decent too. Also, there is outdoor seating and television as well. If you are in Ontario, you must pay a visit to the Page One cafe.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 215 E C St Ontario, CA 91764
  • Phone: (909) 988-4591


#6 The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf started their journey in 1963. For 53 years, they have been servicing their customers with passion and carefully handcrafted products.

They use the top 1% of Arabica beans from the world’s best growing regions. They steep their philosophy of impacting lives from seed to cup in everything they do.

An appreciative initiation of the shop is that they provide a 10% discount for students.

Coffee Shop Details:


 #7 Special Needz Coffee

Special Needz Coffee shop, a coffee shop provides an opportunity for adults with special needs and/or mental illness to work in the community. I am quite sure that there is no other coffee shop in Ontario that provides that kind of service.

They branding their locations and drinks to raise awareness to the special needs and mental illness community on the menu with various developmental and mental disorders.

The other goal is to employ over 100,000 individuals with special needs and/or mental illnesses all over the world. We all salute their great initiative and you must pay a visit to encourage them.

Coffee Shop Details:

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#8 Gateway Deli & Cafe

Gateway Deli & Cafe is a new addition to the coffee shop service in Ontario. The small new locally and family-owned coffee shop has already succeeded in attracting customers with their food and services.

They are always eager to give their best to make your busy life easier. So if you want to make your busy life a little easier or want to get a little fuss, stop by the gateway deli and cafe. Their fresh food, cool environment, and friendly service will not disappoint you. 

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Owner’s name:  Jeremy, Nicole Michalski, And Angel Mora
  • Address: 3210 E Guasti Rd Ste 125 Ontario, CA 91761
  • Website: Gateway Deli And Cafe
  • Phone: (909) 687-1370


#9 Mestiza Cakehouse And Cafe

Mestiza Cakehouse And Cafe, a sweet place for sweet lovers. It’s a nice local coffee shop with lots of sweet items. They serve every item freshly.

According to some customers, it’s a hidden gem in Ontario. There are also plants that are a super cute touch and you can buy them. As there are lots of rooms, it’s the best place for study or hangouts with friends.

All items like coffee, pastries, cakes, etc. must satisfy your taste. If you are in Ontario, stop by here and enjoy their fresh baked items and make yourself happy.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 200 S Euclid Ave Suite A, Ontario CA 91762
  • Phone: (909)-395-0077


#10 Crave Coffee & Tea

Crave Coffee And Tea, a 4 star rated local coffee shop. The most special side of the coffee shop is they provide hand-crafted micro-roasted coffee from around the world.

One sip of their authentic coffee is enough to take away all your fatigue.

Besides their organic, fair-trade coffee, other food items must impress you that are freshest and highest quality offerings.

Coffee Shop Details:


#11 Nestle Toll House Cafe

Launched in 1963, the Nestle Toll House Cafe is a story of growth and long-term success. Its owner Ruth Wakefield gained popularity through fancy chocolate recipes.

The main support system of the business is a phenomenally loyal customer base. Every year they provide service to 60 million customers.

Coffee Shop Details:


#12 Dunkin’

Dunkin’, America’s favorite coffee shop in Ontario. The customers are so satisfied with the service that every day Dunkin’ serves more than 3 million customers.

If you are in Ontario then Dunkin’ is always ready to meet your cravings with their coffee and varieties of other items.

Their organized and focused staff are always ready to serve you with their clean facilities. Their signature item gives you a taste of one of a kind. 

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 924 E Ontario Ave, Corona, CA 92881, United States
  • Website: Dunkin’
  • Facebook: Dunkin’
  • Phone: (657) 226-5787


#13 Transportes Golden Expresso Inc

Transportes Golden Expresso, a 5 star rated coffee shop in Ontario. It’s basically a local business.

It’s also related to other possible functions of local business. Their service satisfies their customers. It also performs other local businesses outside Ontario city. 

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 141 N Euclid Ave Ontario, CA 91762
  • Phone: (909) 983-6870


#14 C Street Cafe

A cup of coffee and music, a great combination that works like a tonic to relieve your fatigue throughout the day. And C Street Cafe provides you with this unprecedented service. Its cozy atmosphere, live music, and authentic coffee make you come back again and again.

The live music venue and coffee shop of Ontario try to create an environment for creators of all sorts. Come here, Take a cup of coffee, enjoy the song and give yourself quality time forgetting all struggles and troubles of life for a while. 

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 301 N Euclid Ave, Ontario, CA 91762, United States
  • Facebook: C Street Cafe
  • Phone: (909) 906-0571



#15 Peet’s Coffee & Tea

The story of Peet’s coffee shop started with a boy who forwent college because of coffee! Yes, the boy is Alfred Peet, introducing an unaware coffee drinking public with dark roasted coffee beans.

After moving to California, discovers that the richest country drank the lousiest coffee. Since 1966 Peet’s has worked very hard and passionately to give an authentic coffee service to the customers.

The coffee shop does not become popular overnight. It upgrades gradually every year. Peet employs many people through the coffee who become very professional later and follows the footprint of Peet’s.

People remember Peet as the man who taught the world to drink coffee. ‘THE BIG BANG OF COFFEE’, a signature blend inspired by Mr. Peet, expanded the horizon of what coffee can be.

Coffee Shop Details:


#16 Holiday Cafe

Holiday Cafe, located in the busiest marketplace of Ontario center. It’s a family-owned business that started in 2012. But very quickly it became popular in the Ontario foodservice cafe sector.

In the busiest places like the marketplace, it provides service with a smile even in rush hour. They always want you to come out of their cafe smiling no matter what your day is like.

The taste of every food on their menu is worth remembering. You can get breakfast, lunch, dinner here also.

Coffee Shop Details:


#17 Mj Cafe And Tea House

Mj Cafe And Tea House, a fairly new business in Ontario. It’s a great place to catch up and hang out. Their waitresses are very tentative.

The decoration of the cafe attracts the customer the most. Having a nice aesthetic to it, there is a cute decoration with a super cozy atmosphere. There is a very clean and simple but enough decor to give you off a chill vibe.

The main draw of the cafe is their dessert items. Come here, enjoy a very relaxing atmosphere and enjoy tea, coffee or dessert.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 701N Milliken Ave Unit C Ontario, CA 91764
  • Phone: (909) 477-8971.
  • Facebook: Mj Cafe And Tea House


#18 Joann’s Cafe

Joann’s Cafe, located in Ontario, is one of the best coffee shops. It’s basically a family-owned restaurant. They have been in the city for the last 23 years. Customers are also satisfied with their friendly service.

The foods are also reasonable. If you want to spend quality full time, you can go there and have a good experience.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 1141 N Mountain Ave Ontario, CA 91762
  • Website: Joann’s Cafe
  • Phone: (909) 467-1416

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#19 Starbucks

Starbucks, a famous coffee shop in Ontario. You hardly find any people who live in Ontario but don’t taste the coffee. Other coffee shops in Ontario also serve Starbucks coffee.

They have been serving their customers for the last 51 years, almost a half of a century and they maintained themselves from the very first.

The items of Starbucks add a new level of taste to your tastebuds. 

Coffee Shop Details:


Over To You

Ontario is one of the busiest cities in California. People are moving restlessly there to survive. The coffee shops of the city make their lives easier.

Here I have tried to make an informative list for you. Also hope the list will help you to find the nearest coffee shop from your location. You can inform us about your favorite coffee shop in Ontario.

Also if there are any other restaurants in Ontario that I have not added to the list. You can share your experience with the coffee shops with us.



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