Top 23 Best Coffee Shops In Oceanside, California (CA) State [2022]

Starting your day with an exquisite sip of coffee is undoubtedly one of the best feelings in the world. Whether you like it sweet, cold, black, or hot, the right kind of ambiance is crucial while you take a moment to break away from your busy life and tight schedules.

Keeping your thoughts in mind, we have created a list of the top 23 reputable coffee shops in Oceanside, California state, which are guaranteed to please your eyes! 


Coffee Shops In Oceanside, California (CA) State

#1 Pier View Coffee

Sitting at the heart of downtown Oceanside, Pier View Coffee is an elegant choice for a sophisticated breakfast as well as spending an enchanting evening.

The laying foundations being early 20th century, the shop is a classic blend of vintage and modern aesthetics.

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#2 Breakfast Club Diner

With its eye-catching interior, Breakfast Club Diner is a beach town outlet straight from the 80s.

The funny witticisms on the walls, the paintings, and the music are bound to compliment your brunch! 

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#3 Brown Cup Cafe & Lounge

If you’re looking for the perfect mid-century modern space to dine in for a coffee, delicious desserts, or a whole meal, Brown Cup Cafe & Lounge is the perfect place for you!

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#4 Pit Stop Diner

This coffee shop offers remarkable insight into 1950s decor. The popular choice being their Pastrami Sandwich, Pit Stop Diner is also in vogue for their Anglo-American-themed coffee.

Just a side tip, if you’re on the budget-friendly side, they are the right option for you! 

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#5 Harbor House Cafe

Since 1959, Harbour House Cafe has been serving its customers with utmost hospitality. Harbour House leaves no chance to amuse you with their patio and beachy ambiance, starting from their classic lunch and breakfast options.

Enjoying your coffee here certainly makes you feel like you’re at the beach itself! nice. Enjoying your 

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#6 101 Bagels & Subs

As the name suggests, 101 Bagels & Subs will steal all your breakfast options on the go.

Exceptional for their traditional recipes, the shop was established in 2014 with a family-oriented environment. They are also in high favor of their catering, pick-up, and eat-in services if you’re short of time!

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#7 Tnl Boba Tea

The leading drink attraction of Tnl Boba Tea, besides its organic fruit smoothies, is its Vietnamese Coffee.

Although categorized as a juice bar, Tnl Boba Tea can be a delightful outlet for a Sunday brunch or an afternoon. 

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#8 Camp Coffee Company

Camp Coffee Company is a relatively newer venture compared to the other coffee shops in Oceanside, California. Starting its journey in 2019, Camp Coffee Company has come a long way to give you the perfect “camping experience” while enjoying delicious coffee.

Jason Simpson describes his vision for the shop from an endearing motherhood angle as he grew up watching his mother brewing coffee for the family.

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#9 Black Rock Coffee Bar

Founded in 2007, Black Rock Coffee Bar has expanded its branches in many places, including one in Oceanside, California, in 9 years.

Jeff Hernandez firmly abides by his vision of building a passionate community to take forward his coffee venture. If you are interested in some luxurious coffee at an affordable price, Black Rock Coffee is here to give you the perfect premium experience!

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#10 Seaborne Coffee

Seaborne Coffee has got you all covered if you’re a coffee enthusiast with various milk alternatives and creative latte flavors.

Not only that, but Seaborne Coffee is also famous for its Cortado and delicious desserts!

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#11 Revolution Roasters 

As the name suggests, Revolution Roasters has come a long way in revolutionizing its coffee crafting.

The blend of the coffee is organized by using all California-based dairy products, which accentuates their specialty. If you love a seasonal touch in your coffee, Revolution Roasters has got your back! 

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#12 Communal

Communal brings forth a unique experience of sharing your coffee with a multitude of coffee lovers. If you’re a social butterfly like me, Communal has the best community gathering of any coffee shop in Oceanside, California!

Their large back patio area with lawn chairs and corn hole makes them an excellent place to hang out and check out surrounding stores as well.

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#13 Bound Coffee Company

Bound Coffee Company is exclusively famous for its handcrafted ceramics, locally-sourced artworks, and plants.

Sitting at the base of an elegant commercial building, Bound Coffee Company will quench your thirst by serving one of the best coffees in town! Not to mention, their signature Burrito is also a must-have. 

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#14 Tapioca Express 

Tapioca Express is the only coffee shop in Oceanside, California, where you will find a great fusion of American and Taiwanese flavors.

The Taiwanese inspiration came mainly in the 1990s as Boba made its first appearance. Besides coffee, if you’re a fan of Pearl milk teas, Tapioca Express will be your best friend! 

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#15 Jitters Coffee Pub

Jitters Coffee Pub is one of the oldest coffee shops in Oceanside, California, established in 1994 by Dennis Johnson.

The vegan-friendly food and drink options make them distinctively exclusive from the other shops. Having a laid-back atmosphere, Jitters Coffee Pub is also an excellent choice for all you readers out there!

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#16 The Cup Coffee

You can’t argue with this spot if you want to be within easy reach of the beach! Honey Vanilla Latte being their top pick, The Cup Coffee is also famous for its cheap crafted beers.

Were you looking for the perfect chilling area along the shoreline? the Cup Coffee is the best option at hand! 

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#17 Banana Dang Coffee 

Banana Dang Coffee started its journey in Oceanside, California, in 2015. Specializing their smoothies with homegrown bananas has made their brand image exclusively endearing to the customers.

Back in Puerto Rico, where they were initially based, their coffee has reached millions of hearts, making it possible for them to open a new outlet in Oceanside, California.  

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#18 Buccaneer Cafe

Imagine yourself on the beach, with the crisp sea breeze blowing through your hair and the soothing sound of the waves lapping at your feet.

Established in 1980, Buccaneer Cafe, with its beach-front view, offers you just that along with some delicious breakfast, lunch, and beverage.

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#19 Ignite Coffee Company

If you’re in for some hustle and bustle to “ignite” your passion, Ignite Coffee Company is the perfect option for you. Founded in 2018, they have tried to incorporate both the trendy and friendly feel in their environment.

Not to mention, their scones and sandwiches are consistently excellent as well!

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#20 The Bunker House Cafe & Lounge 

Are you looking for some minimalism in the busy outskirts of Oceanside? The Bunker House Cafe & Social Lounge offers just the right mellow tone to your likings.

Their spacious patio and live music will alleviate your coffee and meals even better! 

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#21 Beach Break Cafe

Who doesn’t love a delicious coffee cake? Beach Break Cafe brings you precisely that freshly baked bite of heaven alongside a perfect cup of coffee just for you.

The light breath of relief after a beach visit is precisely what you long for, and that’s why Beach Break Cafe is the right option for you!  

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#22 Start Fresh Cafe

Start Fresh Cafe was first opened in May 2014 by its owner, who used to work as an employee in the same building.

Carrying his legacy, the cafe has now been turned into a homely business that serves the most generous food portions at a reasonable price. Start Fresh Cafe’s main coffee attraction is, hand down, its creamy lattes! 

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#23 Panels Comic Book Coffee Bar

Established in 2017, Panels Comic Book Coffee Bar is the ideal place for all comic book fanatics and coffee enthusiasts.

As an entrepreneurial start-up, the coffee shop has captured many hearts with its innovative ambiance and Fantastic S’mores Iced Coffee! 

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Over To You

You deserve to enjoy your coffee and pastries in peace wherever you are! Although we have highlighted the top picks, many amusing ones are certainly missed. Do comment down below if you have them in mind.

Feel free to share your thoughts and feedback with us and let us know which coffee/shop was your favorite!

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