Top 27 Best Coffee Shops In Oakland, California (CA) State [2022]

Many locally-owned, independent roasters have set up shop in the city over the last decade to give the best coffee with top-shelf brews and beans that rival those buzzed about in any of the more established craft coffee centres across the U.S.

Old and new neighborhood stores dot the terrain, serving drinks brewed with the aforementioned high-quality beans and exuding welcoming attitudes.

You’ll never be too far from the top reputable coffee shop, and maybe even your new favorite spot, no matter where you are in Oakland.

#1 Kilovolt Coffee

Ethan Ashley, tired of driving to Downtown Oakland or Emeryville for coffee, started Kilovolt Coffee on a shoestring budget in April 2014.

Since then, they’ve dealt with rolling blackouts, a serious housing crisis for workers, and, most recently, the coronavirus outbreak and its accompanying limitations.

Despite the challenges, they are enthusiastic about Oakland’s future and look forward to continuing to serve their consumers for many years to come.

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#2 Motivat Cafee Roasters

This cafe was founded by husband and wife Collin and Carolyn Young in 2017. Motivate is a coffee roasting company that puts people first.

They enjoy roasting and serving their coffee in the Bay Area, introducing local coffee enthusiasts to unique single-origin selections from around the world. They recently celebrated the opening of their first retail location.

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#3 Limon Rotisserie

Martin Castillo, the executive chef, and his brothers, Antonio and Eduardo, grew up in a busy kitchen. Luz, their mother, was well-known in her community for her delectable cuisine.

The Castillo family still owns and operates many Limon Rotisserie establishments throughout the Bay Area and beyond.  It was established On October 25, 2011 by San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee.

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#4 Almond & Oak

In December of 2018, Rico opened Almond and Oak. Rico is a California native who grew up in Oakland.

He went to the Culinary Institute of America, New York, after graduating from Skyline High School.

Rico returned to Oakland and began working at Pizzaiolo. Rico now runs his own restaurant, Almond and Oak, in Oakland, after 5 years at Pizzaiolo. 

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#5 Mallena Cafe

Mellana Café, which opened in 2019 and is situated in Oakland, serves an unusual mix of health drinks, acai bowls, and coffee.

We endeavor to provide great customer service (based on previous experience) and take pride in promoting entrepreneurial training and education in our communities.

All of the meals are organic and purchased from local merchants.

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Location: 4539 Martin Luther King Jr Way Oakland, CA 94609 
  • Cell: (510) 250-9488
  • Website: Mellana Café
  • Facebook: @mellanacafe

#6 Awaken Cafe & Roasting

Awaken Cafe & Roasting has been a community coffeehouse, espresso bar, best-in-class coffee gear retailer, restaurant, beer & wine bar, and event space in downtown Oakland since 2008.

But we’re mostly here to assist bring people together to launch Oakland’s and the world’s next chapter. While we’re at it, we might as well #drinkgoodcoffee.

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#7 Caffe 817

Caffe 817 was founded in 1993 and was inspired by the Florence heritage of Italian cafes and espresso bars.

Scott and Emily Goldenberg, who wanted to recreate their vacation memories, have developed Caffe 817, a location that transports you back to a simpler period when life revolved around community, great handcrafted beverages, light fare, and connections.

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Location: 817 Washington St Oakland, CA 94607
  • Cell: (510) 271-7965
  • Website: Caffe 817
  • Facebook: @caffe817

#8 Bittersweet Cafe & Bakery

Bittersweet Cafe & Bakery, formerly Bittersweet Cafe, has been providing chocolates and delicacies for over 17 years, and for the past 5 years under the current owner.

Lise Dale is a New Mexico-based professional baker, barista, and cafe owner. She has lived in the Bay Area for the past 20 years and considers it her home.

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#9 Alem’s Coffee

Alem’s Coffee has been bringing the community together since 1999 with friendly service and delicious East African dishes like Shahan Ful, a healthy vegetarian stew-like dish made with fava beans, olive oil, chopped tomato, green peppers, chili pepper, cumin, lemon juice, spices, and feta cheese served with bread rolls.

Alem’s coffee business is located in Oakland’s Temescal area.

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#10 Julie’s Coffee and Tea Garden

Julie’s Coffee and Tea Garden passion for herbs paved the road for her to enter the world of tea and coffee. In 1990, I began in the western hills of Sonoma County, California.

In 1995 Julie hooked up with the folks at Taylor Maid Gardens and was given the wonderful opportunity to create the tea division of Taylor Maid Farms Organic Coffee & Tea.

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#11 Bicycle Coffee

Bicycle Coffee was established in Oakland, California in 2009. Our goal was to start a company that allowed us to merge two of our passions: cycling and fine coffee.

We’ve been roasting high-quality coffee and delivering it to local companies by bicycle for over a decade. In response to the global pandemic, we began selling our coffee online in 2020.

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#12 Sweet July

Ayesha Curry, chef, author, and entrepreneur, founded sweet July café to continue to push the boundaries of her diverse career.

The business sells items for the body and house, with an emphasis on high quality at a reasonable price.

A place where new consumers feel at ease and frequent customers feel at ease.

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#13 Xochi the Dog Cafe

Xochi the Dog Cafe is a nicely designed place located in the Bella Vista district, east of Lake Merritt.

Enjoy the garden while sipping your favorite coffee beverage! Pastries, empanadas, beer, wine, and a variety of other items are also available.

Come in for a cool snack and a taste of the original.

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#14 L’acajou

L’acajou is a one-of-a-kind culinary restaurant with a menu based on the concept of straightforward cooking.

We began developing a one-of-a-kind dining experience for all of our visitors in 2010, using fresh and sustainable products to take you on a gastronomic adventure unlike any other.

L’acajou has been offering delectable breakfast, lunch, coffee drinks, and catering for almost a decade.

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Location: 5020 Woodminster Ln Oakland, CA 94602
  • Cell: (510) 842-9308
  • Website: L’acajou
  • Facebook: @wix

#15 Wilde Brothers Coffee Shop

Originally, our establishment was a confectionery store, and then it became a smoke shop.

The Reid brothers’ design for the theater (and the storefront we’re in) was finished in 1926, marking the Vaudville and silent cinema house’s grand opening. The launch of the Coffee Shop was inspired by the Wilde Brothers in 2018.

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#16 Hive The Place To Bee

Cali and Bree founded Hive The Place To Bee, the place to be in 2013, with the intention of fostering community. “Through community development, local sourcing, and local hiring, we sought to create a venue that symbolizes our varied neighborhood and promotes a healthy local economy.”

Hive, the place to bee is a warm, inviting cafe that serves high-quality, environmentally friendly items. 

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#17 Red Bay Coffee

Keba Konte, an artist and successful food entrepreneur with significant roots in the San Francisco Bay Area specialty coffee and hotel industries, created Red Bay Coffee Roasters in 2014.

Red Bay Coffee plans to expand its community ownership model through crowdfunding campaigns, which will encourage non-accredited investors to participate in Silicon Valley startup financing.

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#18 OakCali Cafe

OakCali Cafe is deeply rooted in Oakland. It is a true representation of Oakland, embracing its diverse population and rich history.

We serve beloved American breakfasts in addition to traditional Ethiopian cuisine. Hungry? Grab a sandwich, salad, or smoothie while you’re here. Vegan alternatives are available.

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Location: 1601 2nd Ave Oakland, CA 94606
  • Cell:(510) 817-4957
  • Website: OakCali Cafe

#19 Souvenir Coffee

We define community as a desire to engage with those around us and make a good difference in the lives of those we meet.

Coffee has introduced many of us to new prospects, friends, and even partners, and we look forward to getting to know you as well. People come first at Souvenir, followed by coffee.

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#20 Modigliani Cafe

The Modigliani Cafe‘s core ingredients are concept, quality, consistency, and positive energy. Before beginning the transformation into our scratch-made creations, we only employ the highest quality materials.

Meatballs, sausage, cured meats, dressings, fresh salads, sauces, milkshakes, and so on are only a few examples. We believe our one-of-a-kind product combinations of flavors to be a work of art.

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Location: 3208-3210 Grand Ave Oakland, CA 94610
  • Cell:  (510) 986-1599
  • Website: Modigliani Cafe

#21 Plenty

Plenty began five years ago with a simple concept: quality at an affordable price.

Their goal is to provide healthy and clean food that tastes bland and costs more because it is created from scratch without preservatives.

Our solution is abundant. There are no frills here…just terrific meals. They intend to start a delivery service soon.

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Location: 1825 San Pablo Ave Oakland, CA 94612
  • Cell: (510) 740-9931
  • Website: Plenty
  • Facebook: @plentyjack

#22 Wooden Table Cafe

Here at the Bay, there’s an Argentine cafe. Part bakery, part chocolateria, part yerba mate dispensary, coffee shop, and cafe with interesting weekly events. In addition, we have an in-store tienda with both domestic and imported goods.

We even have a llama, thank you very much! Andrés and Citabria Ozzuna, a dynamic combo and couple, own and operate Wooden Table.

Coffee Shop Information:

#23 Hudson Bay Cafe

Hudson Bay Cafe, which opened in 1985, has been a Rockridge institution for decades.

We have a huge assortment of candies, pastries, breakfast, sandwiches, and salads, as well as a choice of excellent coffees and teas.

Coffee Shop Information:

#24 Timeless Coffee

Timeless Coffee offers a product and experience that is unlike any other. The company’s mission since its inception in 2012 has been to share its passion for great coffee while also educating clients about the advantages of becoming and eating vegan.

Every day, timeless products are freshly manufactured in-house. The company is a good steward of animals, people, and the environment, not just in the coffee and food industry.

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#25 Autobahn Coffee

Wally founded Autobahn Cafe in 2010, and in October 2013, he gladly turned it on to Felipe.

Despite the fact that Wally has left the diner she so carefully constructed, its traditional base has not changed.

The food, the smiles of her well-trained personnel, and the welcome ambience all bear witness to her magnificent legacy.

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Location: 571 5th St Oakland, CA 94607
  • Cell: (510) 836-1234
  • Website: Autobahn Coffee

#26 Woody’s Cafe

Woody’s Cafe has been serving the Parkway District community since 1962, and the proprietors are dedicated to not just delivering exceptional service and products, but also to establishing lifelong connections and developing the Parkway District community.

We seek to always evolve and cater to the requirements of the area as changes arise. Our cafe hopes to serve you for many years to come, and we thank you for your continued support.

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#27 The Rockridge Cafe

The Rockridge Cafe, which has been a gathering place for Oakland residents and the larger Bay Area since 1973, is a family-run business.

Ricotta Pancakes, Chorizo Migas, Challah French Toast, Strawberry Waffles, Rockridge Breakfast, and the Classic Cheeseburger & Shakes have been enjoyed by over 3 million guests. 

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Over To You

Because Oakland has a big number of coffee shops, not all of them will be suitable for you. Some restaurants serve excellent lattes, while others serve excellent espresso and masala chai. Snacks are available at some restaurants, and breakfast is available at others.

We’ve done the legwork for you and found the best 27 reliable coffee shops. So, what are your thoughts? Which of the coffee shop on the list is best for you?

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