Top 14 Best Coffee Shops In Murrieta, California (CA) State [2022]

We know that as a rampant caffeine addict, finding a great spot to get your daily caffeine fix is of the utmost importance. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best 14 reputable coffee shops in Murrieta, California so that you can easily find one wherever you happen to be in town.

So, if you’re looking for some peace and quiet while indulging in a delicious cup of joe, then these are all the places you need to check out!

#1 The Liquid Leaf 

The Liquid Leaf has a large selection of hot, iced, and blended Tea, Coffee, and Matcha Tea drinks, they also have savory and sweet food options such as Avocado Toast, Bagel Sandwiches, Savory Puff Pastries, and an ever-changing selection of Shortbread cookies and Gluten Free goodies.
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#2 The Press Shop

The journey of The Press Espresso began with a desire to make better coffee at home and then share the enjoyable ritual with others. DeShun and Yasmine, a husband and wife team, met in college through shared interests in photography and fashion design, and eventually the craft of roasting and brewing coffee.

In 2015, they conceived of the idea of opening a community space that would serve freshly roasted coffee as well as carefully and aesthetically prepared coffee and tea drinks.

The Press Espresso currently operates four locations in the Temecula/Murrieta area. The goal is for you to enjoy the experience that they work hard to perfect every day.

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#3 Rival Coffee Co 

To build a company that eliminates the need to drink coffee elsewhere, for those who seek an environment rich in unrivaled creativity, passion, energy, culture, and hard work. All of this contributes to a legendary guest experience.

Everything we do must be scalable in order for our communities and beyond to grow.

The Rival Coffee Organization is dependent on the hearts and minds of their teammates. They will assist their brothers and sisters in developing their skills by constantly improving their corporate culture, which empowers and respects talent.

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#4 Intazza Coffee 

Curiosity and creativity drew us to create a sensory-stimulating coffee experience. The distant clatter of porcelain saucers greets the counters. The aroma of freshly roasted, ground, and brewed coffee tempts the senses. The vibrant plates of freshly prepared local foods are sure to make you salivate. All adorned with their professionally trained baristas’ warm smiles to greet you with the sun.

Their crew is dedicated to bringing quality, ingenuity, and integrity to the world of coffee. They are built on the foundations of tradition while keeping their minds open to the unconventional.
Intazza has elevated the art of coffee roasting with over twenty years of experience. Their people are passionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated, and this is what sets us apart. They traveled to various regions and sourced beans from some of the world’s most beautiful mountains. They are always thinking inside the cup, whether they are thinking inside or outside the box.

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#5 Joy Java Organic Coffee

Consider them your very own personal coffee shop, filling the room with the aroma of freshly ground espresso and handcrafting each drink to your exact specifications. their coffee shop will keep you JOYfully fueled.

Joy Java provides the only organic coffee catering in Temecula Valley, providing a one-of-a-kind, well-appreciated coffee experience. A novel approach to bar services. Every drink is finished with hand steamed organic milk and made with local, delicious, organic espresso.

There is no longer any need to brew your own coffee or use the self-service coffee station. they have lattes, americanos, cappuccinos, and mochas for you.

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#6 Grind House

Do you want to have some coffee and espresso? What better place to do so than It’s A Grind Coffee House in Murrieta? Aside from having excellent coffee and espresso, they also have Cafeterias and Coffee Houses.

Everyone who works there is extremely friendly. Jay, the proprietor, is a pleasant individual. The vibe is exactly what you’d expect from a perfect coffee shop, along with delicious coffee and comfortable seating.

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#7 Expresso Chauffeur

Espresso Chauffeur is a mobile specialty coffee caterer who arrives at your location or venue and sets up a full espresso bar serving hot and iced beverages. Any event can benefit from our Italian Soda bar. Since 2002, we have been making people happy with their service.

Their handcrafted bars include a full-size espresso machine as well as a commercial grinder. The rich black countertop is adorned with a variety of syrups and condiments.

Their handcrafted bars include a full-size espresso machine as well as a commercial grinder. The rich black countertop is adorned with a variety of syrups and condiments.

To ensure that their drinks are fresh, they grind the coffee beans to order. their coffee roaster comes from the third generation of Italian coffee roasters. In Italy, his grandfather and father used to roast coffee. they chose their coffee because of its high quality.

Their baristas have received extensive training and are professional, friendly, and knowledgeable.

Whether you’re planning a dream wedding, a private party, or a corporate meeting, an espresso bar can help make your event a smashing success.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Website: Espresso Chauffeur 
  • Number: 951 677 1039
  • Address: 42445 Ivy St Murrieta, CA 92562

#8 Peet’s Coffee

Peet’s Coffee has been dedicated to creating the perfect cup for almost fifty years. Every stage of their process, from collaborating with farmers to hand-roasting, is shaped by this goal, so you can drink the greatest, freshest coffee while knowing it came from a company that cares.

We source the top 1% of coffee beans from the world’s best-growing regions in a way that respects farmers, the environment, and the importance of communities.

They employ their five senses to unlock the culinary potential of each bean. Their roasters are experts at what they do, fine-tuning the characteristics of each blend and single origin that they roast.

The freshest coffee, they feel, is the greatest tasting coffee—period. That’s why they don’t roast their beans until they’re ordered.

Before the beans arrive at their roastery, Their specialized Coffee Team tastes them three times. Every espresso shot is pulled by hand by their highly trained baristas. Everything that they do is focused on providing you with the freshest, most flavorful food possible.

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#9 Panera Bread

Panera Bread believes in serving delectable, freshly prepared dishes made with carefully selected ingredients that they would be proud to serve to their own families. Chefs and bakers created their menu, which includes classic, comforting dishes with an intriguing twist.

They care about the environment and take steps to reduce our impact. They believe in treating people with warmth, kindness, and respect, whether they are customers or employees. And they believe in giving back to their communities, especially during times of need.

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#10 The Coffee Company

The Coffee Company delivers specialty custom roasted coffees to their customers nationwide within 48 hours of roasting. They go to great lengths to ensure that their customers brew the freshest cup of coffee available.

As a roasting company, its mission entails a never-ending search for the highest quality coffees from around the world. This search enables them to bring the best coffee beans and a wide range of options to The Coffee Store and their customers. they not only sample their coffees before introducing them to The Coffee Store, but they also carefully sample roast each coffee order to preserve the peak coffee tates characteristics.

Customers of The Coffee Company can be confident that they have received a truly fresh product because of the “Roast-On-Date” on their coffee bags. This establishes a time frame for consuming the coffee, which can mean the difference between a lively cup of coffee and a bland cup.

The Coffee Company is your one-stop shop for all of your personal and commercial coffee needs, no matter how big or small. We ensure the same high quality in our small batches of freshly roasted coffee beans as we do in our large batches.

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#11 Ziggy’s Bar And Grill

Hello and welcome to Ziggy’s. LaSalle County’s hidden treasure. At Ziggy’s, you can expect great food, drinks, games, and friendly service from a family-owned business. 278 Main St. in Marseilles, IL, with ample parking in front and along Main St. they take pride in remaining a family-owned business and strive to keep Ziggy’s fun and friendly. They are excited to serve you!

Since 2017, Ziggy’s Bar & Grill has been offering its customers a Bar experience in the heart of LaSalle County. Whether you’ve come to enjoy their special events, food, IPA’s, or anything else, Ziggy’s Bar & Grill has something for everyone who enjoys a good time.

They take pride in their troops. They at Ziggy’s Bar & Grill support all military personnel!

Trust them when they say that you haven’t truly been to a bar if you haven’t been to Ziggy’s Bar & Grill. It has a professional crew behind the bar and an amazing chill vibe.

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#12 Higher Grounds Coffee

If you’re looking for the best coffee and espresso in Murrieta, you’ve come to the right place! Higher Grounds Coffee is well-known for producing excellent coffee and espresso. Cafeterias and Coffee Houses are among the other cuisines available.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Number: 951 894 2738
  • Address: 41516 Kalmia St Murrieta, CA 92562

#13 Starbucks Coffee

In 1971, we set out on a journey through Seattle’s iconic Pike Place Market’s cobblestone streets. Starbucks built its first store here, providing consumers fresh-roasted coffee beans, tea, and spices from across the world to take home. their name was inspired by the classic story “Moby-Dick,” which evokes the early coffee dealers’ seafaring history.

You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re looking for something new to warm your mug, the ideal brew method for your favorite mix, or researching our rarest products.

From the farmers who tend to the red-ripe coffee cherries to the expert roasters who coax the most from every bean to the barista who serves it with care, it takes many hands to make the perfect cup of coffee. We are dedicated to the highest levels of quality and service, honoring our history while innovating to provide you with new and exciting experiences.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Website: Starbucks
  • Facebook: Starbucks Coffee 
  • Number: (714) 957-2749
  • Address: 40735 Murrieta Hot springs Rd Murrieta, CA 92562

#14 Dunkin’

Dunkin’ Donuts is America’s favorite all-day, every-day coffee, espresso, breakfast sandwiches, and doughnut shop. Dunkin’ Donuts, the world’s largest bakery and coffee chain, serves over 3 million customers every day. There is always something to satisfy your craving with 50+ varieties of doughnuts and dozens of premium beverages.

Dunkin’ Donuts is proud to serve all of Murrieta, CA’s breakfast and snacking needs. Visit us today to try a classic favorite or a new featured item! This is a nice spot to meet up with friends for a cup of coffee in the morning. When the weather is nice, the outdoor patio is large and inviting. Coffee that is consistently good.

The staff is always extremely pleasant, efficient, and professional. Even when the drive-through and lobby are crowded and the team is working as quickly as possible, they never fail to provide excellent service.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Website: Dunkin’
  • Facebook: Dunkin US 
  • Number: 951 698 9880 
  • Address: 40361 Murrieta Hot springs Rd Murrieta, CA 92563

Final Thoughts

Murrieta is a great choice for coffee. You can have the best of variety wherever you are. There are over 14 delicious options when it comes to coffee shops, each with its unique touch and design.

I have no doubt that you will enjoy the options available, so get going and make your cup of delight to be!

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