Top 20 Best Coffee Shops In Moreno Valley, California (CA) State [2022]

If you are used to starting your day with a cup of coffee, it can certainly make or break your day. Any coffee lover would know the importance of a good cup of coffee at the start of your day.

So, if you’re in Moreno Valley right now, let me be your guide to find that perfect cup of coffee for you. Here’s a list of the best 20 reputable coffee shops in Moreno Valley in California just for you!


Best Coffee Shops In Moreno Valley California

#1 The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has always been passionate about connecting loyal customers with carefully handcrafted products according to the coffeehouse chain.

The coffee shop has been serving good coffee to southern California since 1963. They serve various coffee blends with perfectly roasted coffee beans. They have quite a variety of coffee beverages to choose from including ice-blended drinks.

They also serve tea. They have friendly staff which makes their coffee shop a delight to come back to.

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#2 The Cupcake & Espresso Bar

The Cupcake & Espresso Bar started with a dream of starting anew after the 2010 recession. Carina, one of the owners started selling her cupcakes to her colleagues, and just like that they were popular.

So, they decided to expand their business, and where they are now, with delicious baked goods and great coffee drinks. They also take custom orders in case you were wondering!

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#3 Kelly’s Coffee & Fudge

If you are in Moreno Valley mall, this is the perfect chance for you to try Kelly’s Coffee And Fudge. They make their drink with just the right blend of sweetness and bitterness.

They also serve tea and quite a few snack items to go with your coffee. Their service is friendly and they make sure to take into consideration your likeness while making your drinks. 

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#4 Starbucks

Starbucks is a world-renowned coffee shop chain that is famous for its blended drinks with premium roasted coffee, tea, and quick bites.

You can find quite a few Starbucks in Moreno Valley, among the other branches the Starbucks of Towngate crossing has the best reviews. Their drinks are popular like usual and the service is fast and well-received by their regular customers.

Coffee Shop Details: 

  • Location: 12430 Day St, Moreno Valley, CA 92553
  • Phone: 951-653-7372
  • Website: Starbucks

#5 Without Borders Global Corporation

The Without Borders Global Corporation‘s people are very nice and welcoming. This is the café with the best coffee I’ve ever tasted and delicious food! Must try! According to one of the cafe’s satisfied customers.

They are a Holistic Ministry, providing a Church, Global Missionary Work, a Café, and a Boutique shop. Many religious people love the environment and they do serve quality coffee blends. You can follow them on Instagram to get daily updates of their drinks and menu items.

Coffee Shop Details: 

#6 Kim’s Donuts & Café

According to one of their regular customers Josh Lebowski, this is the best place in town for coffee and donuts!

Their coffee is always on point. And like him, Kim’s Donuts & Cafe is also popular among many donut lovers around Moreno Valley. And their coffee is the perfect pair for their donuts. They have friendly staff and great service. 

Coffee Shop Details: 

  • Location: 24100 Alessandro Blvd, Moreno Valley, CA 92553
  • Phone: 951-221-1553
  • Facebook: @Kims-Donuts-Cafe

#7 Panera Bread

They are a counter-serve bakery and cafe chain serving sandwiches, salads & more. According to their customers, they are always super quick with orders. They aim to focus on quality and clean ingredients.

Panera Bread strives to serve its food to you in a warm and welcoming environment. They have varieties of breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals available. Their coffee drinks are also good and freshly made.

Coffee Shop Details: 

#8 Mimi’s Cafe

Mimi’s Cafe started in 1978 with the dream of serving the neighborhood with comfort food and classic all-day brunch.

Now they serve in 77 locations in 16 states of the USA. Along with the casual style meals they are also popular for their baked goods, muffins, and croissants which are made fresh on a daily basis.

They also have a good selection of coffee to go with their baked items. 

Coffee Shop Details: 

#9 Polly’s Pies Restaurant & Bakery

As you can guess from their name they are a pie-focused regional food chain that offers other baked goods.

Their customers love their pies along with their coffee. They offer a variety of pie flavors with a hot cup of coffee to go with it. They also have meals on their menu and offer catering services.

Coffee Shop Details: 

#10 Tea Be Honest

Tea Be Honest is mostly popular for their tea drinks but they have a wide selection of coffee drinks.

The place is recommended for coffee, tea, and boba lovers. Their service is friendly and fast.

The location is small and tight but they have lots of drink options and toppings. Definitely worth a try if you want to try some new boba flavors. 

Coffee Shop Details: 

  • Location: 25155 Sunnymead Boulevard Ste G7, Moreno Valley
  • Phone: 951-247-3773

#11 Bagel Time

Bagel Time is a great location to get a quick and excellent morning bagel sandwich. The ladies that work there are usually very polite, and they provide quick service.

They sell a variety of fresh bagels and croissants. You can pair up their croissants or bagel with their freshly made coffee drinks. Their Asian coffee is a must-try according to one of their customers.

Coffee Shop Details: 

  • Location: 22420 Cactus Ave #105, Moreno Valley, CA 92553
  • Phone: 951-653-0138
  • Instagram: @bageltimee

#12 Moreno Family Donuts

Moreno Family Donuts is a go-to donut shop for most of the neighborhood around the shop.

They also serve amazing coffee. The employees are very polite and help you out with everything.

The owner of the shop is always generous and makes sure you have a comfortable time at their shop. With a busy shop, they still remember to maintain cleanliness and hygiene, which makes their service even better. 

Coffee Shop Details: 

  • Location: 24541 Alessandro Blvd, Moreno Valley, CA 92553
  • Phone: 951-247-2613

#13 Pam’s Donuts & Ice Cream

Destiny Noel, being a Starbucks employee knows a good cup of coffee and by her judgment, Pam’s Donuts & Ice Cream has a great coffee.

They are mostly popular for their flavorful freshly made donuts. They also serve ice cream. Their staff is super friendly and helpful.

Their previous owner retired and currently Pam’s Donuts & Ice Cream is under new ownership. Pam’s Donuts was awarded as the best donut shop in Moreno Valley for 2021.

Coffee Shop Details: 

  • Location: 12591 Heacock St, Moreno Valley, CA 92553
  • Phone: 951-242-2838
  • Facebook: @pamsdonuts

#14 France House Of Crepes

France House Of Crepes brings the taste of classic France to the valley of Moreno. Everything on their menu is specially designed by their french chef to perfection.

They have amazing crepes as desserts and a perfectly bittersweet balanced coffee. They are considered a hidden gem of the area.

The restaurant has currently regulated Covid safety measures. But they are still serving delicious meals along with their coffee and crepes.

Coffee Shop Details: 

#15 Black Bear Diner Moreno Valley

If you need the perfect meal to fill you up or are simply looking for a tasty dessert, Black Bear Diner is your place.

They are a down-home chain serving all-day American comfort food & desserts in a woodsy setting.

They have a good ambiance, pleasant staff members and their food is good that comes with a reasonable price. And most importantly their coffee is popular among their regular customers.

Coffee Shop Details: 

#16 Better-Be Donuts Cafe

I don’t want to exaggerate but this may be the greatest donut shop in the world and they have the best-iced coffee I have ever had, this is how James Hulce one of Better Be donuts Cafe’s regular customers described the cafe.

The cafe provides freshly made donuts and coffee and they have very nice staff members who make sure you get quick and comfortable service at the cafe. Their donuts and coffee drinks are a staple for their regular customers and both of the items go together very well.

Coffee Shop Details: 

  • Location: 25960 Iris Ave c7, Moreno Valley, CA 92551
  • Phone: 951-992-1134

#17 Mr. Blue Donuts

Mr. Blue Donuts has Good and fast service. Their donuts are good and fresh. They also serve hot sandwiches and a variety of drinks.

The staffs are truly friendly and polite. The atmosphere is friendly and warm. So, when you are walking into Mr. Blue Donuts you will not only find good food but also a comfortable environment around you to sit and enjoy your donut and freshly made coffee. 

Coffee Shop Details: 

  • Location: 24905 Sunnymead Boulevard # A, Moreno Valley, CA 92553
  • Phone: 951-485-6688
  • Website: Mr. Blue Donuts

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#18 Farmer Boys

Farmer Boys is a counter-serve chain for made-to-order burgers & breakfast items, many made with local ingredients.

Farmer Boys has been serving award-winning burgers, made-from-scratch breakfast served all day, hand-chopped salads, and specialty sandwiches for more than 35 years now.

They have good coffee that comes with a better service. And they emphasize the freshness of their food. Their expansive menu of dishes is all prepared with quality ingredients that are locally sourced whenever possible.

Coffee Shop Details: 

#19 Cafe Gossip

Melissa Lopez, who has been going to Cafe Gossip with her family for years now, says the customer service there is really good and their food is fresh and always on point.

They have quite a few quick meal options like their rice bowl which is really helpful to the customers who go there for a quick lunch between work. And to finish off their delicious meal they also offer coffee drinks. 

Coffee Shop Details: 

  • Location: 26150 Iris Ave, Moreno Valley, CA 92555
  • Phone: 951-486-3888
  • Website: Cafe Gossip

#20 Brandon’s Diner

Brandon’s Diner is a family-owned classic American diner that offers a mix of American & Mexican classics, plus another American diner staple, all-day breakfast.

Armando Benitez, the owner of Brandon’s Diner opened his first-ever restaurant with the help of his wife and four children, in 1997. Now, he has eight restaurant locations because of his loyal customers.

Brandon’s Diner aims to serve fresh food and good coffee with its amazing customer service. According to their regular customers, they serve in big proportions so you can get full without draining your wallet.

Coffee Shop Details: 

Final Thoughts

Coffee shops are not only a place to get a hot cup of happiness from but also a place you can relax, hang out with your friends or just spend a lazy evening with your favorite book.

So, finding a good coffee place is really like finding a place of your own. And this is why good coffee shops are a staple of a city.

I hope I could help you find yours in Moreno Valley, and if you already have one, what’s the harm in trying a new one?

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