Top 17 Best Coffee Shops In Menifee, California (CA) State [2022]

Our lives have become monotonous and full of boring events. The entire day we have to face countless hurdles. Managing all these things can be tough. At times you will feel unhappy and tired. But with a single cup of coffee, your mood can change.

When you take a sip of good coffee, you will feel energized and refreshed. That’s why I have selected the 17 best reputable coffee shops in Menifee, California. Take a break from work and relax with a cup of coffee at one of these fantastic coffee shops.


Best Coffee Shops In Menifee California

#1 The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

If you live in the Menifee region of California then The Coffee Bean & Tea leaf is a definite place to go.

They are open every day of the week. Start your day wonderfully or relax at the end of a tiring day enjoying delicious coffee at their shop. They offer a diverse selection of coffees, ranging from whole beans to ground beans. They also have a plethora of flavors up their sleeves.

You can choose a dark, strong cup of coffee if you want something powerful. Otherwise, you can go for the smooth and light type. Their lightened vanilla latte is something you should definitely try if you visit their shop.

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#2 Panera Bread

Panera Bread caters to your needs. They will always make you the coffee you desire. The staff is friendly and they will make you feel at home. In Panera bread, they handpick the best ingredients to make your cup of coffee.

They practice cleanliness and utmost professionalism so that there is no room for complaining. They serve several unique coffee varieties that you won’t find in your typical cafe. Their hazelnut and decaffeinated coffees will send your taste buds on a wild voyage.

The best thing is that all their coffee prices are quite affordable. 

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#3 Froyo Heavenly Cafe

Are you thinking about going on a healthy diet? then Froyo Heavenly Cafe is the place for you. Along with the classical coffees, they also have different sugar-free flavors.

The staff in Froyo Heavenly Cafe are incredibly welcoming. When you visit their coffee shop, you will feel like part of the family.

The place is clean and comfy. You won’t have to wait long for your favorite cup of coffee because the service is quick. This place is truly heavenly just as the name suggests. 

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Address: 27701 Scott Rd Ste 302 Menifee, CA 92584
  • Phone: (951) 301-9944
  • Facebook: @froyoheavenlycafe

#4 Peet’s Coffee & Tea

Peet’s Coffee & Tea has grown from a modest cafe run by one man to one of the top spots in Menifee since its establishment in 1966.

They consistently go above and above when it comes to serving coffee to their customers. They contact the local farmers every day to get the most authentic and fresh ingredients for their coffee. They also roast their own coffee beans.

This brings a unique texture to the final cup of coffee. Blended coffee and iced espresso are two of their favorite coffees you should try.

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#5 Sweet Daze Donut & Boba

It’s difficult to find the right cup of coffee according to your preference. Sometimes the cafe will add too much sugar or cream to ruin the taste of the coffee. But this doesn’t happen in Sweet Daze Donut & Boba.

Customer satisfaction is always their number one priority. That’s why they will always add the right amount of ingredients so that you are satisfied. Their coffee smoothie is a rare treat. So what are you waiting for? Check out this cute coffee shop in Menifee, California. 

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#6 Dunkin’

Who doesn’t love offers? When we see a discount on coffees, it automatically brings a smile to our faces. At Dunkin’, you can get some of the best offers. You can earn 5 points for every dollar you spend on their cafe. With 200 points, you can get a free cup of coffee of your choice.

How amazing is that! You may be wondering if the taste of the coffee is going to be good. Well, you can see for yourself. Their iced coffee is amazing. You can top it off with cream and sugar to take it to the next level. 

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Address: 26905 Newport Rd Ste 100 Menifee, CA 92584
  • Phone: (951) 723-8123
  • Website: Dunkin’
  • Facebook: @DunkinDonuts

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#7 Breakfast Club Of Menifee

Are you craving some latte? Breakfast Club of Menifee has some of the best lattes in town. They artfully craft every cup of coffee. They use freshly ground coffees which enhances the flavor.

Furthermore, the visuals of each cup of coffee are stunning. You will get mesmerized just by looking at the coffee. The place is also incredible. They have both indoor and outdoor settings.

The interior decorations are lovely, and the grounds are immaculate. The breakfast club of Menifee can be a bit too packed at times but it’s totally worth it when you taste their coffee. 

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#8 Sharetea

Sharetea started its journey in 1992. They have spent about 30 years perfecting the art of preparing the perfect cup of coffee and tea. They export each ingredient directly from Taiwan. Each ingredient is collected in the right season to maximize the taste of the coffee.

They always maintain consistency and quality in each cup of coffee they make. They even have charts for ice and sweetness levels. They can add a plethora of toppings as well including pearl, mini pearl, and jelly. 

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#9 Joyful Noise Coffee

Joyful Noise Coffee has one of the best atmospheres you can get in a coffee shop. They are a family-friendly establishment with a dedicated and hardworking team. Their coffees are delicious, and they use incredible visuals to adorn each cup.

They have a fabulous collection of coffees including blended coffees, espressos, Lattes, and Mochas. Their white chocolate and Caramel mocha are a must to try if you visit their shop.

What better place to go if you’re searching for a pleasant coffee experience than the Joyful Noise coffee shop?

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#10 Tribe And Trail Coffee

Just by seeing the name, you can get an idea of how vintage Tribe And Trial Coffee shops are. They started their journey in 2019 as a mobile espresso bar. Within a few years, they have become incredibly popular with the local people of Menifee.

Their interior design is remarkable, with a touch of elegance. The wooden surface along with the bars will make you crave some coffee right away. 

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#11 Better Buzz Coffee

Consistency is the main priority in Better Buzz Coffee shop. They leave no stones unturned to serve you the best quality coffee imaginable. All of their coffees are gourmet made with fresh ingredients. Each coffee has its own distinct taste.

The customer service of Better Buzz coffee is amazing. They will serve you your desired cup of coffee very quickly. Along with the classical coffees, they also have unique varieties including the night sky and the Italian dark roast coffee. 

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#12 Miguel’s Homestyle Mexican Food

Miguel’s Homestyle Mexican Food is the place to go if you’re searching for some Mexican-style coffee. You will be able to recognize the outstanding brewing style of Mexicans when you drink their coffee.

Miguel’s homestyle Mexican food has been serving food and coffees since 1975. Therefore they have tons of experience. So come with your family and friends to this coffee shop and have a good time.

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#13 Krispy Kreme

You might’ve already heard the name of Krispy Kreme. They are a famous coffee shop that has branches all over the USA. Their Menifee branch is one of their most outstanding ones that serve quality coffee. They have a plethora of gourmet coffee types including lattes and espressos.

You can add several toppings according to your preferences. They also serve various flavored donuts and frozen drinks. Once you’ve visited their shop you won’t be able to stop coming to it again and again.

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#14 Yojo Coffee & Frozen Yogurt

Milk is an essential part of coffee. While some people prefer their coffee raw, adding milk elevates the flavor to a new level.

In Yojo Coffee & Frozen Yogurt, they use their own unique Gippsland Milk for preparing their coffee and yogurt. This gives the coffee richness and freshness.

When you take a sip of their coffee, you’ll explore the numerous layers that it has to it. If you live in the Menifee region then don’t miss out on it. 

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#15 Yellow Basket

To thrive in the coffee shop business, you need to be fast and that’s exactly what Yellow Basket has done. In comparison to other coffee shops, they serve coffee at a breakneck speed.

They take pride in satisfying their customers with phenomenal service and quality coffee. They focus on giving the customers an experience that they will never forget. Along with normal coffee, they also serve some delicious shakes and drinks.

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#16 Jack In the Box

A delicious warm cup of coffee might be desired at any moment of the day. Let’s say it’s 12 a.m. and you’re craving a cup of coffee. What will you do? Jack In the Box is there to help you in this kind of situation. They are open 24 hours a day.

So whenever you are feeling like having a cup of coffee, you can drive or walk to Jack in the Box. They will make your coffee just the way you like it. Also, they are fast and all of their coffees taste phenomenal. 

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#17 In-N-Out Burger

You might be wondering what’s In-N-Out Burger doing in a list of coffee shops. Well, their main focus might be burgers but they serve some killer coffees as well.

They don’t store coffee beans or any other ingredients in the freezer or microwave. They only use fresh products for each day. That’s why their coffees taste fresh. They believe in quality over quantity.

All of their coffees have the right amount of sweetness and texture. Each cup of coffee is velvety and packed with different flavors. Your mouth buds will go wild when you take a sip. 

Coffee Shop Information:

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Over To You

Coffee may appear to be an easy beverage to prepare, but it is actually a work of art. To brew the ideal cup of coffee, you must use exactly the proper amount of each ingredient. The products have to be fresh.

The place has to be clean. Most importantly, you need to have the passion and time to mix it to perfection. All of this contributes to a delicious cup of coffee. That’s why only a few coffee shops have mastered the technique of brewing coffee.

I have handpicked the top 17 famous coffee shops in Menifee that have achieved the feat. Take some time off and explore these shops for a great experience.

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