Top 22 Best Coffee Shops In Long Beach, California (CA) State [2022]

There are many things to consider if you are looking for a coffee shop in Long Beach, CA. As Long Beach is a large city, you need some extra bits of help to find your brewers from the perfect coffee shop.

I eliminated all the distributors and after dozens of research, I found the top 22 reputable coffee shops in Long Beach, California that can provide you with the best coffee. I considered the shop’s quality, reputation, price, and services they offer.

#1 Sheldrake Coffee Roasting

Sheldrake Coffee Roasting is the perfect coffee shop of your choice situated in Long Beach CA. Mike Sheldrake has selected the finest, top-grade arabica coffee beans from around the world since 1976.

The specialty of this shop is that they roast the beans in the house so you can see their setup for real. Some say it looks like a mini-museum where you can relax and enjoy their fresh coffee.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Phone: (562) 433-2996
  • Address: 4606 E. Second St., Long Beach, CA 90803
  • Owner: Mike Sheldrake
  • Website: Sheldrake Coffee Roasting

#2 Scary Good Coffee

Nancy & Shannon, two of the shining business women, are brewing fresh and complex coffee at their Scary Good Coffee shop. It is located in Long Beach, California. You will taste what distinguishes them in just one sip.

They not only roast and serve coffee but also inspire women of all communities to come forward and fulfill dreams. People love their unique coffee tastes and you should try them too.

Coffee Shop Details:

#3 Black Ring Coffee Roaster

Without a doubt, Black Ring is the best coffee shop in North Long Beach. What makes them special is they roast their own beans in-house and the quality is excellent.

It is a little coffee shop where the baristas will give you a friendly vibe. You can peacefully enjoy your flavorful coffee and start your morning with great positivity.

Coffee Shop Details:

#4 Wood Coffee Co.

If you want to add a brand new coffee shop to your bucket then give it a try to Wood Coffee Co. at Long Beach, California. Nolan is always there to serve you with a variety of coffees that taste superb guaranteed.

You can enjoy their vanilla latte with chocolate donuts which is an amazing combination recommended by one of their consumers. If you are a vegetarian then try out their oat milk cappuccino too. 

Coffee Shop Details:

#5 Tierra Mia Coffee.

Tierra Mia Coffee is a cozy coffee shop in Long Beach that not only serves delicious coffee but also exhibits artistic decor. If you need a sugar boost on top of your caffeine buzz, they also have amazing sandwiches.

They have such a magical environment that will make you go again and again to sip on a cup of coffee.

Coffee Shop Details:

#6 Wolf’s Brew

Wolf’s Brew is more than just a collection of the beautifully curated coffee shop and a plant boutique. It is an authentic, welcoming hub for the neighborhoods it serves in Long Beach, CA.

This place belongs to two brothers, Bryer and Jay who are always ready to serve you their best coffee. Most people come here and enjoy their favorite drinks and soothe their eyes with the beauty of this well-decorated shop.

Coffee Shop Details:

#7 BLK dot Coffee

BLK dot Coffee is known across Long Beach for creating beautiful experiences. Whether it’s in their specialized coffee or at their snacks, there is a sense of care in everything they do.

Moreover, they use bamboo straws, which are more durable than paper and more environmentally friendly than plastic. Most of their consumers are fond of their Vietnamese coffee.

The store itself is modern but friendly, fostering a true sense of unity around a fantastic cup of coffee.

Coffee Shop Details:

#8 Daily Perks

Daily Perks is another must-visit coffee shop in Long Beach, CA. If you’re looking for high-quality coffee, Daily Perks is a terrific location to go.

They ensure that the coffee is of great quality and that the components are all-natural. They also offer you a delicious breakfast with a fresh cup of coffee. If you are in need of a cozy place do visit this coffee shop at least once.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Phone: (562) 439-7979
  • Address: 4406 E7th St (12,948.84 km) 90804 Long Beach, CA, US
  • Facebook: Daily Perks

#9 The Merchant

The Merchant is yet another excellent coffee shop in Long Beach. The creative couple, Mike and Andrea are dedicated to producing high-quality coffee and pastries. While creating a lively atmosphere.

They accomplish this by providing courteous customer service. Furthermore, they focus heavily on producing exceptionally fresh coffee. You’ll discover a wide range of coffee kinds here.

Coffee Shop Details:

#10 The Library: A Coffee House

If you enjoy reading books along with a cup of coffee then The Library coffee shop is a perfect place for you to relax.

Freshly roasted whole bean coffees from around the world are available in their coffee collection. If you want a quick bite then you can try their bacon egg & cheese croissant. I bet you will fall in love with their yummy coffee and food once you try them.

Coffee Shop Details:

#11 Wide Eyes Open Palm

Wide Eyes Open Palm is a specialty coffee and seasonal food cafe located at 416 Cherry Avenue in Long Beach, California.

They are known to be “multi-roaster shops” as they collect coffee seeds from renowned roasters just for you. Their cups, napkins, plates, to-go containers, and utensils are all compostable eco-products.

People say every single cup of coffee and food they prepare is outstanding. And they serve the best cardamom latte that will top your list if you try once.

Coffee Shop Details:

#12 The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is a cozy place in Long Beach, CA where you can choose to sit inside or outside and enjoy your drink. Throughout the day, a huge assortment of lattes and other coffee beverages keep the numerous customers typing away on their laptops fed.

Whether you choose their white chocolate frappe or black coffee I bet you will never be disappointed.

Coffee Shop Details:

#13 Hot Java

Hot Java is a little but amazing coffee shop worth visiting. It uses quality roasted beans in its cold brew, batch brews, and latte lineups. If you are a sweet tooth then you can enjoy their pastries as well.

The best feature of this shop is that they keep avocado toast and a special breakfast menu on weekends 8 to 12. 

Coffee Shop Details:

#14 Ground Hideout

Bonilla family of Long Beach, California serve specialty coffee roasted fresh every week at their Ground Hideout cafe. Specialty beverages are also available, which change with the seasons.

They have organic teas, traditional matcha, masala chai, and more for you. Moreover, you can have their pastries and vegan + gluten-free food as well.

Coffee Shop Details:

#15 Confidential Coffee

Come to Confidential Coffee if you’re looking for a place to have a cup of coffee and have an unforgettable experience. This place is owned by a woman-owned, and whenever you walk in you will be immediately welcomed as family.

People love their lattes, especially the Cajeta latte or the Champurrado latte. They provide a range of grab-and-go alternatives, including tasty pastries, vegan doughnuts, tiny breakfast sandwiches, bagel sandwiches.

Coffee Shop Details:

#16 Steelhead Coffee

If you enjoy high-quality coffee, then Steelhead Coffee is a great place to visit. It has a really nice seating area where you can chill with your friends.

There is no bitterness, yet the flavor of coffee is rich and powerful. Don’t get puzzled by their menu because whichever coffee you choose will taste delicious. 

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Phone: 5625887200
  • Address: 3350 E Broadway Long Beach, California 90803
  • Website: Steelhead Coffee

#17 Portfolio Coffeehouse

Portfolio Coffeehouse is known for its gorgeous rustic yet modern design, great coffee, and handcrafted breakfast and pastry dishes around Long Beach.

It quickly becomes a gathering spot for individuals wishing to have a much-needed chat, or simply enjoy a cup of coffee in a lovely environment. They allow musical artists to perform live for you on Friday and Saturday night as well.

Coffee Shop Details:

#18 Local Grind Coffee 

Local Grind Coffee is an awesome local coffee shop with excellent pastries and the nicest coffee in Long Beach. Inside, the atmosphere is both warm and inviting, as well as spotless.

They provide USDA Organic, Fair Trade, Signature Blend coffee from Locals Only. Their signature blend is a well-balanced, clean, and smooth medium roast. It has a flowery scent with chocolate undertones that is strong and composed.

Coffee Shop Details:

#19 Caffe Luxxe

Since 2006, Mark Wain and Gary Chau have teamed up to serve you the best quality coffee at Caffe Luxxe shop. You will often find them behind the bar making drinks alongside their team of a professional baristas.

Some think that they charge a bit extra. But if you want the best out of them then a little extra charge won’t bother you much. If seasonal specials are your thing, have no fear, because they’ve got those covered too. 

Coffee Shop Details:

#20 Portola Coffee Roasters

Portola Coffee Roasters is independently owned and run in Long Beach, California. It recognizes that a good cup of coffee can be enhanced by experience and design. For that, they go to different lands to bring the best coffee seeds for you.

They have a bunch of choices for you but if you want black cold brew coffee then you can try their Kyoto cold brew once. 

Coffee Shop Details:

#21 Coffee Drunk

Coffee Drunk offers a great selection of drip and espresso-based drinks in Long Beach, California. It will give you a boutique experience centered on community and rooted in a passion for outstanding coffee.

They aim to create a memorable experience for you so that you will end up asking for one more shot. Most of their valued customers feel that their oat vanilla latte is one of the best drinks they create.

Coffee Shop Details:

#22 Coffee Parlor

Coffee has always been a component of early morning culture and keeping that in mind Coffee Parlor brings a variety of coffee to brighten up your day. Although the business is small, it does have a huge outside dining space that is shared with other cafés in the same strip mall.

People often suggest this shop for hangouts or simply some peaceful time with a book and a cup of coffee. Some people love their avocado toast along with the espresso. So, hurry up and give them a try. 

Coffee Shop Details:

Over To You

Coffee shops are mostly available in Long Beach, California and if you are truly willing to try the best ones then you can definitely go through my list keeping all your doubts aside. I did well-organized research just to ease your process of finding a quality coffee brewing shop.

I believe the best 22 reliable coffee shops mentioned in our list will save your time and help you to make a quick decision. If you know any other shops near your area that I may have not mentioned do let me know in the comment section. I will love to feature them.

Yet I highly recommend checking the credibility of my list and then making a purchase of your choice.

Which Coffee shop attracts you most from Long Beach, CA? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section which is always yours.

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