Top 15 Best Coffee Shops In Lancaster, California (CA) State [2022]

You and I all love to have a cup of coffee before we start our hectic day or even in the middle of the day. But where can you get the best coffee in the city of Lancaster, California?

No need to worry. We make the task easy for you by creating a list of a bunch of coffee shops where you can get mouth-watering coffee.


Coffee Shops In Lancaster California

#1 Liquid Bean Coffee House

If you live near Lancaster, you have already heard about this place by now. A quick jump off the 14 onto Avenue K, and you’re already there to the best coffee house in town Liquid Bean Coffee House. It’s a  drive-through, takeaway, delivery coffee shop.

Their wait isn’t usually too long, and the servers/cashiers are super friendly even in the morning. You will love the environment too. Their cream frappe Vietnamese coffee, Iced coffee,café latte with hazelnut latte are some of their best sellers.

They also serve breakfast sandwiches, protein shakes, smoothies too. If you need an extra boost for you to go about your day, then you should try this coffee house at a reasonable price.

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#2 It’s A Grind Coffee House

It’s a grind coffee house that is really popular among the locals in Lancaster. If you are craving some amazing coffee and also want to relax for a bit, then it’s the best place for you. Their coffees are on point even the staff are super friendly.

They Not only serve great coffee, but they also have fruit smoothies. So what do you think if you are in this area?

It’s a grind coffee house and an excellent place to grab a quick drink since it isn’t ever busy. Though they are a little more expensive than the average coffee shop, it’s worth it.

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#3 Farley’s Gelato & Coffee Roasting

If you’re looking for some coffee in a friendly environment and want to have some quality time with your kids, gelato is the place for you. The coffee quality is a great and very clean place. The gelato is the perfect blend of sweet and creamy, and it is always fresh.

The espresso is rich and strong as well. The owner actually spent time in Italy learning from the greats, and you can see it by yourself. It has amazing fresh roasted coffee beans. They’re rich and flavorful, especially the Tanzanian Peaberry.

The gelato flavors are unique, and the coffee menu is pretty large. He has tea, smoothies, frozen drinks, etc., as well. Quite the variety. If you are in A.V., and even if you are not, check this place out! 

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#4 Scramblez Cafe

Scramblez Cafe is another local favorite. They have a great breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu, a friendly bunch of waiters, hosts, and waitresses. For those that like to relax at the end of the day, you can get your favorite adult beverage and watch little sports.

They will make your food off-menu if they have the ingredients. The personnel is quite kind, and the service is excellent. The atmosphere is that of a typical diner. Family-friendly and reasonably priced. Great neighbourhood restaurant with tight seating.

If your group is five or larger, they will not seat you until the entire party has arrived, so you may want to plan accordingly. Other than that, everything is perfect. If you lived in Lancaster, Scramblez would probably be your go-to.

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#5 Dunkin’

Who doesn’t love Dunkin’ right?? So if you are around the Lancaster area, you need to go there. It’s in a very convenient location, very clean, they offer large parking with pastries and delicious coffee. The service is always friendly and with a smile.

The coffee selection is perfect, with no fancy complicated menu options. Their oat milk lattes are really popular. And the donuts are also fresh. One single con about this place is that you have to wait for a long time for your coffee.

Other than that, no complaints. The line doesn’t matter when you can taste the best coffee, right? So wait no more, grab your seat belt and drive to Dunkin to have the best experience.

Business details:

  • Address: 43615 10th St W Suite 101, Lancaster, California, USA
  • Website link: Dunkin Donuts
  • Facebook link: Dunkin Lancaster
  • Phone number: +16617260073

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#6 TeaBox Cafe

If you love good milk tea with boba, the TeaBox Cafe is the place for you. The drinks are delicious, and they look so pretty. It’s the best boba place in the AV! The place is nice and clean, they are following the covid-19 measures of prevention, and they have many options to enjoy!

The tea box milk tea and the Thai milk tea with boba are some favorites. Also, in the summer, the strawberry lemonade with strawberry boba sells a lot because it’s very refreshing.

Though this place is really popular for its boba tea, if you are looking to get the pho, I would not recommend this, but for boba, it’s the best.

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#7 Starbucks

Everything is perfect at Starbucks. You and I, we all know it. But unfortunately, This location is very unorganized with who does what behind the counter. Going inside to order is probably going to take way longer than waiting in a ten-car line.

Nobody inside pays any attention to counter orders. They will all see who’s waiting there and only focus on drive-thru orders. Some may say Starbucks is overrated, but to each, it differs.

If you use your mobile app to order ahead of time, then your coffee is usually getting ready before you arrive. Other than that, it’s a great place for coffee and to meet your clients. Always a great atmosphere.

So if you are craving a chill, relaxed spot, then Starbucks can be your go-to place.

Business details:

  • Address: 1845 W Ave I, Lancaster, CA 93534, United States
  • Website link: Starbucks
  • Facebook link: Starbucks
  • Phone number: +16617235708


#8 Phebies Cafe

If you want to have coffee outside but still want that comfort of home, then Phebies Cafe is the place for you. This place has rocking breakfast, and it’s an old-school kinda diner with great coffee and friendly service. Not many of these places are left.

Also, their waitress is super friendly. So what are you waiting for? Go and visit this place. Don’t let the outside influence your decision to stop by. This place is truly a hidden gem in the AV. Must try!!

Business details:

  • Address: 235 W Ave K, Lancaster, California, USA
  • Website link: PhebIes Cafe
  • Facebook link: Cafe Phebies
  • Phone number: +16619423220


#9 Panera Bread

You’ve gotta stop here for coffee and a treat! They do prefer ‘cash sales’, but do accept a card; note at the register. You can even pick up a cute little gift (or larger gift, if you like the artwork on the walls) and a card! Seating inside and out. This place has always had healthy options for food.

For small portions, they do have such a strong flavor. Their beverages are refreshing and you can tell their water filters are working since the water itself is delicious. The place is extremely welcoming and the workers are kind.

Though they are a little bit pricy so you have to keep that in mind. other than that Good & friendly service. Quick. Oh, and the food is so good. So if you are in the area go try it out.

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#10 Sagebrush Cafe

Sagebrush Cafe is an amazing little gem in the AV! Absolutely the best customer service. The drinks are great as well as their pastries. They also have a scenic outside seating area as well. It’s a great place to sketch, read, or meet friends! Their  americano is super popular among people

Also, their rose milk tea is fantastic as well as their seasonal honey vanilla latte. There’s a nice little garden space to sit in when the weather is fair. The staff is super chill and friendly too.

Stopped by for a beverage to support local business.

Business details:

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#11 Dutch Bros Coffee

To all the Karens out there, you clearly don’t know what this place is about, it’s not your average coffee shop. It’s something new, something different.

If you want something strong, get the cold brews or the rebels, if you want something that tastes good, literally everything else is delicious too. It’s a bunch of excited and hyped-up younger folks who seem really stoked to be working here.

Loved the energy, the service, and the drinks. If you’re an old, crotchety Karen you may not like the vibes-but I thought it was great! Their frozen golden eagle is the best coffee,10/10.

The drink is really good, love their enthusiasm. Cocomo is yummy too. Stop by and have a cup if you are in town.

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#12 Boba Cove & Cafe

This place is fantastic. Not bad for their boba and drink prices, a little pricey in regards to their food, but it’s good quality stuff. Small clean dining area, friendly staff. Good vibe; the young team is running the shop.

Lots of different flavors on boba and smoothies, The calamari is fantastic, cooked correctly and perfectly tender, not chewie like most places. Their popcorn chicken is delicious, and sweet potato fries are the right amount of seasoning and crunch.

The boba cove is one of the best places in the AV to get boba. You would love this place. Their menu offers a good amount of items to boot. Definitely, after the first try, you will be back for a second time.

Business details:

  • Address: 44445 Valley Central Way, Lancaster, CA 93536, United States
  • Website link: Boba Cove & Cafe
  • Facebook link: Boba Cove Cafe
  • Phone number: +16619452929


#13 Winchell’s Donuts

Another wonder in Lancaster is Winchell’s donuts. They had a bagel sandwich to die for. Turkey avocado. Donuts, coffee, and the fresh-squeezed orange juice are all good.

Winchell’s provides a broad variety of donuts, cinnamon rolls, muffins, bagels, croissants, and sandwiches, as well as more than 70 kinds of Warm ‘n fresh doughnuts and bakery goods.

A wide variety of beverages are available, including carefully blended coffee prepared from the best quality dark roasted Arabica beans. Cappuccinos, both hot and cold, milk, tea, soda, and fresh.

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#14 The Modern Tea Room

You will absolutely love Modern Tea. The main reason is that they offer vegan options. The majority of restaurants up here in the AV only cater to meat-eaters. And it’s tiring and sad. So many people who live up here are vegan or plant-based.

On top of the fresh food, the service is consistently friendly. The environment is really chill and everyone here is nice and professional. The cost is nothing to shake a stick at, but still, the good is absolutely delicious the best thing to get for you by far is the mango milk tea.

Please go here, you’ll love it. This place can get busy but it’s worth the wait.  Everything on the menu and drink is outstanding!

Business details:


#15 AM Cafe

This can be your go-to spot for breakfast and lunch. Absolutely the best service in town. Absolutely the best prices for what you get. You may be able to get more food someplace else but the quality here is fantastic. Food is fresh and generous portions.

The staff was welcoming and attentive. The low-key atmosphere and comfortable. The service is so fast and the workers were so very sweet. Portions are on the smaller side. They have a million options for French toast, pancakes, and crepes. All of which you will love! Clean and tidy!

As you drive by the AM Cafe, unless you know it’s there, you won’t see it.  In the parking lot, you might wonder why in the world you came here.

However, upon entering you find a beautiful interior and smiling faces to seat you. So wait no more and go visit this place.

Business details:

  • Address: 44205 10th St W Lancaster, CA 93534
  • Facebook link: Am Cafe av
  • Phone number: (661) 942-9400


Over To You

So these 15 cafes we believe are the best in Lancaster. What do you think? Do you agree with us, or do you have any suggestions, do let us know. We would love to see what you guys think.

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