Top 15 Best Coffee Shops In Irvine, California (CA) State [2022]

Irvine, California is home to many best coffee shops, both big and small. All of these coffee shops offer a wide variety of coffee drinks and food options. They also offer a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for people to work or relax in.

I know you want to know, which ones are the best cafes in this nice Orange Country city? Keep reading. I came up with a list of the top 15 reputable coffee places in Irvine, California state, for you to enjoy.

These cute coffee shops have their own unique facilities. With nice decor for peace of mind and  great menu items to offer your best choices. give it a read and enjoy the aromas of many types of coffee beans.

Coffee Shops In Irvine, California (CA) State

#1 The Lost Bean

Good coffee shops are rare. But there is one place in town where you just might find the perfect cup of Joe – and that’s The Lost Bean! Over the years, this neighborhood cafe has developed quite a reputation for its delicious food, healthy menu options and wide selection of exotic teas.

It seems like everyone in these parts has their favorite drink at The Lost Bean, from Pumpkin Pie Latte to Candy Pecan Latte, iced mocha to blended almond milk latte.

Not only does the shop’s friendly atmosphere make customers feel at home, but it also makes it a great place for people to meet and socialize with friends.

Anyone who has tried Lost Bean’s desserts or sandwiches can attest that they are gooey, creamy and mouthwatering – practically straight out of a foodie magazine!

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 4632 Barranca Pkwy Irvine, CA 92604
  • Website: The Lost Bean
  • Number: 949 333 2241

#2 Wall Writers Coffee

Are you looking for some best coffee shops to study in Irvine? Here is one. Wall Writers Coffee‘s customer service is pleasant. Their coffee drinks are excellent, and the space are ample!

There is plenty of parking. Decorations that are both cozy and trendy. The space itself is enormous, with high ceilings that give it a light and airy sense as you work. This Irvine coffee spot is tough to find because it is tucked away in a large business complex.

The baristas are quite friendly. For outdoor dining lovers, they have a large patio area with plenty of seating. As well as a tastefully decorated interiors with great things. You’ll love the outdoor seating includes SWINGS! Bench swings where you can sit and talk while sipping your coffee. And it’s a very large space.

The ambiance is lovely, modern but welcoming. And the owner and his staff are fantastic!!!! As I said before, it’s a great place to work/study or simply spend a nice morning relaxing on their patio swings with good coffee and conversation. On of the best coffee in Irvine, CA.

Coffee Shop Details:

#3 Coffee Dose

The Anti Club would like to welcome you. they’re Coffee Dose, a Costa Mesa/LA coffee business known for pushing the envelope.

With great customer service they offers therapeutic lattes, cold brew coffee, cheeky souvenirs, and vegan + keto-friendly snacks. Most of these healthy foods are prepared with only the finest and natural ingredients. A good spot for coffee aficionados.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 7 Corporate Park Irvine, CA 92606
  • Website: Coffee Dose
  • Number: 949 994 1292

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#4 Milk & Honey

The Milk & Honey store is fairly small on the inside; it’s more of an “Order & Go” type of eatery. However, there are two tables out front if you’re lucky enough to get them. There is presently no seating available inside.

The cafe is in close proximity to the Irvine Spectrum. It’s in Spectrum Court, a business plaza between two big buildings. The cafe is right in the middle, so you shouldn’t have any trouble locating it.

During the day, parking may be congested because employees from nearby buildings park there, but there are still plenty of spaces (open and free lot.)

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Number: 949 336 4713
  • Address: 15625 Alton Pkwy Irvine, CA 92618        

#5 KRISP Fresh Living

To be honest, I like the delicious foods they offer in KRISP Fresh Living. 

You’ll love their quality coffee, tea, pastries, and a selection of fresh made-to-order items – superfood bowls, smoothies, and avocado toasts. You’ll love their handy grab-and-go alternatives i.e. their croissant sandwiches and salads. KRISP Fresh Living aims to offer a fresh lifestyle to Orange County.

Their baristas are trained to use specialty roasted coffee and to make each cup with care and accuracy, maintaining quality control every time.

For those in a hurry, grab-and-go items are also available and are prepared every morning.

They source specialty coffee from a local master roaster in Buena Park, in northwestern Orange County, and are passionate about quality coffee and sophisticated barista-style cocktails.

The most discriminating tea consumers will be soothed by their Premium Tea Collections. When choosing your beverage, keep in mind that freshly squeezed Valencia orange juice is a great way to start your day.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 2272 Michelson Dr Ste 100 Irvine, CA 92612
  • Website: KRISP Fresh Living
  • Number: (949) 536-5735

#6 The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

When you visit The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at 5653 Alton Pkwy, you will be able to enjoy the highest-quality coffee and tea. From The Original Ice Blended beverages to delectably flavored latte and espresso drinks, we have all of your favorites.

Before going to Irvine Spectrum, grab an Americano, or after visiting Balloon Park, try a seasonal treat like the Midnight Mocha Cookies & Cream Ice Blended drinks.

They are committed to sourcing the best ingredients by selecting only the top one percent of Arabica beans and top hand-plucked whole tea leaves at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

Their coffee is freshly roasted in small batches every day, and their teas are hand-blended by their tea master. That make me to keep them listed as one of the best iced coffee in Irvine, CA.

Their philosophy of influencing lives from seed to cup pervades everything they do. Since the beginning, they’ve been committed to doing the right thing by their farmers and advocating for coffee growers and exporters by paying fair, sustainable prices that contribute to their success.

Coffee Shop Details:

#7 Sootha Coffee

The Sootha Coffee shop in Northwood, Irvine, serves brewed and espresso coffee made from 100% organic coffee beans that are freshly roasted on-site. A place to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee.

You might wonder to know why I placed this one in my list of the best coffee shops in Irvine CA? I got you.

This is a specialty coffee shop that is privately owned and operated, serving certified organically grown locally roasted coffee. You should test their one cup coffee and other fine beverages. They offer some healthy food options along with regular menu items include pastries and sandwiches.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: Northwood Town Center 4840 Irvine Blvd Ste 111, Irvine, CA 92620
  • Facebook: Sootha Coffee
  • Number: 714 665 9900

#8 Tonic Coffee Bar

For people who always like to discover Irvine coffee shops, this one is the right place! Tonic Coffee Bar is well-known for its excellent coffee shop. Other cuisines available include Coffee Houses and Cafeterias.

Along with Irvine, Tonic Coffee Bar in 92612 serves other nearby neighborhoods such as Harvard Square, Broadmoor Campus View, and Irvine Spectrum.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 19530 Jamboree Rd Irvine, CA 92612
  • Number: (949) 261-5222

#9 Lollicup 

Lollicup is located in Irvine’s Diamond Plaza, which is surrounded by excellent restaurants and cafes.

If you like “Boba” or Bubble Teas, this is the place to visit in Irvine. There are a variety of milk tea and lattes flavors available, ranging from almond to mango to black sesame, and you can then choose which “bobas” to add. Mini bobas, full-size boba, jellies, you name it, it’s available.

If you get hungry, and look for healthy foods, they also have a great selection of snacks in their menu items. They are also open late at night and have seating both inside and outside where you can hang out with your friends. Good drinks and a great atmosphere.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address:14805 Jeffrey Rd Ste A, Irvine, CA 92618
  • Website: Lollicup
  • Facebook: Lollicup
  • Number: 949 559 9436

#10 Starbucks

Hello latte art lovers! How can I skip Starbucks while listing all good cup of coffees?

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for something new to warm your mug, the best brew method for your favorite blend, or exploring our rarest offerings. The almond milk latte at Starbucks is famous in Orange county.

It takes a lot of hands to make the perfect cup of joe. From the farmers who tend to the red-ripe coffee cherries to the master roasters who coax the best out of every bean and the barista who serves it with care.

They are dedicated to the highest quality and service standards, embracing our heritage while innovating to create new experiences to savor.

Their goal is to be people-positive, investing in humanity and the well-being of everyone they come into contact with, from their partners to coffee farmers to customers in their stores and beyond.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 3825 Alton Pkwy, Irvine, CA 92606
  • Website: Starbucks
  • Number: (949) 476-1922

#11 Blk Dot Coffee 

Blk Dot Coffee serves premium coffees, teas, fine pastries, and gourmet sandwiches. They are also well-known for their VTM Vietnamese coffee. Caffeine has been supercharged.

Many coffee lovers in Orange county have just found their happy place with the coffee shop, Blk Dot Coffee. They offers good taste of coffee in variety. Single origin coffees are also available. Customers love their iced coffee and the Cali Chicken sandwich and couldn’t have been much happier!

I found many customers think the delicious sandwiches are mouth watering. They have very friendly baristas! And their outdoor seating and clean.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 924 Spectrum Center Dr Irvine, California 92618
  • Website: Blk Dot Coffee
  • Number: +19495859528

#12 Coffeebar Byul 

Coffeebar Byul is located on the northwest corner of Jamboree and Alton in the Diamond Jamboree Shopping Center. They have a variety of beverages and desserts/pastries. Their specialty is coffee, but they also serve manual-brewed tea and espresso for Orange county residents.

They also have a wide selection of desserts and pastries to satisfy your sweet tooth. Byul has an incredible atmosphere that you can only truly appreciate in person.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 2750 Alton Pkwy Ste 141, Irvine, CA 92606
  • Website: Coffeebar Byul
  • Number: 949 247-2491

#13 Kona Loa Coffee

Kris and Ki, the founders of Kona Loa Coffee, fell in love with Hawaii’s coffee, cuisine, and culture. They discovered that Kona produces the most desired and delicious coffee beans in the world. Their mission is to provide you with the same quality and taste.

The way coffee is made in Hawaii is what attracts coffee lovers from all over the world. The rich volcanic soil and humid climate suit the Kona coffee tree. Kona coffee, grown in these unique environments, has a distinct advantage over coffee beans grown in other countries. 

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 2750 Alton Pkwy, Irvine, CA 92606
  • Website: Kona Loa Coffee
  • Number: 949 861 2611

#14 Gloria Jeans

Since 1979, Gloria Jean’s coffee has been driven by a passion for great coffee.

Gloria Jean Kvetko opened the first store in Chicago, Illinois, and they have maintained their commitment to 600+ stores in 40 countries today.

They get their beans from their own farm. Create their own blends. They make their own roasts. That is how they keep their flavor’s well-known consistency and quality.

Whether you’re escaping the daily grind at one of their coffee shops or sipping their premium brews at home, they’re committed to providing you with world-class coffee with every cup.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 28 Executive Park Ste 200, Irvine, CA 92614
  • Website: Gloria Jeans
  • Number: (949) 260-1600

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#15 Seattle’s Best Coffee

From beans roasted in a peanut roaster to a wide range of smooth, delectable blends available across the country.

They began in the 1970s as Stewart Brothers Coffee, brewing surprisingly smooth coffee on Seattle’s Pier 70 using only a 12-pound peanut roaster.

They quickly outgrew our small roaster and relocated to Vashon Island, where they continued to roast and blend delicious coffee for stores throughout Seattle.

They entered a competition to name the “best cup of coffee in Seattle,” and when their notably smooth taste won them the coffee crown, they renamed themselves Seattle’s Best Coffee.

Coffee Shop Details:

Final Thoughts

You can’t go wrong by choosing from my list of the best 15 reliable coffee shops in Irvine, Orange county, California state, each with its own unique touch and design.

I hope you enjoy the options provided and have a fine experience with the cup of delight you’ve been desiring for a while.

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