Top 22 Best Coffee Shops In Inglewood, California (CA) State [2022]

Coffee shops are good places for socializing. Several coffee shops may be found around the country. It can be difficult to pick the right coffee shop to hang out with friends and family.

This article will provide you with recommendations for good coffee shops in Inglewood, California. Please continue reading to learn about the best coffee shops in your city.


Best Coffee Shops In Inglewood California

#1 Peet’s Coffee

Peet’s Coffee is a locally owned and operated coffee shop that provides a creative, productive, and relaxing environment. Peet’s Coffee provides coffee, tea, pastries, salads, and sandwiches in a beautiful outside area.

They have a lovely stage with a stained-glass background, where they host community events, open mics, live music, and comedy acts on a regular basis.

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Address: 4706 Lincoln Blvd Marina Del Rey Inglewood, CA 90292
  • Phone number: (310) 823-1335
  • Website Link: Peet’s Coffee
  • Facebook: Peet’s 

#2 Sip & Sonder

Sip & Sonder, located in the center of Downtown Inglewood, serves amazing small-batch roasted coffee, delectable pastries, friendly smiles, and lovely vibes! Come in for a cup of coffee or a bag of coffee beans, and let us help you start your day off properly!

Coffee Shop Information:

#3 The Coffee Company

The Coffee Company is a lighthearted company that takes its coffee, real fruit smoothies, frosts, Nitro Cold Brew, tea, sodas, and Rebel Energy Drink seriously. The Coffee Company is all about you, whether they’re serving coffee or spreading smiles.

Their mission is to make your day a bit brighter, and they also happen to have some fantastic stuff!

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Address: 8751 La Tijera Blvd Inglewood, Los Angeles, CA 90045 
  • Phone number: (310) 645-7315
  • Website Link: The Coffee Company 

#4 Offset Coffee

Offset is the South Bay’s only multi-roaster shop, stocking beans from some of the world’s best roasters, including Heart, Sweet Bloom, and many more, as well as own Offset beans, which are locally roasted on an all-electric, zero-emission Bellwether roaster.

 Coffee Shop Information:

#5 Mingles Tea Bar

Mingles Tea Bar began operations in May 2017 with a limited launch. Mingles serves the finest premium loose leaf teas, the nicest tasting coffee, and handcrafted pastries to their clients in a comfortable and enjoyable environment.

They provide high-quality goods and offer exceptional customer service.

 Coffee Shop Information:

#6 Cafe Cuba & Cakes

Cafe Cuba & Cakes can be found at 12215 Hawthorne Boulevard in Hawthorne, California. As the ceiling fans spin around and around, the music draws you in. A wonderful woman with a great accent greets you from the kitchen.

They provide Bistec milanesa, Carne with papas, among other dishes.

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Address: 12215 Hawthorne Blvd Hawthorne, CA 90250
  • Phone number: (310) 675-2253
  • Website Link: Cafe Cuba & Cakes 

#7 Harun Coffee

Harun Coffee is a locally owned and operated coffee shop, gallery, and specialty shop. In this Coffee Shop, they serve coffee from Ethiopia and Tanzania that has been roasted in Arcadia, California.

The coffee shop is light and airy, with a part that transforms into a little African art exhibition.

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Address: 4336 Degnan Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90008
  • Phone number: (323) 815-9944

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#8 Hilltop Coffee And Kitchen

Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen is a community-oriented wi-fi café. They provide locally roasted gourmet coffee, cold-pressed juices, and all-day breakfast and lunch, all accompanied by a healthy dose of positive energy.

They take pleasure in providing enjoyable surroundings in which individuals may interact with one another and with themselves.

Coffee Shop Information:

#9 Azucanela

Azucanela is the first full-scale Churreria in the South Bay, having opened in 2019. Fresh churros, handmade coffee, and fresh lemonades are all on the menu, along with daily specials.

Azucanela is a lovely coffee shop with a secluded patio area and interesting decorations. Private events, outside food services, and location shots are all available at Azucanela.

Coffee Shop Information:

#10 Free Man Coffee Shop

Free Man Coffee Shop has hand-picked Single Origin coffees that are distinct not just in flavor but also in terms of the farm and farmers that create them.

They’ve also created their own coffee blends, one of which, Yay Yay, is known for being the most caffeinated without sacrificing smoothness or flavor. You are always welcome.

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Address: 323 N Prairie Ave Unit 100A Inglewood, CA 90301
  • Phone number: (310) 419-2297

#11 La Fonda Of Inglewood Restaurant And Cafe

La Fonda of Inglewood Restaurant & Cafe is a two-restaurant complex with a single kitchen and entrance. The Cafe provides seats for 12 people while the Restaurant has room for 45 people. There is something for everyone; in addition to their standard menu, they also provide a children’s menu and a vegetarian menu.

Coffee Shop Information:

#12 Martin’s Cocina Y Cantina

Italian ice, gelato, ice cream, espresso drinks, lemonade, hot chocolate, toasts, and bubble waffles are all available in California at Martin’s Cocina y Cantina! They began by selling Italian ice from a cart in the backyards of their friends, Perfect for family get-togethers, birthday parties, or just a regular event!

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Address: 162 N La Brea Ave Inglewood, CA 90301
  • Phone number: (424) 346-6607
  • Website Link: Martin’s Cantina

#13 Winchell’s Donuts

Winchell’s Donut House, “Home of the Warm ‘n Fresh Donut®,” is the biggest donut chain on the West Coast Winchell’s donuts are made with high-quality fruit fillings, fragrant spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, bittersweet chocolate icing, and vegetable oil (no animal fats). A wide variety of beverages are available, including carefully blended coffee prepared from the best quality dark roasted Arabica beans.

Coffee Shop Information:

#14 Puerto Nuevo Coffee & Tacos

Puerto Nuevo Coffee & Tacos welcomes you. Tacos, quesadillas, burritos, salads, seafood, soups, smoothies, coffee, waffles, pancakes, fresh juices, and more await you. Bring the whole family in for a meal that will delight your taste buds as well as theirs. Mexican recipes and foods are also blended with American dinners.

Coffee Shop Information:

#15 Big Daddy’s Kickin Chicken

Big Daddy’s Kickin Chicken, which launched in 2017, represents community by providing a gathering place for people to congregate over coffee or tea. Big Daddy’s Kickin Chicken is more than simply a café that serves gourmet coffee, tea, and pastries; it’s also a location where inspiration strikes. This is a place where people can interact and catch up over an artisanal cup of coffee or tea  They also provide a Mr. Espresso-roasted private label coffee.

Coffee Shop Information:

#16 Cobbler’s Cakes & Kream

Cobbler’s Cakes and Kream is a southern-style bakery with the regionally renowned “Cobbler Lady.” Best known for her Cobblers, which the Los Angeles Times praises. CC&K offers a delectable selection of sweets reminiscent of those made by “Grandma.” Customers can’t get enough of their delectable banana pudding and a vast assortment of cakes, cupcakes, pies, and cookies. Not to mention their famous “old school” coffee and tea pastries! 

Coffee Shop Information:

#17 Stuff I Eat

Stuff I Eat is dedicated to offering high-quality vegan cuisine with all of the spices and textures that our consumers expect. Quality, healthful food, they feel, can be associated with delectable, mouth-watering eating experiences. Fresh herbs, a variety of spices, and a lot of affection are used. Stuff I Eat is the end outcome. So, if you’re not a meat-eater, give the Stuff I Eat a try.

Coffee Shop Information:

#18 Rusty Pot Cafe

Rusty Pot Café, located in the center of Inglewood, CA, is an all-American urban diner with a southern touch. Rusty Pot Café provides a one-of-a-kind client experience as well as a relaxing dining area. They are committed to providing the community with freshly prepared, high-quality organic food. They only utilize the greatest foods, and their service is outstanding, with an equally beautiful atmosphere.

Coffee Shop Information:

#19 Dulan’s Soul Food Kitchen

Dulan’s Soul Food Kitchen is a cafeteria-style restaurant that serves Southern Home Cooking. The restaurants in Inglewood and Los Angeles are famed for their enormous servings, excellent service, and food that reminds one of Sunday dinner at Grandma’s. Dulan, Adolf For over 40 years, the King of Soul Cuisine has ruled the Los Angeles food scene.

Coffee Shop Information:

#20 The Serving Spoon

Catfish, grits, and the freshest eggs are all specialties of The Serving Spoon. Everything is served in generous portions. Oxtails, short ribs, mac & cheese, salmon croquettes, and many more comfort foods are available. Not to mention some of the greatest GRITS east of the Mississippi.  pancakes, waffles, French toast, and so on. Come have a look and see for yourself.

Coffee Shop Information:

#21 Country Style Jamaican Restaurant

Country Style Jamaican Restaurant is a local coffee business that serves as a creative, productive, and relaxing haven. Country Style Jamaican Restaurant serves coffee, tea, pastries, salads, and sandwiches on a lovely outdoor area with the theme “Recycle, Reuse, and Repurpose” to produce a design They provide a wide selection of coffee variations.

Coffee Shop Information:

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#22 Sunday Gravy

Sunday Gravy focuses on bringing families, friends, and communities together around excellent food, drink, and conversation. They provide real fresh pasta meals created locally with the greatest ingredients, prepared with love and pride! The dishes are all fresh and flavorful.

Coffee Shop Information:

Over To You

People always select a coffee shop or cafe with a good and comfortable ambiance. I hope these suggestions help you choose the greatest coffee shop in Inglewood, California.

Please let us know what you think of them? Have you visited any of these cafes? Did we miss any cafes in this city?

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