Top 20 Best Coffee Shops In Fullerton, California (CA) State [2022]

As much as you love your coffee, our job is to help you pick the best cafes in town. Fullerton, traditionally known as California’s Orange harvesting locale, is now an entire service city with suburban infrastructures, restaurants, and cafes.

Here we have gathered the top 20 reputable coffee shops that offer all fresh baked goods, serving in the most eye-pleasing locations!

#1 Smoking Tiger Coffee & Bread

Owned by a Korean tycoon James Kang, Smoking Tiger Coffee & Bread carries a distinctive remark in its naming aspect. Smoking Tiger or the phrase “a long, long time ago when a tiger used to smoke” comes from Korean folklore.

It signifies that the narrative’s background is positioned far back in history, to the level where everything is unusual from what a modern society perceives or believes.

Thus, Smoking Tiger Coffee & Bread aims to promote Korean culture through the art of bread and coffee beyond stereotypes.

The Jardin ambiance gives the perfect calmness amidst your busy schedules and makes it an excellent chilling spot with your friends. Moreover, if you’re a Matcha fan, their Blueberry and Strawberry Matcha with Oat Milk is a popular choice!

Coffee Shop Details:

#2 Intentional Coffee

Established in 2017, Intentional Coffee tells a story of nature and earthy tones in its interior decor.

Intentional Coffee will be your go-to pick if you’re interested in a great hip and trendy vibe! To name one of the top choices, their Chai Tea Latte and Spanish Latte will undoubtedly steal the show.

Intentional Coffee could become your new favorite studying site with its laid-back atmosphere and cozy seats!

Coffee Shop Details:

#3 MADE Coffee

Looking for the tiniest tourist trap between these various enclaves of coffee supremacy downtown?

MADE Coffee is a real treat. Located on West Amerige Avenue in a relaxing environment, they provide basic styling cues punctuated by the rare flash of a decorative wall sequence or vibrant artwork.

The baristas are incredibly friendly, constantly happy to answer inquiries, and casually yet meticulously prepare delicious lattes, cortado, iced cappuccino, or any other caffeinated beverage your heart desires.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Name of the owner(s): Sun P.
  • Address: 107 W Amerige Ave Fullerton, CA 92832 
  • Website: MADE Coffee
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: (714) 519-3844

#4 PLAY Coffee

Instigating a profound touch of the 90’s pop culture, PLAY Coffee is one gem of a coffee shop in downtown Fullerton.

Their multi-roaster offerings and generous gestures are enough for you to want to come back.

Their vivid and bright aesthetic complements the title of the shop, and their lattes soothe your mind.

Coffee Shop Details:

#5 Frame Coffee

In October 2020, amid the pandemic, Frame Coffee debuted. Till now, the business has been a coffee lover’s second home.

The cafe has a pleasant olive-toned ambiance, golden wood floors that are solar, and a Korean-inspired architectural concept. Entering the cafe only, you can smell the delicious cookies and lattes. Their coffee is ethically sourced, and they also have vegan options on the menu.

Coffee Shop Details:

#6 Dripp

Dripp lies on the junction of downtown Fullerton’s booming Harbor Boulevard and Chapman Street, a landmark among artistically phenomenal Fullerton coffee businesses.

You’ll find magnificent patterned tiling, plush Chesterfields, preserved concrete walls, heavy wooden furniture, all the necessities for a successful coffee house day as you step inside.

This site brilliantly offers a vast, nighttime, and dare we say romantic gardening patio highlighted with vivid trees, a relaxing waterfall, and patio equipment made of pine. 

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 500 N Harbor Blvd Ste B Fox Fullerton Theater Fullerton, CA 92832
  • Website: Dripp
  • Facebook: Dripp
  • Instagram: Dripp
  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Phone: (714) 441-1003 

#7 Coffee Code Espresso Bar

Coffee Code Espresso Bar has been offering exquisite coffee for coffee fans since 2010, and there are now a bunch of other outlets to visit.

Not only does the shop provide excellent coffee, but it also serves organic leaf tea to clients who prefer not to drink coffee. Not to mention their cozy atmosphere will make you feel at home!

Coffee Shop Details:

#8 Kimmie’s Coffee Cup

Kim Vinson, a single mother since the fall of 2001, has envisioned Kimmie’s Coffee Cup as a corridor to love and happiness.

Kimmie’s would be perfect if you’re seeking a basic yet friendly setting to consume your favorite coffee while enjoying your comfort book.

Moreover, they’ve got good news for all you pancake lovers! Kimmie’s Pumpkin Pancakes and Cinnamon Pancakes are some of the most delicious ones in town.

Coffee Shop Details:

#9 Salt & Pepper Family Restaurant

Founded in1995, Salt & Pepper Family Restaurant is a cheerful, placed cafeteria with a selection of pizzas and traditional American meals and televisions and a bar area.

If you’re in the mood to dine within budget, their shop is the one to go!

Coffee Shop Details:

#10 Philz Coffee

Phil Jaber, in 2003 was decisive to share his own Kitchen values into a convenience store, birthing Philz Coffee.

The cafe has some of the most chill playlist songs,  making your vibe all the more comfortable, while their Baristas are warm and friendly. If you’re a fan of mojitos, Philz Coffee will be your best friend.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Name of the founder(s): Phil Jaber
  • Address: 520 N State College BlvdFullerton, CA 92831 
  • Website: Philz Coffee
  • Facebook: Philz Coffee
  • Instagram: Philz Coffee
  • Phone: (714) 888-3173

#11 The Coffee Cup

Best known for classic rock and folk live music, The Coffee Cup is a fantastic spot to enjoy delicious coffee.

Carrot Cake is one of their hot picks, The Coffee Cup also serves one of the yummiest sandwiches in town. Searching for a quick breakfast? stop by The Coffee Cup on the way!

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Name of the owner: Dana D.
  • Address: 220 N Malden AveFullerton, CA 92832 
  • Facebook: The Coffee Cup
  • Phone: (657) 217-5017

#12 Peet’s Coffee & Tea

Alfred Peet’s Coffee Shop in Berkeley, California, originally opened its doors on April 1, 1966, silently igniting a storm that permanently transformed the standards of American coffee enthusiasts.

Their coffee selection is fantastic, and the brewed coffee has been rated as outstanding! Due to the generally low prices and the fact that it is a franchise, it is an excellent choice.

Coffee Shop Details:

#13 Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf offers you one of the most original blends you will find in town. Socializing or doing your work alone, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf also makes a great place to organize your thoughts.

Their top picks are hands down the Tropical Passion Iced Tea and the Mocha Latte. 

Coffee Shop Details:

#14 Nick’s Superburgers

Nick Superburgers, one of Fullerton’s many family-owned businesses, appears to be a fast-food shop for the namesake. But it is no secret that since 1997, the place has expanded its breakfast and brunch options to accommodate freshly baked goods and some delicious caffeinated beverages.

Start your morning with Nick’s breakfast burrito and a hot sip of coffee, and you won’t be disappointed. 

Coffee Shop Details:

#15 Panera Bread

Au Bon Pain Co. Inc., which later became Panera Bread, was founded in 1981. Launched by Ron Shaich and Louis Kane in the 1980s and 1990s, the firm has grown along the eastern part of America and overseas, becoming the leading provider in the bakery-café sector.

They have always had the specialty coffee deal you can get. It’s a membership for about ten dollars, and you get endless coffee for the entire month, so if you’ve got a coffee enthusiast in the house, do let him know!

Coffee Shop Details:

#16 Kento Greek Kitchen

Musicians, artists, instrumentalists, and people of all ages congregate in the city center, or “Kentro,” as the Greeks name it. Kentro Greek Kitchen was founded in 2011 to create a location that would emulate vacation adventures in Greece.

The shop’s décor is light, bright, and inviting, and there is additional outside sitting available. If you enjoy Greek cuisine, Kentro will be glad to meet you with their distinctive pitas and salads, which are delicious and visually appealing.

Aside from their fine dining menu, Kentro Greek Kitchen is recognized for its excellent Greek coffee and a variety of delectable desserts!

Coffee Shop Details:

#17 The Night Owl 

Based on their title, it’s not a stretch to assume that The Night Owl accommodates artistic individuals much past the evening period.

Outdoors, dark owl artworks cover a protruding brick wall, while velvety curtains, antiquated furnishings, and softly illuminated club vibes keep guests inside, burning the candle at both ends.

The coffee is made from naturally produced, equitable beans and can be discovered in specialties like the Elvis Latte, which combines banana, peanut butter, milk, organic honey, and espresso in an exquisite mix. 

Coffee Shop Details:

#18 Pilgrim’s Coffeehouse

Pilgrim’s Coffeehouse is guaranteed to help you get on with your day as productive as ever with their unique position to network, read, drink coffee, and eat food.

The shop was built on such values, and they’ve stayed true to them, resulting in a massive fan base in Fullerton.

The food, coffee, decor, and environment are all designed to help you unwind the moment while sipping your favorite mix.

Coffee Shop Details:

#19 Veronese Gallery Café

Veronese Gallery Café is a great place to get away from the rush and commotion of academics and society. This cafe is no exception, along with its distinctive and artsy ambiance – not to address the fact that it is housed!

The Veronese Gallery Café is known for its serene and soothing atmosphere and its art exhibit. People came for the cakes, coffee, and muffins, but they remained for the friendly atmosphere.

Coffee Shop Details:

#20 Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders

Meet the perfect elevated specialty coffee at a decent price from Bodhi Leaf! They take pleasure in delivering agriculture expertise, toasting the coffee grounds every day at their Orange warehouses.

The woodsy architecture and pleasant ambience are popular among the masses, just as the drinks. At Bodhi, pour-overs are a wise option, particularly even among the most discerning coffee lovers.

It’s a more sophisticated, smoother coffee than you’d get from your typical restaurant. Those who favor espresso shots will enjoy the lattes, which have a robust flavor and are not overly sweet.

Coffee Shop Details:

Over To You

We couldn’t manage to visit all of the cafés around Fullerton city since there are so many. Well, let us know if we overlooked your favorite venue in the comments, and we’ll take a look!

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