Top 26 Best Coffee Shops In Fremont, California (CA) State [2022]

Who doesn’t like a good cup of coffee? Whether it’s to help you stay awake and energized or you just like the taste, coffee makes our days a little better with every sip.

Now, finding a good coffee shop that can make you coffee just the way you like it can be a bit..well a lot difficult.

This list will help you find the best coffee shop in Fremont that offers all kinds of coffee drinks. Go through the list of the best 26 reputable coffee shops and see if you can find your favorite.

#1 Dash Coffee and Bakery 

Dash Coffee and Bakery is an organic coffee shop in Fremont, CA that promises you of their dedication to their quality.

They are a boutique coffee shop which means you’re not only getting freshly brewed coffee but also quick meals with it. They like to have freshly produced and baked meals on their menu so you can be sure about their quality.

According to their customers, their coffee and tea both are very popular among the regulars and their staff is super nice.

Coffee Shop Details: 

#2 Suju’s Coffee & Tea

They are your neighborhood independent coffee house that offers you a good environment alongside their various coffee blends. Suju’s Coffee & Tea offers a spacious and comfortable place with parking facilities and wifi service.

They have sourced all over the coffee-growing regions in the world who deliver authentic Arabica green coffee beans.

Suju’s Coffee and Tea are willing to go the extra length to make your experience at their shop pleasant. One of their regular customers has said that they love studying and love their coffee. 

Coffee Shop Details:

#3 Paris Baguette

Paris Baguette is a friendly neighborhood cafe in Fremont. They have very friendly staff and their vision is to reestablish the neighborhood cafe as the heart of the community.

They have a goal to treat with their very best. They believe in passion and their products resemble that.

Even with coffee, they pour their heart into them so that you can get the very best blend and taste the authenticity. Their prices are on the higher side but you can get a fresh taste alongside their great staff members. 

Coffee Shop Details:

#4 Mission Coffee

Mission Coffee has been operating in Fremont, CA since 1993. They are one of the oldest coffee houses in the Fremont community and consider themselves the leader in the coffee industry.

With their long history, they have maintained their quality and have been serving the Fremont community with in-house roasted coffee beans.

They like to uphold their reputation so they do all the hard work by themselves and promise only the best to their customers. Their coffee is pretty popular and they have many regular customers who come here for a relaxing time.

Coffee Shop Details: 

#5 Frodo Joe’s Petit Cafe

Frodo Joe’s Petit Cafe, Joe’s in Fremont’s favorite meet-up place. They offer a nice homely environment with their variety of meals and coffee.

They put attention to detail and made their menu based on various textures and flavors so that their customers can enjoy the best of everything. They take pride in their oak wood roasted coffee beans.

They slow roast their beans to give the coffee more moisture and soak in the smoky flavor. Their regular customers at their Fremont shop love their crepes for breakfast and they love the Petit Cafe’s modern coffee shop charm.

Coffee Shop Details: 

#6 TECO Tea & Coffee Bar

TECO Tea & Coffee Bar is a friendly coffee shop that promises you to serve with only the finest quality of products and customer service. They were established in 2017.

Even though it might seem like a new business compared to the other coffee shops in Fremont, they have earned their place with quality service. Their customers love their cute and cozy aesthetic.

They have installed some new rules about having masks on and limited dine-in settings due to the Covid situation. So, you can be sure about their quality and also be safe. 

Coffee Shop Details:

#7 Roasted Coffee Bar

If you’re looking for a coffee shop in a different setting, Roasted Coffee Bar just might be your place. It is situated inside of a church on Hammond Avenue. Many customers go there to study or to relax.

The coffee shop is located inside the Convergence House of Prayer. They also have a parking service. It closes at 2 PM which is pretty soon compared to other coffee shops.

The Roasted Coffee Bar has a friendly staff and varieties of coffee drinks. The coffee shop has been open for a few years now and the customers consider it as a hidden gem of Fremont.

Coffee Shop Details:  

  • Location: 200 Hammond Ave Fremont, CA 94539

#8 Aloha Espresso Bar

Aloha Espresso Bar is located inside the Washington Washington West building of Washington Hospital.

They are a simple coffee cart, not a proper coffee shop but you can stop there for a quick bite and good customized coffee. Their coffees are gourmet and also the service of Aloha Espresso Bar is quite good and they make your coffee just the way you like it. 

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Location: 2000 Mowry Washington, W Fremont, CA 94538

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#9 Philz Coffee

Philz Coffee is your neighborhood local chain in Fremont. It has quite a few shops around the city and their customers really enjoy their varieties of coffee and drinks. They have custom-blended coffees and also teas and pastries.

One of their regular customers explained that they have a limited sitting area so, you might have to order a to-go coffee but you won’t have to regret the taste of their coffee including silken splendor, mojito, Jacob’s wonderland, mission cold brew, dark Colombian decaf, and many more coffee blends.

Coffee Shop Details:

#10 Peet’s Coffee

Alfred Peet the owner and the founder of Peet’s Coffee started his journey with the vision to give Americans the real taste of coffee.

A journey that started in 1966 now after five decades later, Peet’s coffee is serving the finest coffee blends sourced from the world’s finest estates. Peet’s coffee blends are smooth and not textured which is liked by their regular customers.

Coffee Shop Details:

#11 Devout Coffee

The Devout Coffee house is a modern coffeehouse with a patio. They care about their quality and service. The owners started in 2011 and they began with roasting their coffee beans in their garage.

Now they are a well-known coffee shop in Fremont and now they are a busy point with very efficient staff members. They have an excellent menu of pour-over coffees according to their customers and they also serve baked goods and quick bites.

Coffee Shop Details:

#12 Hopping Cafe Beans

Hopping Cafe Beans is a place to relax and great for meet and greet. They serve breakfast items and quick meals along with their coffee.

They offer a cozy atmosphere and pleasant employees that are quite inviting. It’s a nice location to do homework or enjoy their honey lavender coffee. According to their regular customers, it’s a small business so it’s a little pricey but really good.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Location: 4000 Bay St, Fremont, CA 94538
  • Phone Number: +1 510-573-1058
  • Website: Hopping Cafe Beans

#13 The Nile Cafe

If you’re looking for something a little relaxed, good for casual meetups this is the place for you.

You can have a sandwich and a salad for a reasonable price. The costs are really affordable. They also serve tea and coffee. It is an Egyptian-themed cafe with pictures painted on the walls. The Nile Cafe is a perfect example of a sweet little neighborhood cafe!

Coffee Shop Details:

#14 WFM Coffee Bar

The coffee bar is located inside Whole Foods at Mowry Avenue. They have smoothies, coffee, cold brew, and americano. Their coffee tastes fresh and delicious.

They have various syrups and you can order a customized coffee from them. Their customers like that their coffee doesn’t taste artificial or overly sweet. They also have juices and pastries along with their coffee blends.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Location: 3111 Mowry Ave Fremont, CA 94538
  • Phone: +1 510-401-5880
  • Website: WFM Coffee Bar

#15 Starbucks

Another great option for your daily dose of caffeine is Starbucks. The Starbucks at Mowry avenue is popular even with quite a few other coffee shops around it.

The chain coffee shop serves various coffee blends including customized drinks. They also have baked goods that go great with their coffee.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Location: 5034 Mowry Ave, Fremont, CA 94538
  • Phone: 510-818-9026
  • Website: Starbucks

#16 Pink Pantherz Espresso

Pink Pantherz Espresso is a very cute place and the staff members working there are very sweet and helpful.

The shop is run by female baristas and their service is very fast. This is not your regular coffee place but their coffee is very popular along with their baristas. 

Coffee Shop Details:

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#17 85C Bakery Cafe – Fremont

They are a bakery and cafe chain that originated in Taiwan. They offer tea, coffee, and baked items in their shop.

This cafe has multiple options for pastries and puff cakes. They also serve a variety of freshly baked bread. Their quality is good and worth it. 85C Bakery Cafe takes online orders from their website and has a variety of options you can choose from.

Coffee Shop Details:

#18 East Bay Cafe Depot

East Bay Cafe Depot is a place where you can get breakfast and lunch all day long. They have a daily special menu so you can try a new dish at their shop every day.

They have a good range of coffee drinks and they go very well with their baked items. They also have vegetarian options available. 

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Location: 37260 Fremont Blvd, Fremont, CA 94536
  • Phone: 510-755-1768
  • Website: East Bay Cafe Depot

#19 Daily Bagel Cafe

The owners of Daily Bagel Cafe are very welcoming and many of their customers like the war welcome to the cafe.

The cafe doesn’t offer waiter service but you won’t be disappointed with their wide range of bagels and sandwiches. You can pair up your bite with a warm cup of delicious coffee.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Location: 40061 Mission Blvd, Fremont, CA 94539
  • Phone: 510-668-1999
  • Website: Daily Bagel Cafe

#20 Dunkin’

Dunkin’ is a popular food chain around the USA. They are primarily famous for their donuts but their coffee is also very good.

They have some signature breakfast items and also serve various coffee drinks. Their regular customers like their fresh donuts and hot coffee with their breakfast.

You can order from them through their websites and they are also available on local food delivery services.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Location: 5255 Mowry Ave, Fremont, CA 94538
  • Phone: 510-739-2383
  • Website: Dunkin’

#21 Panera Bread

They are a chain bakery and cafe that serves sandwiches, salads & more. They are mainly famous for their bread. But they also have other popular items on their menu.

Among their varieties of beverages, hot coffee and their cold brew stand out with taste. Their regular customers are very happy with their warm service. 

Coffee Shop Details:

#22 Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme is another long-running chain that is most popular for its donuts. They have varieties of donut flavors and shapes.

They taste delicious. They also serve good coffee. They also serve other frozen drinks that go well with their donuts.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Location: 43835 Pacific Commons Blvd, Fremont
  • Phone: 510-445-1357
  • Website: Krispy Kreme

#23 Posh Bagel

Posh Bagel has a good collection and quality bagels. As their name suggests they mainly sell bagels but also have some coffee drinks on their menu.

Their coffees are smooth and sweet and go great with their everything bagel. The service is also very warm and welcoming.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Location: 39124 Fremont Hub, Fremont, CA 94538
  • Phone: 510-790-2999
  • Website: Posh Bagel

#24 Cafe Mei

Cafe Mei has varieties of breakfast items on their menu from savory to sweet and to finish it with a few caffeinated drinks they also have a wide range of coffee drinks.

They are popular for their Taiwanese breakfast but they have other options on their menu too.

You can visit their place and also order from them through their website.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Location: 43761 Boscell Rd #5125, Fremont, CA 94538
  • Phone: 510-573-2496
  • Website: Cafe Mei

#25 Cabrillo Park Cafe

Cabrillo Park Cafe serves home-style foods that are available for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and, Dinner. They have few options for their coffee drinks and the great thing about their coffee is that they are refillable.

The staff members are very well-behaved and give you a warm welcome so you can feel at home and eat foods that are made with love.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Location: 4949 Stevenson Blvd L, Fremont, CA 94538
  • Phone: 510-226-7777
  • Website: Cabrillo Park Cafe

#26 Bill’s Cafe

Bill’s Cafe has an extensive breakfast menu covering all of the classic breakfast traditions, along with an extensive selection of creative specialties.

They serve breakfast all day long so even if you wake up late you can grab a quick meal from their breakfast menu. And with your breakfast, you can try their coffee which goes great with their breakfast items.

Coffee Shop Details:

Over To You

Finding a good cup of coffee can be a bit of a hassle. Especially if you are in a big city, having a lot of options can be as difficult as having very few options.

With this article, I tried to find the best coffee shop options in Fremont for you. They are the best 26 reliable coffee shops reviewed by their regular customers and also popular among the city. Hope you can find your favorite coffee shop from this list.

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