Top 12 Best Coffee Shops In Fontana, California (CA) State [2022]

Whether you’re cradling a travel mug on your way to work or dashing out after spin class to refuel with a skinny latte, it’s hard to imagine a day without a cup of coffee. The caffeine perks you up, and there’s something incredibly soothing about sipping a steaming cup of joy. 

To start a productive and fresh morning, a healthy good breakfast and a cup of coffee is the key element. You can make your coffee on your own. Or you can just stop by a nearby coffee shop to grab a cup. You may also want to have your first meal.

Here in this article, I tried to gather some beautiful best places to have coffee in Fontana, California.


Coffee Shops In Fontana, California (CA) State

#1 Ruthies Brew Coffee Co.

Ruthies Brew Coffee Co. is a wonderful place to have coffee in the morning. They have a vast variety of coffee and other drinks. The all-natural flavoring has hints of pumpkin, cinnamon, and nutmeg combined with a deep medium roast arabica coffee. 

All of their flavored coffees start as specialty-grade single-origin coffee roasted in small batches to a smooth medium. Each order is then carefully flavored with high-quality flavoring oils while still warm. ​

For the new Covid-19 situation, a mask is required to enter. All their staff wear masks and have their temperature checks. This is a must-visit place to try.

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#2 The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 

Founder Herb Hyman began importing and roasting coffee. He started The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf shop in 1963 in southern California. Their coffee master, Jay Isais, only selects the top 1% of Arabica beans from the world’s best-growing regions in East Africa, Latin America, and the Pacific.

They roast coffee beans in small batches at their facility in Camarillo, CA. Where they find the roast that best suits the beans from each origin and captures what makes each country’s coffee unique.

This place is great for hanging out. You can enjoy their light, medium, dark, decaffeinated, or flavored brews of the day. Their Espresso shots are freshly pulled and handcrafted to create a perfectly balanced taste. They also serve different types of tea. 

Some regular customers say that their flavors and overall products are so much better than Starbucks. All of their staff are well mannered and their service is pretty fast.

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#3 Red Hill Coffee Shop

Red Hill Coffee Shop serves coffee for over 30 years in the town. They also serve omelet and plate full breakfast items which will give you a great start for your day. 

They have a great dining place to sit. This isn’t a corporate restaurant fair. Table or counter seating and nostalgic pictures on the walls will give you the classic roadside diner experience. The waiters there have a good sense of humor and very good service.  

People especially love the way they make their Iced Blended Mocha. The type of ice they use makes for a smoother creamier drink. Their food tastes better than homemade. All their menu is budget-friendly.

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#4 Dunkin’ 

Dunkin’ is the world’s leading baked goods and coffee chain, serving more than 3 million customers each and every day. They offer more than 50 varieties of donuts. You can also enjoy dozens of premium beverages, bagels, breakfast sandwiches, and other baked goods.

This is a place for all-day, everyday coffee & donut destination. They also sell high-quality coffee beans and tea.

For the new Covid-19 situation, all their staff and waiters follow safety measures and hygiene. Dunkin’ have a big chain of restaurant all over the world. 

You can get your favorite cup of coffee or breakfast at home. You can place your order on their apps or website. 

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#5 Ding Tea Fontana 

Ding Tea is an international coffee shop chain. They operated from Taiwan. 

They give you a lot of different options in tea and coffee, especially tea. They carefully selected tea leaves, originating from high-altitude tea gardens in Taiwan. Each cup of premium tea harnesses the essence of nature. Ding Tea’s flavors will offer you unlimited happiness. A sip of great taste will take away all the fatigue. 

This place is a small, comfy shop. Workers are super friendly and welcoming. I would recommend their signature milk tea with boba you must try.

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#6 TeaLove

TeaLove is a little cute and comfy place to enjoy your coffee. People love it because this place will give you tons of options to choose from. All items taste delicious. They use actual milk, are not powered, and can make almost everything in vegan if you want. 

The environment is super clean and inviting. The owner, Ely, is super nice and very friendly, and helpful. If you have never been to a tea or Boba spot she will definitely help you out in selecting the right drink for you.

Their whole menu is a must-try item, I must say.

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#7 Winchell’s Donut House

Winchell’s Donut House, “Home of the Warm ‘n Fresh Donut,” is the biggest donut chain on the West Coast, with over 170 outlets in six states, as well as Guam and Saipan.

Winchell’s donuts are made with premium fruit fillings, fragrant spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, bittersweet chocolate icing, and pure vegetable oil (no animal fats).

A wide range of beverages is available, including specially blended coffee prepared from the best grade of dark roasted Arabica beans. Hot and frozen cappuccinos, milk, tea, soda, and fresh-squeezed juices are also offered (at participating locations).

Winchell’s provides a broad selection of donuts, cinnamon rolls, muffins, bagels, croissants, and sandwiches, as well as more than 70 kinds of Warm ‘n Fresh doughnuts and bakery items.

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#8 Master’s Donuts

Master’s Donuts has great donuts and croissants. Donuts are always fresh and unique compared to the other donut shops in this area. Donuts are good and have a nice variety. They also have delicious and tasty sandwiches. 

They have all you need to start your day. The owners are always super nice. Try to get there early, because some kinds of donuts tend to sell out quickly. They also offer great smelling and looking breakfast sandwiches. Their artisan coffee is absolutely great to drink.

They have really good customer service and energy when you walk in. All staff is so friendly. Never make you disappoint.

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#9 Klatch Coffee

Klatch Coffee is one of the best coffee shops in CA. They also sell the best quality coffee beans. It is an informal gathering for coffee and conversation, simply stated, is what Klatch Coffee is. For more than 25 years, Klatch Coffee has been serving up award-winning coffee with great conversation. 

They started their business in 1993 for the love of coffee. They are committed to honest business practices, which means they build trust and loyalty with the farmers they work with. All of this is accomplished through a Direct Trade model and a simple handshake. 

After the beans are sourced, they make their way home to Southern California where the quest for only the best continues.

Founder of this shop Mike uses his degree in Chemical Engineering to achieve a balance of science and artistry. They call “Peak of Flavor” roast style. Simply put, each individual coffee varietal is roasted to its unique peak flavor profile.

You can visit them. They have a lot of stores and outlets all across the country.

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#10 Miss Donuts And Bagels

If you are looking for a warm and friendly place to enjoy a sweet treat, hot coffee, and a fun happy hour atmosphere, then you must check out Miss Donuts And Bagels. Their service is a great and clean environment. If you get there, you will get a kind greeting. 

Their service is a first come first serve type of deal. Early birds will get the good stuff out of the oven. But either way, their selection of bagels and donuts are delicious. 

Their breakfast ham and cheese croissants are a must-try. The croissant is nice and buttery and the amount of cheese and ham is perfect. Secondly, if the donuts look fresh behind the glass, once you taste them, there is no doubt they are quality.

You will definitely love this place.

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#11 Frozen Station

Frozen Station is a desert house serving a variety of frozen yogurts, smoothies, slushy, bubble tea, boba drinks, fresh fruit teas, Thai tea, cheese foam teas, Matcha, and macarons.

If you love smoothies, especially the ones with lots of Boba, this place is for you. The couple that runs the Frozen Station is very pleasant even with the language barrier.

They make due and are super sweet just like their treats. Ice cream, smoothies, teas, and candies are available. Their strawberry smoothies are delicious and contain just the right amount of sweetness and taste natural.

Management is kind and keeps the store clean and Covid compliance.

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#12 Alexa’s Cafe Mexican Grill 

Alexa’s Cafe Mexican Grill is one of the best places in southern California to eat. Great a little hidden gem. Their food is delicious to eat.

The Carne Asada is tender and flavorful a nice piece of meat good quality. Seasoned to perfection not chewy or tough just perfect. The Chilaquiles are delicious the green sauce was well balanced not bitter or sour. 

I personally prefer queso freso instead of the shredded Mexican blend but even with that cheese, they tasted delicious. The older lady working was so polite and welcoming. She made sure to say goodbye when we left made you feel like you wanted to come back. 

All the workers are extremely nice and helpful. There is seating inside and out. Pricing is competitive with most Mexican restaurants and the amount of food you get. 

You definitely try their menu.

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Over To You

So, what do you think? All of these coffee shops are great for coffee and breakfast. You can go and eat whatever you like.

If you are new to this area or have come to visit, I hope this article will help you to find a place to eat. Try to visit them, and I can say, you will not regret it.

If you like this article or find it useful, share it with your acquaintances, friends, and family. And if I skip a store that I might have done, let me know. I will write about them too.

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