Top 21 Best Coffee Shops In Fairfield, California (CA) State [2022]

What if there’s a cup of steaming coffee after a long day of work? On a hot summer day, how about a cup of cold creamy coffee? Whatever it is, coffee must infuse you with energy, brighten your day, and inspire you to be creative.

Are you looking for the best coffee shop in Fairfield, CA? A coffeehouse, coffee shop, or café is a business that specializes in various forms of coffee, such as espresso, latte, and cappuccino. However, finding a decent one might be difficult at times.

To assist you, I’ve compiled a list of the top 21 reputable coffee shops that have been serving the Fairfield area for a long time. I divided them into three categories depending on the quality of their coffee, service, and atmosphere. I hope this article aids you in your search. Read the article to learn more.


Best Coffee Shops In Fairfield California


#1 Journey Coffee Company

The owners of Journey Coffee Co. are Morne and Nicole Van Staden. In 2015, they began their journey. Their roasting staff is committed to using only ethically produced, fair trade, specialty grade coffee.

There are numerous coffee options available. You will find a great cappuccino from this shop. They have plenty of seats for their customers as well as good decorations.

Coffee Shop Information:

#2 Peet’s Coffee

Peet’s Coffee first opened its door in 1966. It is the United States’ leading specialty coffee company. Peet’s Coffee sources the highest-quality coffee beans from throughout the world and delivers them in a variety of formats.

To assure freshness, they hand-deliver each coffee and hand create each beverage at their coffee shops.

Coffee Shop Information:

#3 The Coffee Bar

Do you want to grab a cup of coffee and a pastry in a relaxing environment? The Coffee Bar would be an excellent location to go.

They serve coffee, tea, bagels, and cake. They have a welcoming, bright environment. You will be satisfied with their comfortable seating systems, warm ambiance, delicious coffee, and kind service.

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Address: 740 Texas St, Fairfield, CA 94533, United States
  • Phone: 1707-389-4101

#4 Shearwater Coffee Bar

Shearwater Coffee Bar is a USDA-certified organic coffee roaster. This coffee shop serves organic coffee, espresso, cold-brew, nitro coffee, teas, chocolates, and pastries. At any given time, they do not roast more than 20 pounds of coffee beans.

After that, the air cools the beans to preserve the coffee’s flavor and texture. As a result, every sip of their coffee will have a distinct flavor.

Coffee Shop Information:

#5 La Barista Espresso

La Barista Espresso is a tiny, locally owned, and operated company. They serve coffee as well as a range of dishes. They consistently give excellent coffee at a fair price.

Indoors, there are a few comfortable window seats and a few tiny tables. Outside, on the porch, there is also sitting before the entry. There is enough parking available in addition to the shop. Service is almost always excellent, according to customers.

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Address: 4160 Suisun Valley Rd B, Fairfield, CA 94534, United States
  • Phone: 1707-864-8487

#6 Common Grounds Coffeehouse And Cafe

Common Grounds Coffeehouse and Cafe serves amazing coffee, teas, and blended drinks. They have a large variety of pastries, sandwiches, and coffees to choose from.

It is a great coffee shop with plenty of space to hang out. It features a relaxed vibe where you may watch TV, hold meetings, or study while enjoying a good cup of coffee.

Coffee Shop Information:

#7 Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees and Smoothies

Maui Wowi Hawaiian is a teeny-tiny coffee shop in the middle of a parking lot. It serves fruit smoothies, Hawaii-grown coffee drinks as well as light cuisine.

They have a wide selection of coffees with distinct flavors and excellent customer service. They do take their time and ensure that the consumers are happy with their drink.

Coffee Shop Information:

#8 Raley’s

Raley’s has been providing their service since 1998. Their goal is to modify our eating habits one plate at a time.

They have a wide range of dishes and coffee. This could be a good spot for a decent cup of coffee.

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Address: 3330 N Texas St, Fairfield, CA 94533, United States
  • Phone: 1707-421-9990
  • Facebook: @Raley’s

#9 The Original Mels Diner

In 1947, the first Mels Diner opened its doors. Mels has 22 locations worldwide. The Original Mels is dedicated to providing excellent service at an affordable price, treating each customer as if they were a member of their family, and treating them with respect.

They serve fresh meals as well as high-quality coffee. They have good dining and stylish interiors. Food prices are also fair. 

Coffee Shop Information:

#10 Huckleberry’s

Huckleberry’s is a good spot when you want to stop for a good breakfast and lunch. You will find a family-oriented atmosphere, large portions, and friendly service.

They have several food items as well as a variety of coffee to choose from. Food and drinks are not so expensive. There are no outdoor dining facilities.

They only have indoor dining where you will be able to enjoy your food and a great cup of coffee. But many customers claim that the shop is not so clean. And they suggest keeping the shop always clean.

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Address: 3101 Travis Blvd B, Fairfield, CA 94534, United States
  • Phone: 1707-427-3800
  • Website: Huckleberry’s

#11 The Napa Deli

The Napa Deli is a family-owned and operated establishment. In 2015, they first opened their doors. They offer a wide range of foods such as sandwiches, paninis, breakfast, coffee, and much more. Food prices are modest.

The staff is pleasant. They make every effort to deliver the best service possible. They’ve expanded and remodeled to accommodate additional dine-in customers. The entire shop is clean and you will receive a welcoming environment. 

Coffee Shop Information:

#12 Dutch Bros Coffee

In 1992, Dutch Bros Coffee was founded. It’s a lighthearted business dedicated to coffee, real fruit smoothies, frosts, Nitro Cold Brew, tea, sodas, and its Rebel Energy Drink.

They offer a good coffee assortment. Staffs are always aware to provide the best service. In 13 states, Dutch Bros “baristas” provide over 10,000 cocktail combinations.

Coffee Shop Information:

#13 Panera Bread

Panera Bread is well-known for its specialty bread and high-quality coffee. They serve good coffee and offer a wide range of party and breakfast menu options. They serve cuisine to customers in a warm and friendly setting, focusing on quality, clean ingredients.

You will be able to purchase meals at an affordable cost. The staff is friendly and helpful.

Coffee Shop Information:

#14 Jelly Donut

Jelly Donut is a small shop with off-street parking. Donuts, coffee, bagels, and pastries are all popular items at this location. Since 1987, they’ve been providing services to Fairfield.

There are nine varieties of coffee available. The employees are courteous and efficient.

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Address: 1615 W Texas St, Fairfield, CA 94533, United States
  • Phone: 1707-425-1111

#15 Mimi’s Cafe

Mimi’s Cafe was founded in 1978. Mimi’s is a local cafe that serves fresh, hand-crafted comfort food and bistro classics for breakfast, lunch, supper, and special occasions.

They have a nice coffee selection. There is both outdoor and indoor dining available. You can eat or drink your coffee wherever you wish.

This store provides a pleasant ambiance as well as a child-friendly atmosphere. Their employees are continuously focused on giving excellent service.

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Address: 1650 Gateway Blvd, Fairfield, CA 94533, United States
  • Phone: 866-926-6636
  • Website: Mimi’s Cafe
  • Facebook: @mimiscafe

#16 Valley Café

Valley Cafe opened its doors in 1986. This is a family-owned and operated country cafe. They are known for serving American breakfast and lunch, as well as coffee, fresh fruits and salads, and hot and cold custom sandwiches.

They help local farmers by purchasing their products and incorporating them into their recipes.

They have a little selection of coffee. But their coffee is not popular because of its low quality.

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Address: 4171 Suisun Valley Rd A, Fairfield, CA 94534, United States
  • Phone: 1707-864-2507
  • Facebook: @ValleyCafeFairfield

#17 Donut Wheel

Donut Wheel is a locally owned and operated business. For more than 20 years, this shop has been successful in its endeavors.

It’s a doughnut shop with high-quality donuts as well as a selection of coffee, juices, and soft beverages.

They’re both pleasant to deal with. There is a wide range of options. Food is reasonably priced.

Coffee Shop Information:

#18 Lucky Jelly Donuts

Lucky Jelly Donuts is a family-owned and operated company. They are most known for their freshly baked doughnuts. They do, however, have a large selection of fresh coffee kinds. They have a very welcoming spot where you may get your early morning caffeine fix.

The coffee, as well as this tranquil environment, will give you a mental jolt.

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Address: 760 N Texas St, Fairfield, CA 94533, United States
  • Phone: 1707-425-6798

#19 Little Knopp’s Bakery

Little Knoppis’ Bakery is known as a desert treasure trove. Outside, they offer a little area with benches where you may enjoy refreshments.

It’s a fantastic spot for eating, conversing, and unwinding. Coffee is available in a variety of flavors. Customer service is good and the price is reasonable.

Coffee Shop Information:

#20 He Brews It Cafe

He Brews It Cafe is a place where you will find a cup of coffee or tea. They serve locally sourced coffee and/or snacks. You’ll discover a technique for storing your data that is both interesting and efficient.

The environment is pleasant and well-kept. This is an excellent location for studying or working on a laptop. There is a vast assortment of coffee to choose from, as well as a variety of flavors.

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Address: 1745 Enterprise Dr. Ste K Fairfield, CA 94533
  • Phone: (707) 421-9435 

#21 Salvio’s Italian Deli

Salvio’s Italian Deli is a restaurant that serves sandwiches, bread, coffee, and other refreshments. The food is delicious. There are a few various kinds of coffee available.

However, if you’re looking for an excellent coffee shop, this isn’t the place for you. Because the quality of their coffee is not very good.

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Address: 846 Texas St Fairfield, CA 94533
  • Phone: (707) 920-2946

Over To You

I did my best to compile a list of the best 21 reliable coffee shops in Fairfield. I hope you’ve discovered one you like.

Are there any other Fairfield coffee businesses that aren’t listed? If you know of any additional good coffee establishments, please let us know. Many others looking for a convenient coffee establishment will benefit from your candid assessment.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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