Top 19 Best Coffee Shops In Elk Grove, California (CA) State [2022]

Whether it is to jumpstart your day or to spend some relaxing time, going on a date, or hanging out with your friends, coffee shops are essential in our lives.

Elk Grove has a lot of coffee shops and it might confuse you about which ones are good. And to help you out, we have made this list of the top 19 reputable coffee shops in Elk Grove, California state.

This list covers places with good coffee & tea, great interiors & environment, varieties & customer service. So, have a look at this list and find out which of these is going to be your next destination. 

Coffee Shops In Elk Grove, California (CA) State

#1 18 Grams Coffee & Tea

Among the big coffee chains of Elk Grove, 18 Grams Coffee & Tea is a hidden gem located near Old Elk Grove.

They have a unique approach which is serving 18 grams of coffee at a time. This is a family-owned coffee shop and they are very friendly. You can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea at their shop. They have varieties of coffees and teas.

They also have house special lattes and other specials such as Vietnamese Iced Coffee. If you are in Elk Grove and looking to spend a relaxing time with a cup of coffee, this is a must-place to visit. 

Coffee Shop Details: 

#2 Dutch Bros Coffee

You might have already heard about Dutch Bros Coffee as they made headlines and went viral in the past 5 years for their excellent service in the community. That’s what Dutch Bros believes in, connecting with the community. With a reputation of nearly three decades, they will serve you excellent coffees.

They are also very friendly and you can design your coffee as you want. In fact, they have a drink on their menu which was customized by customers. They also have a good parking lot and music. 

Coffee Shop Details:

#3 Rescate Coffee 

The word “Rescate” refers to “Rescue” which is the mission of this coffee shop. They try to rescue you anytime with their gourmet coffee. They also rescue dogs and impact their lives.

If you have a cup of coffee at Rescate Coffee, you will also contribute to pet rescue as a portion of sales of the coffee shop goes to local pet rescue organizations. And not only that, but they have also partnered with a local pet treat shop to serve your pet too.

You should definitely visit if you have a pet dog because not only you but also, your pet will spend quality time.

Coffee Shop Details:

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#4 Moo Moo Tea House

If you are a lover of Boba, Moo Moo Tea House is one of the best places in Elk Grove. They also have a lot of options you can choose from.

The drinks are really natural in taste. They also offer a free membership program. You can even get a free drink by accumulating points as a member.

The theme of the restaurant is also very good. Everything is white inside and the big windows make this place very bright. Overall, the ambiance is surely enjoyable. 

Coffee Shop Details:

#5 A Seat At The Table Books 

If I ask you what goes best with coffee, most of you will surely answer books. And that’s what A Seat At The Table Books offers.

They are a coffee shop and also a bookstore and also a community hub. You can enjoy a great time there with your favorite books and from taking sips from their wonderful drinks.

They have books for everyone. From kids to old people, anyone can have a great time there.

They also have family movie nights which include after-hours dinner, storytime, and movie events every 2nd and 4th Friday to ensure quality time for your whole family. 

Coffee Shop Details:

#6 Vinhouse – Tea & Coffee

Established only a few years back, Vinhouse Tea & Coffee has been able to serve quality drinks for the residents of Elk Grove.

The drinks of Vinhouse are special as they are authentic Vietnamese drinks. They have a mission to spread the cafe heritage of Vietnam.

This is a must-try place for you if you love Vietnamese drinks or want to try it for the first time. All of their ingredients are natural.

If you are a lover of the environment, you are going to love them as they collect tea and coffee from environment-friendly farmers.

Coffee Shop Details:

#7 Onit Coffee

Onit Coffee is a coffee shop that truly represents the city as they say they are proud to be a part of the city.

They try to showcase their pride for the city through their drinks and also, try to contribute to the betterment of society. They donate a portion from every cup of coffee sold to various non-profit organizations to impact the lives of the people.

This is a place where you can be proud of your city and together with them, impact many lives. 

Coffee Shop Details:

#8 Jamie’s Cafe

Jamie’s Cafe is a family-owned business thriving in Elk Grove. Their goal is to bring quality food and drinks to the families of Elk Grove. They have a very friendly environment.

This is a good place to visit with your family and friends. They also have a bike rack in their parking lot. They also showcase local arts in their coffee shop.

You can make any special requests and it will be made, 

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Location: 9101 Laguna Main St Ste 190 Elk Grove, CA 95758
  • Contact: (916) 667-3865
  • Website: Jamie’s Cafe

#9 T% Coffee + Tea

If you love pink, then you will definitely love T% Coffee + Tea. From the pink furry wall near the entrance to their whole pink interior, everything will make sure that you are having a “Pink Day”.

You can also enjoy this great ambiance with one of their boba drinks which are amazing. They are fast in service and you will get your drink really quick. 

Coffee Shop Details:

#10 La Bou

Starting in 1982, La Bou has a lot of stores in California. They also have a store in Elk grove.

La Bou offers great coffees with pastries, sandwiches, etc. They have earned quite a name for their sandwiches.

People seem to have a pleasant time with a cup of espresso and pastries or sandwiches. They are also very friendly. 

Coffee Shop Details:

#11 Boba Tea House

You might have already heard about Boba Tea House as they are one of the first boba shops in Elk Grove. If you haven’t already tried their drinks, you should definitely do it.

The specialty of their boba is that they are imported directly from Taiwan. They also try to help the community as much as they can by doing fundraisers. 

Coffee Shop Details:

#12 Kung Fu Tea

Kung Fu Tea is famous all over the U.S with more than 250 outlets. They are considered America’s largest bubble tea brand. They believe in improving the lives of their customers and the community by providing world-class flavors and inspiring people to live fearlessly.

They will also give you a way to earn rewards by paying through their app. They are constantly improving themselves and adding new things to their business as they believe in innovation.

Coffee Shop Details:

#13 Raretea 

Raretea has recently opened in the south of Elk Grove. They have a wide variety of teas available.

They focus mainly on the tea aspect. Their prices are really cheap and the drinks are of good quality.

You can even customize toppings and amounts of ice without any hassle. People are really loving their Okinawa tea and maybe, you should give it a try. 

Coffee Shop Details:

#14 Savvy House Coffee Bar

Savvy House Coffee Bar is one of the most chill coffee shops to visit in Elk Grove. They are really friendly and the atmosphere is very good. They have a lot of Afrocentric art in their place.

They also have board games to cheer you on while you are waiting for your order.

The owner is always there who is really friendly and will do his best to see you get the best experience. Their breakfast is also famous. 

Coffee Shop Details:

#15 Teacup Coffee And Boba Tea

Teacup Coffee And Boba Tea is another coffee place in Elk Grove that is not quite famous. But, they showcase some excellent drinks including boba tea.

They are also really friendly and kind. You might also consider trying their fried chickens. 

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Location: 8351 Elk Grove Blvd Ste 500 Elk Grove, CA 95758
  • Contact: (916) 627-1377

#16 T4 Tea For U

T4 Tea For U is another place you can check in to get some great coffee in Elk Grove. You can adjust the sweetness in your drinks.

The atmosphere is really good. Their food is also good if you want some with your coffee. Their customer service is also good. They also have a big menu and so, you will get a lot of options. 

Coffee Shop Details:

#17 Tapioca And Tea

Another place that you should consider visiting is Tapioca and Tea.

The place is very cozy. It’s a very friendly place. With different sitting arrangements and games, this place feels like home. They also have vegetarian and vegan options. 

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Location: 9105 Bruceville Rd Ste 3a Elk Grove, CA 95758
  • Contact: (916) 478-2583
  • Instagram: Tapioca And Tea

#18 Peet’s Coffee 

Well, everyone knows about Peet’s Coffee. The famous coffee chain started by Alfred Peet, the man who taught the world to drink coffee, is also located in Elk Grove. Super-fast service, friendly staff, excellent drinks, vibrant atmosphere, overall a typical Peet’s Coffee.

They will take care of every detail of your order. Their drinks are world-class. You can enjoy some breakfast with your coffee. 

Coffee Shop Details:

#19 Starbucks 

It isn’t possible to make a list of the best coffee shops without including Starbucks right? What more is there to tell about Starbucks.

We all know about them. You can find a Starbucks store in Elk Grove. What’s best about Starbucks is that they will never let you down.

They ensure quality consistently. You can go to their store anytime and expect to get a great coffee. 

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Location: 8450 Elk Grove Blvd Ste 100 Elk Grove, CA 95758
  • Contact: (916) 683-4668
  • Website: Starbucks
  • Facebook: Starbucks
  • Instagram: Starbucks

Over To You

We have prepared this list of the best 19 reliable coffee shops in the Elk Grove, California zone, to help you get the best coffee.

Don’t forget to go to one of these places the next time you are looking for a coffee shop. And also, don’t forget to let us know about your experience.

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