Top 20 Best Coffee Shops In Downey, California (CA) State [2022]

Coffee shops are a mandatory place for city life. People of the city take service of this shop to enjoy their time or to save their time for their work.

As there are so many coffee greatest shops in the city, people choose coffee shops according to their taste. Here, I have tried to present a list of the best 20 reputable coffee shops in Downey, California.


Best Coffee Shops In Downey California

#1 3rd Street Coffee

3rd Street Coffee shop, a small local coffee shop, started its journey in Downey in 2000. They serve delicious and fresh brewed coffee which is locally sourced.

This cute little neighborhood coffee shop serves its customers at a reasonable and affordable price. It’s also the best place for sandwiches.

The interior of the cafe is homey and cozy, also the ambiance is so nice. As a little local business, you should pay a visit here and appreciate them. 

Coffee Shop Details:

#2 Drinx

Drinx is a little cute drive-thru coffee shop in Downey. If you are in a hurry or you don’t want to face a long line for your coffee, Drinx is a super place for you to grab your coffee easily and quickly. Their friendly staff fulfills orders perfectly.

This tiny shop is ready with speedy service, strong coffee, friendly barista, and staff. The coffee has a simple menu, the taste of their foods and service will not disappoint you. This shop is also famous as a nice little drive-up place.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 9236 Lakewood Blvd, Downey, CA 90240, United States
  • Phone: 562-861-9955

#3 Ecuamex

Ecuamex is known as a little gem in Downey. For a coffee enthusiast, this shop is a fantastic place. The drinks they serve are perseverance and exceptional. The food taste and quality of this shop are so unique.

Their super flavorful and delicious coffee is very famous among local people. Their tea is also freshly brewed with quality and fresh products. Every food item of the cafe is non-dairy. Also, the food items are kid-friendly and they don’t use caffeine in their drinks.   

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 8321 Firestone Blvd, Downey, CA 90241, United States
  • Phone: (562) 445-0866

#4 7 Leaves Cafe

The story of 7 Leaves Cafe began in 2011 with a group of brothers and close friends with a law, banking, sales, and engineering background.

They mix various types of herbal ingredients to make a different experience and vision to bring the best products from various cultures around the world and make them even better by applying the finer details.

The goal of 7 Leaves Cafe is simple: they want to improve every single activity, from their culture of care to the quality of their products and the way of serving their customers. 

Coffee Shop Details:

#5 The Chapel Cafe

The Chapel Cafe is a small cozy cafe, located at Calvary Chapel in Downey. The place is so great and quiet that you can enjoy your coffee calmly with your friends or family. You can study in this noise-free atmosphere by having friendly made coffee.

They have an excellent variety of coffees and sandwiches. This cafe is also a nice place for kids to play. The staff are very friendly and provide fast services. 

Coffee Shop Details:

#6 Pop’s Cafe

Pop’s Cafe is a family-owned and operated business in Downey. They serve delicious, traditional, and flavourful breakfast and lunch.

This cafe gives a homey feel that brings their customers back again and again. They also win their customers’ hearts with their friendly and attentive service. If you are in Downey and ask any local for a shop for breakfast, they must suggest Pop’s cafe to you.  

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 7840 Florence Ave, Downey, CA 90240, United States
  • Phone: (562) 927-0096
  • Website: Pop’s Cafe

#7 Mimi’s Cafe

Mimi’s Cafe started its journey in 1978. They serve their customers for a long period offering fresh, hand-prepared food. Also, they provide bistro classics for lunch, dinner, and all day.

It’s a great breakfast place with great food and great ambiance. You can enjoy a quality full-time here with your friends and family. Also a nice place for kids. Their great coffee always wakes you up.

Coffee Shop Details:

#8 Class 302 Cafe – Downey

Class 302 Cafe, a Taiwanese food shop. The interior of this shop must give you a nostalgic feeling because of its school-themed design. If you miss your school or want to have the feelings of that time, come here and flashback your memory.

In this cafe, you can have various types of Taiwanese food that they made with love and care. They also serve various types of drinks as well. You can make your Boba tea by yourself. It’s also a very nice place for children.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 8855 Apollo Way #224, Downey, CA 90242, United States
  • Phone: (562) 401-0180
  • Website: Class 302 Cafe

#9 Solid Coffee Roasters – Downey Warehouse

Solid Coffee Roaster started its journey in 2014. Daniel Kam, the founder of solid, started it to create a platform for any enterprise so that they can create and sell their own coffee brand and raise funds. For the same reason, he started too.

Solid became famous within a short period and the organization understood the demand of customers for a good cup of coffee. You can have the best coffee in Downey here. 

Coffee Shop Details:

#10 GreyScale Coffee Roasters

GreyScale Coffee Roaster is a hidden gem in Downey, located inside a pharmacy. It is a super cute spot that gives customers a unique feel and definitely a quiet place.

If you want a crowd-free place to enjoy your time and coffee, pay a visit here. Staff are friendly and provide top-notch service. To encourage this cute little local shop, you can come here and enjoy their service.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 8610 Firestone Blvd Downey, CA 90241
  • Phone: (562) 622-6227
  • Facebook: @GreyScaleRoasters

#11 Trinidad Coffee Co

Trinidad Coffee Co makes their coffee keeping in mind that the desire and demand of every customer are unique as they are. The objective of Trinidad coffee is to fulfill their customer’s expectations by improving the quality of their coffees and the level of customer care.

This coffee shop is also entrusted with the roasting and brewing of the coffee and espresso beverages to local renowned hotels, restaurants, and resorts. They use every knowledge, skill, and desire to transform their customer’s expectations into a rich and flavourful reality.

Coffee Shop Details:

#12 Porto’s Bakery And Cafe

Porto’s Bakery And Cafe‘s story begins with a girl’s love of a bakery named Rosa who lived on the Island of Cuba. She became so popular through baking that she developed a distinct fan base.

This baking showed her the dream of a better life when she and her family had no resources at the beginning of a new chapter of life in California and she succeeded in realizing that dream.

She started her official bakery journey in 1974. In Rosa’s absence, her three children, Beatriz, Raul Jr., and Margarita cherish the success. They still hold on to their mother’s teaching, quality is one of the important elements in everything we do. 

Coffee Shop Details:

#13 Louks Greek Baby Donuts

Locus Greek Baby Donuts is located in a shopping complex in Downey. A famous shop for fresh, delicious, and various types of donuts and coffee. For vegetarian people, this is the best place as they serve vegan-friendly donuts, desserts also.

If you want to experience something that is different from others, you can check out the shop. They use fresh beans to make their coffee. you can have a fresh, mind-blowing, delicious coffee here. 

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 9232 Lakewood Blvd, Downey, CA 90240, United States
  • Phone: (562) 302-0204
  • Website: Louks Greek Baby Donuts

#14 Tropicana Bakery & Cuban Cafe

In the 1990s, a Cuban-born American citizen Melvyn Madrazo Sr. expressed his desire to open a restaurant where the food would be a combination of Cuban-Style and Mexican-style.

Tropicana Bakery & Cuban Cafe is that place where you can enjoy the unique taste of this combination.

It’s a family-owned and operated business. As part-owner and vice president, Melvyn’s vast experience of production with over 300 employees served the family business well. 

Coffee Shop Details:

#15 Poached Neighborhood Kitchen

Poached Neighborhood Kitchen started its journey in 2017 in the city of Downey.

The goal of the shop is to bring a new addition to breakfast, brunch, and lunch dining to the restaurant scene of Downey. Within a short period, they successfully win the hearts of the customers, get lots of love and support and an overwhelming sense of welcome from them.

You can enjoy a fresh meal in a fabulous atmosphere any time here. 

Coffee Shop Details:

#16 Marketplace Grill

Marketplace Grill where you can find the combination of great service and top-notch food. The shop is one of the best places for having breakfast, lunch, and dinner if you are in Downey city.

Instead of rushing, the staffs are attentive and friendly to serve their customers. The food of them is so delicious and fresh that if you taste them once you must remember it. 

Coffee Shop Details:

#17 The Healthy Bean Inc

The Healthy Bean Inc is one of the best fresh, authentic and healthy coffee and bean suppliers in Downey. They enhance the antioxidants of coffee that are lost during the roasting process.

In a patent-pending process, they induce and fortify the organic and fair trade certified coffee with protein isolate and antioxidants from green tea, blueberry, pomegranates and produce a truly revolutionary coffee product. 

Coffee Shop Details:

#18 Prinki Pia Corp

Prinki Pia Corp, is one of the best boba shops in Downey. If you are a boba tea lover, this place is for you. You can have a new experience by self-serving boba tea and sharing it with your friends and family. Their other drinks and desserts are also very delicious and freshly made.

This is the must-go place for people with sweet tooth. This boba is quite different from other boba shops in Downey. So you can pay a visit to experience something new. 

Coffee Shop Details:

#19 Cinnabon

The story of Cinnabon started with the mission of father and son to make the world’s great cinnamon roll from scratch. They started their official journey on December 4, 1985.

The objective of Cinnabon is to spread warmth in their bakeries and also in their community. For them, every ingredient carries a different story in food. They use the rich, sweet Arabica coffee beans and iced coffees to perfectly complement their flavor. 

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 251 Stonewood St, Downey, CA 90241
  • Phone: (562) 923-1807
  • Website: Cinnabon

#20 Ruby’s Diner

Ruby’s Diner started its journey on December 7, 1982. It became famous within a short period of time by its magical performance.

The small shack serves its customers with the service motto, ”Only the best for our guest”. People from near and far visited the restaurant and added a new experience in their life which was remarkable, memorable, and fun.

Now Ruby’s diner becomes popular because of its highest quality breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Coffee Shop Details:

Over To You

In Downey city, there are various types of coffee shops to serve the people with their top-notch services.

Here I have enlisted the top 20 reliable coffee shops of Downey city so that you can see it at a glance.

If there is any other coffee shop not included in the list, feel free to comment. Also, you can share your story of visiting these coffee shops.

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