Top 18 Best Coffee Shops In Concord, California (CA) State [2022]

Coffee is a roasted coffee bean-based brewed beverage. Over time, it has beneficial health effects. It can lift your spirits and make you feel more productive and energized. It can also help you get rid of your depression.

You can make a nice cup of coffee at home or purchase from a decent coffee shop. In Concord, California, local and friendly coffee shops provide the ideal setting for unwinding and warming up with a nice cup of coffee. Do you want to find the ideal coffee shop?

There are numerous coffee shops in Concord. In this article, I’ve included the top 18 reputable coffee shops from which you can pick a nice one. Read the article to discover more.

#1 Sugar Plum Coffee Shop

Sugar Plum Coffee Shop is the place to go if you’re searching for a  traditional American breakfast spot. This Coffee Shop was established in 1959. It is a family-owned business and is Concord’s second-oldest operating coffee shop.

It’s well-known for its delectable cuisine and welcoming atmosphere. You will be able to purchase food and coffee at a reasonable cost. Besides, you will get a pleasant and courteous service. Their outside dining area is well-kept. In addition, there are still parking places available in their lot.

Coffee Shop Information:

#2 Peet’s Coffee

Peet’s Coffee shop first opened its doors in 1966. Alfred Peet is the founder of it. Peet’s Coffee is the country’s leading specialty coffee company. 

This coffee business offers a variety of high-quality coffees. They seek out the highest-quality coffee beans available and are committed to maintaining product quality.

Peet’s Coffee shop hand delivers each coffee to ensure freshness and handcraft each beverage at their coffee bars. Their service is quick and will make you feel acknowledged.

Coffee Shop Information:

#3 Kendra’s Cup

Kendra’s Cup is a coffee shop which is situated inside John Muir Hospital. Tristyn, whose mother worked as a nurse at this hospital, is the founder of this coffee shop.

They primarily assist patients and their companions. They make an effort to give high-quality coffee to their customers. Their goal is to improve the experience of visitors.

Their customer service is pleasant, and they go above and above in providing services. You will get their product at a reasonable price.

Coffee Shop Information:

#4 Dunkin’

Dunkin’ started its journey In 1950. Bill Rosenberg is the founder of it. It is a well-known coffee restaurant in America that serves a variety of breakfast foods and coffee drinks.

You can simply choose from a variety of coffee selections at a fair price as they have a large selection.

The shop is well-kept and decorated in a contemporary way. You will receive prompt service from courteous employees.

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Address: 4383 Clayton Rd Suite 10, Concord, CA 94521, United States
  • Phone: 1925-363-3454
  • Website: Dunkin’
  • Facebook: Dunkin’

#5 Chick’s Donuts & Coffee Shop

Chick’s Donuts & Coffee Shop serves a selection of freshly prepared foods as well as a choice of coffee. To deliver the highest quality and taste, they prepare dishes using the freshest ingredients. 

Their service is excellent, and the pricing is cheap. They have well-planned seating arrangements. You can stop by for a delicious breakfast and a fantastic cup of coffee.

Coffee Shop Information:

#6 Crêpe la Fontaine

For centuries, the owners and chefs of Crepe la Fontaine have worked in the French food industry. They are a family-owned and operated company. They are dedicated to sharing their profound love and passion for French cuisine with their customers.

Crepes, waffles, sandwiches, pastries, tea, and coffee are all available at Crepe la Fontaine. This location served the greatest cappuccino, which is quite popular with the patrons.

They have a very calm and cozy environment. There are well-organized outdoor tables next to Veranda’s dancing waters fountain.

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Address: 2045 Diamond Blvd #14, Concord, CA 94520, United States
  • Phone: 1925-349-4529
  • Website: Crêpe la Fontaine

#7 Cinnabon

Cinnabon is a dessert shop that specializes in cinnamon rolls. They later expanded their menu to include coffee and other items. They have coffee drinks available in a variety of flavors. It all started with a chocolate-flavored coffee drink.

From there, they added rich, sweet Arabica bean coffees and iced coffees that suit their Cinnabon flavors wonderfully. Their customer service is kind and welcoming. However, as they are located near Sun Valley Mall, finding parking might be difficult at times.

Coffee Shop Information:

#8 Panama Red Coffee

Panama Red Coffee is a well-known coffee shop in Concord. It has well-organized indoor dining. They have several coffee selections.

You can enjoy a high-quality cup of coffee and can start your day with freshness. Besides coffee, they have other food options that you can taste to get a good experience. 

Coffee Shop Information:

#9 Morecoffee

Morecoffee shop started its journey in 1995. From then till now, they have developed their menu over the years. This is a family-owned business and is an online retailer that supplies knowledge and equipment for roasting green coffee beans. 

Morecoffee shops are devoted to flavor, as well as the production of beer, wine, and the roasting of coffee. They offer great customer service. You will get coffee and beer at a reasonable price.

Coffee Shop Information:

#10 Devil Mountain Coffee

Devil Mountain Coffee Shop is a good place to go if you’re looking for a delicious cup of coffee.

Devil Mountain Coffee is dedicated to providing the greatest quality organic, robust, pure, and fair trade coffee. 

Their coffee is properly roasted and one of the strongest on the market. They have great cold coffee. You can visit there if you want to try some delicious, robust coffee.

Coffee Shop Information:

#11 Touch Of Europe

Touch of Europe is a coffee shop in Concord. Customers claim that their meal selection is limited. The customer service is not up to par. Some of them thought the design and decoration were not perfect.

Touch of Europe has two rooms: one is a medium-sized room with seats on both sides, ideal for socializing and gatherings, and the other is a large space with sitting on both sides. The actual store is in a smaller area in the back, hidden behind a glass wall.

Coffee Shop Information:

#12 Cactus Cafe

Cactus Cafe is family-owned and runs the establishment. This cafe first opened its doors in 2005. Indoor and outdoor seats are available at Cactus Cafe. Their inside is tastefully designed, and the cafe is spacious.

They have an impressive selection of burgers, salads, breakfast items, cookies, and muffins. They do, however, feature a limited selection of coffee-related things.

Customers, on the other hand, say that their coffee has a pleasant flavor that refreshes them. The staff is quite pleasant, and the pricing is also very affordable.

Coffee Shop Information:

#13 Mi Oficina Computer Café

Mi Oficina, an internet café in Concord, California, first opened its doors in 2007. They later introduced delectable espresso drinks and handcrafted Mexican pastries. Their mission is to use computers and coffee to help close the digital gap while also enhancing the quality of life.

Mi Oficina Computer Cafe is a coffee and computer shop that specializes in both. Coffee is available in a limited assortment.

They do, however, make rich, foamy coffee with just the proper amount of sweetness at a competitive price. They also make an effort to deliver good service to their customers.

Coffee Shop Information:

#14 Dainteas Afternoon Tea Parlour

Only reservations are taken at Dainteas Afternoon Tea Parlour. Dainteas is an afternoon tea parlor for the child.

The place is charming and tastefully designed. They feature a variety of food, tea, and coffee options.

This is a great spot for a cup of coffee. But you won’t find it open without any program. That’s why people can not go and taste their coffee at any time.

Coffee Shop Information:

#15 Gangnam Cafe

The Gangnam Cafe is located in Concord’s downtown area. They have both an indoor and outdoor dining space. Their cozy restaurant is the ideal setting for a meal with friends and family. 

They are looking forward to serving their customers a delicious lunch in a relaxing and welcoming environment. They just have a little selection of coffee. The coffee is of good quality. The prices are also affordable.

Coffee Shop Information:

#16 1800 Cafe

Since 2010, 1800 Cafes have been providing high-quality, home-style cooking to their patrons. It is owned by Syed Hussaini and Asif Iqbal. They are both enthusiastic about consumer and partner relationships.

They have nice indoor seating where you may have a cup of coffee. Their coffee assortment is good, and the prices are not so high. For a better experience, you can visit this cafe.

Coffee Shop Information:

#17 Rob’s Zombies

Rob’s Zombies is a good spot for their renowned Cheese zombies. Rob’s Zombies also serves short bar snacks, Craft Brews, and Artisanal Coffees in addition to zombies. They provide a nice selection of coffee.

Customers say the location is nice, but the restaurant inside gives off the impression of being under renovation and uninviting.

Coffee Shop Information:

#18 Boba Time Concord

Boba Time Concord provides tapioca milk tea, boba drinks, coffee, and soft-serve ice cream. The shop is located in an older yet bustling shopping center.

The place is not always overcrowded. They have a reasonable amount of space, but no tables or seats for you to sit and enjoy your cuisine.

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Address: 1 Sun Valley Mall D212A, Concord, CA 94520, United States
  • Phone: 1925-471-4688

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Over To You

I hope you learned something new about Concord’s well-known coffee shops from this article. You can discover a relaxing atmosphere by visiting these coffee shops. If you have anything to know or have any suggestions, please share them in the comments area below. 

Among the best 18 reliable coffee shops, which one did you like most? Why did you like it? Have you visited any of those? If it is, you are welcome to share your experience with me.


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