Top 18 Best Coffee Shops In Burbank, California (CA) State [2022]

Burbank, home to world-class arts and culture, is another Hollywood hotspot in the United States, promoting its cachet on every street. Nickelodeon Animations, Warner Brothers, you name it, Burbank is a millennial’s dreamland, as are their visionary restaurants and coffee shops.

Are you looking for the best coffee shops in Burbank, California? Well, here’s a list of 18 great, distinctive places to get your coffee in Burbank. Let’s take a look at some of the top picks!


Best Coffee Shops In Burbank California


#1 The Palm Coffee Bar

The Palm Coffee Bar layout is designed to make you feel like you’re on a holiday trip when you’re just walking down a street in Burbank. It is undoubtedly one of the most photogenic, Instagram-worthy coffee shops to visit in the city.

The Palm’s not only served delicious coffee, tea, and other beverages; their breakfast delicacies, such as croissants, sandwiches,  salads, and pastries are presented in an edgy panorama. Taste and judge yourself! 

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#2 Simply Coffee

Simply brings you Stumptown Coffee, biodynamic teas, and home-baked organic goods daily. As a cherished community classic, you can’t go wrong with Simply’s vegan menu alongside its high-quality espresso and signature cold brew.

Moreover, their wooden shop-front and plant marbled side-wall are assuredly eye-catching and might merit some cute Instagram pictures!

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#3 Blvd Cafecito

Blvd Cafe, a toned showcase between many of the Magnolia Park corner shops, lures a whole group of fans at times, and indeed, it’s worth waiting for.

The shop serves such a classic menu with Cafe con Leches and Cortaditos that it leaves you feeling like you’ve been floating at the South Beach!

Not to mention, Blvd Cafecito has one of the friendliest Baristas and Waiters that make you feel at home. 

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#4 The Ugly Mug Coffee House

The Ugly Mug Coffee House is a trademark of cafes constructed with delightful antique remnants straight from the 1950s. Drinks here range from traditional classics to a luxurious array of coffee beans, such as espressos, smoothies, chocolate milk, teas, and a variety of other specialties, which are guaranteed to satiate all your taste buds!

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#5 Miracle Bakery

Miracle Bakery strives to serve solely home recipes crafted with some of the best local produce. It has a diverse menu that includes pies, cakes, cookies, pastries, and a full range of espresso drinks.

Their Matcha Latte and chocolate fudge desserts are both absolutely scrumptious and highly raved about, to say the least. Miracle Bakery is also one of the few places in Burbank that sell authentic gluten-free and dairy-free goods!

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#6 Hill Street Cafe 

Hill Street Cafe has it all, whether it’s brunch, dinner, or a special menu exclusively made for your kids! Everything from good coffee to gourmet pasta, burgers, eggs, and desserts, Hill Street stimulates all your tastebuds, leaving you wanting more of them.

The location is guaranteed to keep you hooked because of its serene décor and vibrantly colored finishings as well!

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Cookie Dough Dreams, the first raw cookie dough store in Los Angeles, has been catering its incredible unique formula to Burbank’s music industry and motion pictures since 2018. Believe me when I say that this cafe has the potential to fulfill and reunite all of your childhood fantasies.

Here, you can build your own frozen yogurt or ice cream using your favorite cookie dough as a base and enjoy your own personalized order!

Not to mention their exquisite array of Coffee alleviates your tiresome day just by a cup, and the chic ambiance is perfect for a cute Instagram photoshoot! 

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#8 Lou, The French On The Block

Chef Lou and his wife’s passion for French baked goods consummated its prospect when Lou, The French On The Block was established in 2016.

The Lou family members have fully dedicated themselves to conveying the French lineage through delicious sandwiches, croissants, pastries, cakes, and coffees ever since.

The cafe’s patio gives you a peaceful and soothing outlet, ensuring you get a decent hour of productivity done, or just chill with your friends if you’re in the mood! 

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#9 Priscilla’s Gourmet Coffee, Tea & Gifts

Since the early 1970s, Priscilla’s Gourmet Coffee Tea & Gifts has offered a variety of unique flavored coffees from different origins. Because of its aesthetic, the spot characterizes soothing and laid-back vibes, which are perfect for a chilling session with your friends and family.

This apart, they also guide you to a souvenir shop to reminisce about Burbank in small bits. How exciting is that? To fulfill all your taste and imagination, do try some of Priscilla’s gourmet coffee and desserts, and you surely won’t be disappointed!  

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#10 Romancing The Bean Cafe

Romancing the Bean is one of Burbank’s most elegant family-run cafés, blending antiquated appeal with contemporary refinement. Their magnificent decor has a black-brick background with gold mirrors, granite countertops, and gleaming chandeliers giving the shop a picturesque vibe.

According to community voting, Romancing the Bean has received Burbank’s Best Coffee House title, undoubtedly followed by the delicious organic caffeine and festive specialty cocktails they provide.

Apart from that, their freshly squeezed juices and smoothies, salads, and sandwiches are well worth the buzz and money!

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#11 Acai Jungle Cafe

Keshiyan and her husband had inaugurated Acai Jungle Cafe after years of running it as an Ipanema-style beachside outlet on Victory Boulevard. The cafeteria is a pleasant surprise in Burbank, featuring diverse flavors and a focus on nourishment, authenticity, and source.

After popularising its Acai Bowls, the cafe now serves sandwiches and salads, smoothies, shakes, and a unique array of coffees as well! Acai Jungle Cafe offers a variety of vegan and vegetarian alternatives to your favorite items, so no one leaves unsatisfied!

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#12 Milano Cafe & Deli

Just at the doorway to Milano Cafe & Deli, manicured olive trees stand as guardians to welcome lovers of Italian food and sundries in Downtown Burbank.

The cafe only started in early September of last year with an exquisite menu of Italian cuisine, Italian and French deli staples, pastries, and corner market needs, which has created a great deal of talk in the town since.

To name one of their many top coffee selections, Italian Latte is a must-try!

Business Details:

  • Name of the owner: Adelaide & Mike
  • Address: 269 E Palm Ave Burbank, CA 91502
  • Website URL/link: Milano Cafe & Deli
  • Instagram link: @milanocafedeli 
  • Phone number: (747) 477-1108


SOTTA is among the few eateries in Burbank that serve traditional Mediterranean foods such as turkey, filet, lamb, seafood, and a range of other specialties.

Salmon platters, for example, have been modernized with Mushrooms and gravy options, thanks to SOTTA’s inventive synthesis of cultures and techniques, which presents a story of middle eastern and western cuisine confluence.

SOTTA’s Honey Latte is a must-try for all you coffee lovers out there!

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#14 Coffee Commissary

Coffee Commissary embodies a Utilitarian interior with ethically sourced coffee and freshly baked goods. Thanks to its stylish furnishings and innovative look, this restaurant is a fantastic spot to feast and enjoy hours unwinding.

Furthermore, they offer a variety of delightful foods and a variety of delicious coffee-based beverages. A variety of nutritional pastries, such as gluten-free crustless cakes, vegan cookies, and other delectable seasonal slices of bread, are featured alongside their prime java.

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#15 Central Perk

Are you a “FRIENDS” fan? Say no more when you step into Central Perk’s expanse. Although exclusively available to tourists, Central Perk’s Coffee selections come in unique flavors and blends worth eyeing.

The cafe also serves some of the original recipes from the show itself, for example, ‘Rachel’s Fruit Trifle’ and other bakery goods named after the characters such as “The Chandler”!

The interior is an excellent replica of the Central Perk ambiance framed in “FRIENDS,” so, not just a guest, you will literally feel like a cameo of the show!

All you have to do is get yourself a ticket, available both in Online and Offline counters of the Warner Bros. Studio Tours, and enjoy! 

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#16 Coral Cafe

Coral Cafe is renowned for its Mexican-American cuisine, including Tortillas, Enchiladas, and Salsa-Rojas, unquestionably delicious. Besides these specialty food items, the café also incorporates a European flair into recipes, such as the “French Vanilla Cappuccino,” one of the most beloved.

Coral Cafe’s seating, accessories, and overall vibe radiate a comfort that makes it an excellent location to unwind and rest – ideal for your family and friends!

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#17 MeneSweet

Are you looking for a quick cup of coffee on the outskirts of Burbank? MeneSweet is the place to go. MeneSweet showcases a carefully curated selection from top-tier local bakeries, ice cream makers, and candy confectioners in a vibrant and unique specialty corner store.

The sweet irony is their emphasis on small delicacies with massive flavors, ensuring that you don’t miss out! 

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#18 Basecamp & High Horse Dinette

For years, this particular plot of ground hidden among residences near the Los Angeles River has been a constant cycle of little restaurants. Basecamp and High Horse Dinette, dubbed one of Burbank’s trendiest cafes and dinettes, absolutely steal the show with their hand-crafted mimosas.

When you visit their high patio and furniture, it gives you a complete camping experience. Basecamp and High Horse Dinette could, therefore, totally pass as a great weekend getaway on a budget!

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Final Thoughts

In a magical city like Burbank, hundreds of local coffee shops are still waiting to discover and rave about. We’ve only been able to cover a few of them, so the rest indeed depend on your taste.

Do let us know if you enjoyed visiting these coffee shops in the comment box below and be sure to keep in touch, Coffeeholics!

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