Top 22 Best Coffee Shops In Bakersfield, California (CA) State [2022]

Nothing compares to savoring that perfect cup of coffee. Bakersfield, located in Southern California, is a refreshing respite from the rush and bustle of Los Angeles. The diversified population of this booming city inspires some fantastic restaurants and even excellent coffee shops. When you’re in town, here are a couple of the greatest spots to grab a cup of coffee.

Are you looking for the best coffee shops in Bakersfield, California? Well, here’s a list of 22 great, distinctive places to get your caffeine in Bakersfield.

Best Coffee Shops In Bakersfield, California (CA) State

#1 24th Street Cafe

Cy’s Coffee Shop, which is currently known as 24th Street Cafe, first opened its doors in 1950. Mark Huggs, a third-generation restaurateur from the area, opened 24th Street Cafe in 1987. It’s as good as you remember every time you come to 24th Street Cafe!

Their patios are heated, and the biscuits and gravy are the best in town! You can expect to enjoy a good cup for a weekend. 

Coffee Shop Information:

#2 Zingo’s Cafe

This long-standing, old-school cafe serves homestyle American fare in a nostalgic setting. They exist to deliver the finest coffee experience to our clients by roasting some of the best coffee beans from around the world on-site and serving freshly brewed coffee and teas on a daily basis.

If you prefer coffee, you’ll love their house specialties, as well as their ever-changing menu of fresh coffee beans from across the world.

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Address: 3201 Buck Owens Blvd, Bakersfield, CA 93308
  • Telephone: +1 (661) 321-0627
  • Social Media: Facebook  

#3 Java Detour

Gourmet coffees, espresso drinks, whole leaf teas, cold blended beverages, fresh fruit smoothies, milkshakes, kids’ drinks, and freshly baked goodies are all available at Java Detour. There, genuine ingredients prepared by genuine baristas.

Coffee that has been locally roasted and blended is just a taste away! By responding to the increasing demand for gourmet beverages delivered quickly and conveniently without sacrificing quality, Java Detour is “changing the way America buys coffee”.

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Address: 3623 California Ave, Bakersfield, CA 93309
  • Telephone: +1 (661) 322-5388 
  • Website: Java Detour      
  • Social Media: Facebook   

#4 Rocket Shop Cafe

Rocket Shop Cafe is a coffee shop/sports bar that also has a NASCAR store and a banquet room. It has a total seating capacity of 245, making it suitable for both large groups and small families.

They roast their coffee in various quantities so that you can enjoy the freshest and best tasting coffee possible at home or at work, in addition to serving wonderful coffee in a cup. You can purchase entire beans or have them ground for you.

They roast private labels and assist schools, teams, businesses, and organizations with fundraising. For further information, please contact their sales team.

Coffee Shop Information:

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#5 Dagny’s Coffee Company

Dagny’s, located in the heart of downtown Bakersfield, has long been a gathering place for locals and visitors. Come taste one of their specialty beverages and mingle with their eclectic clientele.

Dagny’s Coffee Company is one block east of the FOX Theatre, on the corner of 20th and Eye Streets. They exist to deliver the finest coffee experience to their clients by roasting some of the best coffee beans from around the world. 

Coffee Shop Information:

#6 Pappy’s Coffee Shop

Pappy’s, a popular Bakersfield diner open early and providing homestyle cuisine in a warm, friendly setting, has been family-owned since 1999.

If you prefer coffee, you’ll love their house specialties, as well as their menu containing different varieties. Check out their social media page to find some amazing specialties on their menu. 

Coffee Shop Information:

#7 Cope’s Knotty Pine Cafe

Cope’s Knotty Pine Cafe values their customers and strive to make its experience the best it can be. They offer excellent cuisine and service.

Their meals are generous, and the pricing is fair. To find out more, visit their website and social media page. 

Coffee Shop Information:

#8 College Coffee & Donuts

College Coffee & Donuts is a well-known cafe on Mount Vernon Ave, Bakersfield. Donuts, coffee, espresso, pastries, breakfast croissants, smoothies, and frozen yogurt are among the items available.

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Address: 2697 Mount Vernon Ave, Bakersfield, CA 93306
  • Telephone: +1 661-871-5223
  • Social Media: Facebook  

#9 Happy Jack’s Pie ‘N Burger

Happy Jack’s Pie ‘N Burger is located at 1800 20th St Bakersfield. They have the best hamburgers and pies you’ll ever have.

There’s nothing flashy about it; simply the greatest ingredients and fantastic staff. You’ll definitely return for the Ortega bacon cheeseburger and a slice of pie. 

Coffee Shop Information:

#10 Mossman’s Westchester Coffee 

For three generations, the Mossman family has been serving great meals to Bakersfield. The family is particularly proud of the fact that the recipes have never been changed.

The cooks still utilize the same high-quality ingredients and measurements they used 60 years ago, whether it’s “Grandpa’s Secret Recipe” pancakes, “Made From Scratch” home-style sweet buns and biscuits, or their Famous Fish and Chips.

Coffee Shop Information:

#11 Frosty King

Frosty King has grown and become a landmark in the fast-food sector in Bakersfield since its inception in the late 1970s.

The long-term goal is to maintain the high expectations and standards that were established on the basis of a promising flavor and service that can be mimicked but never duplicated.

Coffee Shop Information:

12. Donna Kaye’s Cafe

Donna Kaye’s Cafe is located at 212 Oak Street Bakersfield. On weekends, it has become a go-to breakfast spot for many.

The service is quite good. It’s possible that you’ll be served by the proprietor herself! Restaurants owned by locals are supported by them as well. 

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Address: 212 Oak Street Bakersfield, CA 93304
  • Telephone: +1 661-873-4942
  • Social Media: Facebook  

#13 Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks Coffee has its layout at Come on in 5700 Stockdale Hwy, Bakersfield. It’s a gathering spot for folks from all over the world who want to talk and drink good coffee.

If you are a coffee lover, then you probably have been there many times already. 

Coffee Shop Information:

#14 Wall Street Cafe

Wall Street Cafe is loathed in 1818 L St, Bakersfield and they have fantastic food as well as a great space! They like to keep their place super clean and hygienic.

I’m sure you’d love their drinks. To find out more about them, go pay a visit. 

Coffee Shop Information:

  • Address: 1818 L St, Bakersfield, CA 93301
  • Telephone: +1 (661) 322-9255

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#15 Luxor Vape Lounge & Cafe

Luxor Vape Lounge & Cafe is known for having great vibes, friendly personnel, and a huge assortment of vape products.

At Luxor, they’ve jumbled things up! Everything is now available for everyone! Vape juice, mods, coils, glass, CBD products, disposables, hookah, and much much more are all available! 

Coffee Shop Information:

#16 Zorba’s Charbroiled Burgers

Zorba’s Charbroiled Burgers is one of the best eating experiences in Bakersfield. The staff has always been courteous and friendly, and the facilities have always met or exceeded the expectations for a food service establishment.

The quality, pricing, and size of the servings provided to customers are excellent, and the menu offers enough variety to prevent repeat customers from being bored with having to order the same thing over and over again. 

Coffee Shop Information:

#17 Dutch Bros Coffee

Dutch Bros Coffee is all about building relationships and selling amazing coffee. It’s all about you at Dutch Bros, whether they’re providing drinks or spreading smiles.

To achieve their aim of making a big difference, one cup at a time, Dutch Bros is taking real and measurable action in charity, sustainability, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Coffee Shop Information:

#18 Peet’s Coffee & Tea

Alfred Peet forever transformed the expectations of American coffee lovers when he launched his first coffee shop in 1966.

They’ve been dedicated to creating the perfect cup since Alfred Peet founded his first coffee shop over fifty years ago. Every stage of their operation, from partnering with growers to roasting by hand, is shaped by this goal.

Coffee Shop Information:

#19 Coffee Break Service 

Coffee Break Service has been offering great products and services to businesses throughout the Central Valley since 1969, earning a national reputation.

They are a family-owned and operated business that continues the legacy of the original Dale Bros, who have served Central California for over half a century.

They have got the prestigious National Service Award from the National Coffee Service Association in 1986 for being the best office coffee service in the country.

They continue to supply the Valley’s businesses, breakrooms, convenience stores, donut shops, coffee houses, and restaurants with the same award-winning service. 

Coffee Shop Information:

#20 First Choice Services

First Choice Coffee Services has been providing superior office coffee solutions to businesses in the western United States for nearly half a century.

They provide the latest, most upmarket, and ecologically responsible solutions for you and your coffee-loving coworkers, whether it’s their large assortment of break-time products or amazing water selections.

That’s why First Choice Coffee Services provides a full-service solution, handling everything from stock management and equipment maintenance to keeping you up to date with our stimulating “Refresh Program.”

Coffee Shop Information:

#21 Lorene’s Coffee Shop

Lorene’s Coffee Shop has two locations in Bakersfield to serve you! They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner all day, so drop in and see what’s on the menu today.

Coffee Shop Information:

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#22 Bakersfield Roasting Company

Bakersfield Roasting Company is dedicated to supporting locally grown, environmentally friendly coffee farmers on every globe.

At Bakersfield Roasting Company, they treat each customer as if they were a bean. They want to make sure you have the best coffee drinking experience possible, whether it’s in the morning, in the afternoon, or at the end of the day.

Coffee Shop Information:


Over To You

Bakersfield is rich with many amazing coffee shops and coffee roasters. Almost every single one has something special about them. 

Which one is your favorite coffee shop in Bakersfield? Do you know any other coffee shop in your neighborhood? Let us know in the comment below!

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