Top 15 Best Coffee Shops In Antioch, California (CA) State [2022]

People congregate at coffee shops to mingle, relax, and indulge. Not just your taste buds, but all of your senses are stimulated when you visit a café. Coffee shops are excellent venues for socialization and, because they are frequently located in central, easily accessible areas, they often lead to the enhancement of communities.

In the modern age, most communication is done through a screen, and lonely people are greeted with a kind grin at coffee shops. These locations can also be used as multi-purpose facilities for events, therefore assisting and connecting the local community. 

People in the United States of America spend a lot of time in coffee shops on a daily basis. There are several coffee cafes located around the country. Choosing the appropriate coffee shop to hang out with friends and family or to hold a meeting can be difficult at times.

If you reside in Antioch, California, this journal will provide you with recommendations for the excellent 15 reputable coffee shops, as well as their traits and addresses. Please read on to discover the upper coffee shops in your city.


Coffee Shops In Antioch, California (CA) State

#1 Chill Tea And Coffee

Chill Tea and Coffee have carefully selected Single Origin coffees that are not only unique in flavor but also unique in terms of the farm and farmers that produce them.

They’ve also invented unique coffee blends, one of which, Yay Yay, has earned a reputation for being our most caffeinated without compromising smoothness or flavor. Their team is made up of the nicest, most caring, most motivated, and most passionate people you’ll ever meet.

They are always willing to assist you in finding the perfect drink. You are always invited. 

Coffee Shop Details:


#2 Big House Beans

Big House Beans brews coffee with intention. The coffees from Big House Beans are roasted to guarantee that they taste as delicious as they smell.

They plan to bend or even violate the laws of specialty coffee along the way, knowing well by now that the rules are still being established in such a dynamic business as this one. They each have their own theories and stories to share, which can be tasted in their coffees.

Learn more about why and how they serve while you sip. Wish you have a nice coffee at their place. 

Coffee Shop Details:


#3 Panera Bread

Panera Bread believes that good, clean food, food that makes you feel good, brings out the best in everyone.

People who care serve the food in their pleasant, friendly fast-casual food and beverage. That’s excellent eating at Panera Bread Pittsburg – Century Blvd, which is why they serve clean food free of artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors, or colors derived from artificial sources.

They’re always coming up with innovative methods to make every cup of coffee, tea, soup, salad, sandwich, and sweet bakery treat you order at Panera the best and cleanest it can be. 

Coffee Shop Details:

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#4 Dutch Bros Coffee

Dutch Bros Coffee is a fun-loving firm that takes its coffee, genuine fruit smoothies, frosts, Nitro Cold Brew, tea, sodas, and its Rebel Energy Drink very seriously.

Whether they are slinging drinks or serving up smiles, Dutch Bros is all about you! In 12 states, Dutch Bros “baristas” provide a menu of over 10,000 drink variations.

Dutch Bros also gives back to the communities it serves, providing millions of dollars to both local and national charities each year. 

Coffee Shop Details:


#5 Peet’s Coffee

Peet’s Coffee is a locally owned and operated coffee shop that provides a creative, productive, and relaxing environment.

Peet’s Coffee provides coffee, tea, pastries, salads, and sandwiches in a beautiful outside area with a southwestern motif with the tagline “Recycle, Reuse, and Repurpose” to create a design that is uniquely its owner’s vision.

On the lower patio, they have a magnificent handcrafted fountain, and in the top patio, they have a lovely stage with a stained glass background, where they host community events, open mics, live music, and comedy acts on a regular basis. 

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 5411 Lone Tree Way Ste L130 Antioch, CA 94513
  • Phone: (925) 513-4102
  • Website: Peet’s Coffee


#6 Miller’s Cafe

Miller’s Cafe is a well-kept secret. They’re a little mom-and-pop store, and the food feels like it was created from scratch.

The meal is excellent, and the owners are wonderful folks. Most of the residents are a supporter of this brand and would suggest this location.

The staff is wonderful, and it is definitely a hidden gem in Antioch. The only difference is that they removed a few tables from the inside to provide some separation from the already restricted seats.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 2733 Hillcrest Ave Antioch, CA 94509
  • Phone: (925) 757-6999


#7 Steeltown Coffee & Tea

Steeltown Coffee & Tea is a charming coffee establishment with an industrial vibe. This is a lovely little friendly business where they treat you like they know you, whether it’s your first visit, once in a while, or on a regular basis.

It has a similar flavor to a Starbucks matcha latte, but it’s much better! The flavor of matcha is enjoyed by many! It’s also a bit sweetened, so it’s not too strong! They share the location with a bank, which is unusual yet does not detract from their space.

The establishment is clean and has high ceilings. They feature a lot of interior seats as well as outdoor sitting. 

Coffee Shop Details:

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#8 Hustle Tea

The greatest Thai Tea and Coffee in the Bay Area is served at Hustle Tea! Owners of Hustle Tea take delight in assisting people in achieving happiness through the passion and invention of their beverages, as well as the pursuit of what you genuinely desire in life!

Currently, they are delivering throughout the Bay Area! They may be picked up in Antioch, California. If you are looking for a gallon of Thai tea or coffee, give them a call! For you, freshly brewed!

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 1139 East 18th St Antioch, CA 94531


#9 Sweet A’s

Sweet A’s is a coffee shop and a bookshop where bookworms may find a home in a place that isn’t simply a bookstore. While sipping a steaming cup of strong coffee, one can locate their next favorite book.

Sweet A’s may serve as your office, snack bar, sanctuary, and home away from home. Enjoy wonderful locally-sourced cuisine and beverages.

Sweet A’s was also created to complement the stories on their shelves. Tables with books strewn about as though they were invites. Fiction, biography, history, poetry, and more are intertwined in this maze. It’s all up to you to discover. Sweet A is a book aficionado. Sweet A’s is a foodie.

It most importantly, though, worships the consumer. Ensure that everyone who enters through their doors feels appreciated. 

Coffee Shop Details:


#10 The Bay Nutrition

The Bay Nutrition is a pleasant place that serves nutritious smoothies, energy drinks, protein iced coffee, fat-burning doughnut shots, and more.

Their objective is to offer the community optimal nutrition through both their tasty cuisine and their pleasant team, which is made up completely of qualified health coaches! You can inquire about a private wellness assessment with a member of their team. 

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 2547 San Jose Dr Antioch, CA 94509 
  • Phone: (925) 783-0830


#11 Cool Spot

Cool Spot is a contemporary take on the 1950s “malt shop” with WiFi, Disney Channel, and Music videos.

Cool Spot is appealing to the young with its vintage appearance and an infinite supply of toppings for its Frozen Yogurt variants, as well as fine coffees and gourmet baked items for the more discriminating palate.

They have a series of daily offers that are prominently displayed in the shop. They are offering an attractive variety of delicacies and sweets to all members of their community, presented in a relaxed and casual setting.

Coffee Shop Details:


#12 La Cascada Panaderia y Botanas

La Cascada Panaderia y Botanas is a nice Mexican bakery and coffee shop located in Antioch, CA.

They provide a wide range of Mexican bread to choose from. They have a great selection of Mexican sweet bread, special occasion cakes, pastries, chopped fruit, snow cones, ice cream, and other treats. They bring out fresh, new bread every morning.

Mexican sweets, chips, ice cream, and Mexican pastries are available for purchase. There are also cakes offered. Take a look.

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 1127 E 18th St Antioch, CA 94509
  • Phone: (925) 978-4413


#13 Sip And Scoop California

Sip and Scoop, Italian ice, gelato, ice cream, espresso beverages, lemonade, and hot chocolate, toasts, and bubble waffles are all available in California!

They began by selling Italian ice from a cart in their friends’ backyards, and have since expanded to providing their diverse menu at local school events, fire evacuation centers, and now a shop in Brentwood!

Their store is directly in the middle of Brentwood’s downtown district. Perfect for family gatherings, birthday celebrations, or simply a regular occurrence!

Coffee Shop Details:

  • Address: 234 Oak St Ste B Brentwood, St Antioch, CA 94513
  • Phone: (925) 684-7710


#14 TeaZenTea

TeaZenTea specializes in bubble tea also known as boba or tapioca and everything associated with it. Come to their location and you’ll not only get a nice cup of bubble tea, but also a place to hang out and have a good time.

Once you’ve arrived, check out their unique smoothies, slushies, and ice snow, all of which come in a variety of flavors. 

Coffee Shop Details:

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#15 Starbucks

Starbucks is not only enthusiastic about coffee; Starbucks is also passionate about everything else that comes with a complete and satisfying coffeehouse experience.

They also have a variety of quality teas, delicious pastries, and other wonderful foods to tempt your palate. And the music you hear throughout the store has been carefully selected for its artistic value and appeal.

It’s not uncommon to see people chatting, meeting up, or even working at Starbucks. They are a community meeting spot, a part of the daily routine, and they couldn’t be happier. You’ll see after you get to know them.

Coffee Shop Details:


Over To You

When people want to go hang out with their friends and family, they always choose a coffee shop or cafe with a nice and comfortable ambiance that serves high-quality coffee and other delicacies. A good coffee shop and good coffee can brighten your day and give you energy for the rest of the day.

When you visit these top 15 coffee shops, I hope you enjoy them and the services they provide.

I hope that these tips will assist you in locating the best reliable coffee shop in Antioch, California. Please let us know what you thought of these cafés once you’ve visited them.



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