Top 7 Best Coffee Shops In Anaheim, California (CA) State [2022]

People congregate at coffee shops to mingle, socialize, and drink. Not just your taste buds, but all of your senses are stimulated when you visit a café.

Coffee shops are excellent venues for discussion and, because they are typically located in central, easily accessible areas, they often contribute to the enhancement of communities. These locations can also be used as multi-purpose facilities for events, therefore supporting and integrating the local community.

There are several coffee cafes located around the country. Choosing the appropriate coffee shop to hang out with friends and family or to hold a meeting can be difficult at times.

If you reside in Anaheim, California, this site will provide you with recommended best coffee shops, as well as their qualities and addresses. Please continue reading to learn about the finest coffee shops in your city. 


Coffee Shops In Anaheim, California (CA) State

#1 Grow Coffee + Tea

Grow Coffee + Tea, located in Anaheim, California, is a charming and cozy coffee business. Their employees are quite pleasant and polite. They will always propose that you attempt different coffees that will work well in your taste buds.

The tastes of their various coffee blends are quite outstanding. The café serves great coffees such as the Cubano Machiatto, latte, and Colombian cold brew. They also have a reading space with wifi. You can grab your coffee and sit there to relax or read a few books whatever you like. This place will always give you positive vibes.

The owner has created a café that is both small and cozy, as well as elegant and welcoming. They provide a wide selection of coffee varietals, each of which is unique and gives real flavors to appeal to a wide range of palates.

They are dedicated to providing excellent service and keeping positive connections with customers. Customers are really pleased with the environment and services provided by the café owners.

One of the customers Jennifer S. wrote,

“Cute small feel coffee shop! Friendly staff with great suggestions. Flavors for amazing in the different roasts. Cubano Machiatto, latte and the Colombian cold brew were all amazing! Yes, I ended up ordering the cold brew after chatting with the barista making the first two drinks. She asked if I wanted to try a sample, made a recommendation and it didn’t fail. Clean bathrooms and location. I Will definitely be coming back for future visits!”

You are always welcome to visit this place. Hope you will like it.

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#2 Requiem Coffee Tea and Fantasy

Requiem Coffee Tea and Fantasy is open at 280 S Clementine Street in Anaheim, California, near the 5 expressway, Disneyland, and the Anaheim Convention Center. Requiem was created to honor nerd culture and provide a place for you to discuss all of your passions. Requiem is a coffeehouse, but it’s also a lot more. Requiem is a love letter to fantasy and escapism.

Patrons may escape the tension and struggle of the outside world and immerse themselves in the realm of coffee, tea, and imagination. There’s something for everyone within Requiem, with a fairy forest, a medieval stronghold, a steampunk coffee bar, and a sci-fi game area.

Requiem is there with a cup of something warm and wonderful in hand if you’ve ever needed a place to go and appreciate the things you love with like-minded people or in peace alone. Requiem features 2,500 square feet of space for visitors to enjoy, with four distinct parts inspired by video game environments! Heather Hermann designed and created the interior and assets for Requiem.

Although many cafés provide internet access, it is not always dependable. Requiem offers super-fast internet so you can enjoy all of your favorite online activities! Communication Cones are one of Requiem’s most popular features! Allow these double-sided items to speak for themselves! Place one on your table to let people know if you’d like a company or want to be alone at Requiem.

Whether you appreciate books, comics, games, movies, anime, fantasy, science fiction, or anything else, Requiem will be the ideal location to explore your interests and meet people who share them.

A visitor named Ben J. shared his experience,

“Checked this place out on a Friday night with a few friends. I had done some research and heard that it was very interesting. The research proved correct. This is a wonderful place to get a wonderful cup of java. Amazing Baristas and servers. Very reasonably priced and just an amazing experience to hang out with friends on a Friday night and have some excellent coffee. I highly recommend the pumpkin nut latte which is a mixture of pumpkin pie and toffee nut. It is extraordinary. You go check out this place.”

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#3 Cafasia Espresso & Gifts

Cafasia Espresso & Gifts is a fantastic small one-stop store within the Sheraton Park Hotel. Specialty coffee and tea, soft serve, and pastries are available. Their businesses provide a warm, inviting, and relaxing environment in which to spend time with friends and family.

This store is well-known for its stunning interior design. Along with their calming coffee, it offers an added value. Their baristas are knowledgeable and kind to visitors. Customers are sometimes given complimentary snacks and pastries in addition to their coffee. Snacks, bottled beverages, medication, and souvenirs are among the products available.

They are committed to providing outstanding service and maintaining strong client connections. Customers like the environment and services supplied by the café’s owners.

One of their customers Nicholas S. posted a review,

“So I went to a convention last month in Anaheim, and we decided to stay at the local Sheraton last month while there. I’m so glad we found this shop because it had everything we needed. Every morning I grabbed a Starbucks cappuccino and bagel with cheese for breakfast and picked up the Bistro Salad to go for lunch. It was quick and effortless. More importantly, the staff was polite, quick, and ridiculously friendly.”

You are highly recommended to visit them for a nice cup of coffee.

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#4 Tierra Mia Coffee

A variety of coffees are available at Tierra Mia Coffee cafe. Drive-through options are also available to serve you. Online ordering is available for their non-drive thru cafes. Their cocktail menu is fantastic. There are plenty of possibilities even if you don’t drink coffee.

This branch has the comfiest chairs. They offer a big communal table that you may share with others, as well as a long bench with individual tables for a more personal gathering. There is both inside and outdoor dining, as well as a large patio area.

It features a Spanish inscription on the wall as well as photographs of the farm where the coffee beans are grown. It has a cafe-like atmosphere to it.

One of their customer Jaimito J. posted feedback,

“Love, Love, and Love is the only way to describe how much I admire this place! Tierra Mia tiene mi Corazon por Vida! Simplicity at its finest and concoction to warm the heart and satisfy one’s taste buds. Customer Service: 5 Stars. They’re plight, attentive, and great every customer with a smile. What’s more impressive is that this coffee house gets packed, and sometimes with only (3) employees, they work miracles and keep that drive-through moving quickly. Outstanding employees and they all deserve a raise.”

This place is highly recommendable to visit and grab a coffee.

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#5 AllMyTea Cafe

AllMyTea Cafe has incorporated Taiwanese culture into all of its coffee, tea, and all other drinks.

Their Taiwanese specialty hand-roasted coffee will take your breath away. All of their coffee and tea are brewed with high-quality, discernible ingredients. Hand-roasted specialty coffee beans, available in-store and online, may also be used to make a good cup of coffee at home.

They take great delight in offering organic, fair-trade tea and coffee. They source the freshest, highest-quality products from local dairy providers and bakers. They have a large selection of hot and iced drinks, as well as savory and sweet snack selections.

They’ve got you covered whether you’re stopping for a morning coffee, lunch, or an afternoon snack! On sunny days, their terrace will be packed with people enjoying a drink or a snack. Latte Frappe, Whole Lemon Black Tea, Caramel Macchiato, and more can be found on their menu! Don’t forget to taste their house special White Chocolate Frappe and Milk Oolong Tea!

Christina G. posted a review,

“We love Allmy Tea shop so much! The quality of tea and coffee is the best on my personal list. Not like some cheap tea shops, I felt very uncomfortable after having their drink. Owner of this tea shop put lots of efforts and heart  to their business. Every time we sit outside and have a tea/ coffee there, it is so relaxing and refreshing. It makes us don’t want to leave.”

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#6 King Coffee USA

King Coffee USA is one of the most well-known coffee brands in Vietnam, the world’s second-largest coffee producer. With almost 20 years of combined coffee business expertise. In the heart of Anaheim, CA, King Coffee USA aims to give an improved Vietnamese café experience.

King Coffee offers a wide range of products, including instant coffee (King Coffee 3in1, Pure Black, Coffee & Creamer, Espresso), roasted ground coffee (Gourmet Blend, Inspire Blend, Premium Blend) for gourmet drinkers, the original Whole Bean Coffee, and many Luxury coffees, including the new and premium Weasel, Legacy, Golden, and Capsules.

Each of King Coffee’s products is the result of a complex manufacturing process that preserves nature’s essence while telling stories of boundless enthusiasm. In May of 2020, King Coffee established its first US café shop in Anaheim GardenWalk for American customers.

This café proudly serves traditional Vietnamese coffee drinks, homemade iced teas, delicious juices, smoothies, and pastry goods. Ask a member of the café staff about their Cafe Saá, the world-famous Vietnamese Iced Coffee with sweetened condensed milk, or robust yet very silky and delicious Vietnamese Egg Coffee.

Nick C. posted a review,

“What a great coffee spot that just opened in Orange County! They are located in the Garden Walk Mall in Anaheim on the side closer to Cheesecake Factory. Parking is free if you are there for less than 1 hour, which is easy since we’re just going in and out. The inside is beautiful and I can definitely see it as a spot to hang out with friends or even to study if you’re looking for that kind of spot.”

This place is highly recommendable if you are searching for a great place to have a nice coffee in Anaheim city, California.

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#7 Kaffeine Alley

The coffee and tea-based beverages at Kaffeine Alley are influenced by other cultures while being rooted in Vietnamese brewing history.

Kaffeine Alley was inspired by coffee culture in many nations, as well as a desire to create a space where people can calm down and appreciate the basic things in life, such as excellent ingredients and each other! Organic coffee and teas, handcrafted simple syrups, and alternative dairy alternatives are all available at Kaffeine Alley.

There’s no high fructose corn syrup or powders in my house. Organic coffee and Boba tea are their specialties. There will be no powders. There is no fructose in this product. Real ingredients, plain and simple. Organic speciality coffee (Viet Coffee), boba/bubble tea, and matchas are also popular at Kaffeine Alley.

Their customer service and friendliness are just outstanding. The proprietors are always polite and inviting. They treat their consumers with respect and affection.

One of their guests. Donald B said,

“Came here with a larger group during the pandemic. I ordered a dirty chai latte with boba, and my girlfriend ordered a black Hawaiian tea with boba. Everything was great! I was relieved that it wasn’t overly sweet, and the boba tasted fresh! I wasn’t expecting to get such great boba from this coffee shop! Drinks came out quickly too!”

This can be your day to day coffee shop.

Coffee Shop Informations:

  • Name: Kaffeine Alley
  • Address: 6312 E. Santa Ana Canyon Rd. Anaheim Hills, CA 92807
  • Phone number: (714) 202-5731
  • Website Link:


Over To You

People always select a coffee shop or café with a good and comfortable environment that provides high-quality coffee and other refreshments when they want to hang out with their friends and family.

A proper coffee shop and good coffee can enliven your day and let you have energy for the remaining of it.

I hope you enjoy these coffee shops and the services they offer when you visit them. I hope these options help you to choose the ideal coffee shop in Anaheim, California. After you’ve visited these cafés, please let us know what you think of them. Thank you so much.

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