Top 9 Best Coffee Shops In Alameda, California (CA) State [2022]

Coffee shops are places where people socialize, relax, and imbibe. Visiting a café activates all of your senses, not just your taste buds. Coffee shops are wonderful places for communication and typically contribute to enhancing communities because they are often in central, easily accessible areas.

Communication in the digital era is typically done through a screen, and coffee shops give a kind grin to individuals who are lonely. These areas can also be used as multi-functional venues where events can be held, therefore supporting and uniting the local community.

In the United States of America hanging out in coffee shops is a common day-to-day activity for people. All over the country, there are large numbers of coffee shops available. Sometimes it becomes really hard to choose the right coffee place to hang out with friends and family or just to arrange a meeting.

If you reside in Alameda, California, you will discover the greatest coffee shop recommendations, as well as their features and location, in this article. Please continue reading this article to learn about the nicest coffee shops in your city. 


Coffee Shops In Alameda, California (CA) State

#1 The Local

The Local is on the ground floor of the ancient Masonic Lodge, which was constructed in 1891 and is situated in the old town of Alameda. This building has been at the heart of the community for over 126 years.

Otto and Erin Wright, along with their kids, created The Local in Alameda, California. The Local aspires to be a gathering spot with great coffee, live entertainment, and a welcoming atmosphere for all.

They chose Mr. Espresso as their coffee roaster because of their dedication to quality and extensive coffee selection. They provide a diverse range of coffee varieties, each of which is distinct and offers authentic flavors to suit a variety of tastes. They are very much committed to their services and maintaining a good bonding with their customers.

Their customers are very much satisfied with the atmosphere and the services of cafe owners. One of their customers posted feedback that The local has become his new favorite coffee shop in the city, and their Cappuccino is amazing.

Also, the owner Otto is very warm and inviting. You can check out this cafe whenever you want.

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#2 Coffee Cultures Alameda

Coffee Culture is located on the corner of Park Street and Blanding Ave just across the Park Street Bridge. They serve specialty coffee and tea, soft serve, and pastries. The space has a beautiful, private courtyard with a custom mural by Alameda native David Burke.

They also serve a private label coffee roasted by their longtime partner Mr. Espresso. Their customers are very much fond of the place and its services. This shop is undoubtedly one of the famous coffee places in Alameda city.

Their customers and visitors always give nice feedback. One of their feedbacks was given by Cath M, “The atmosphere was nice, no pretentiousness and it had good lighting and air – especially you know, pandemic. Baristas/staff were friendly (Sunday morning) and it was so nice… I had ordered just a regular latte and first sip, oh… finally! It was made just right, it wasn’t bland, you can taste the coffee as well as no burnt aftertaste. It wasn’t acidic!”

You can hang out at this place anytime you like. The owners are always welcoming. 

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#3 Highwirecoffee

Highwirecoffee is another famous coffee shop and a coffee franchise in Alameda, California. They serve fine tasted coffee and different types of roasted beans. Their coffee shop is an aesthetic, calm, and really gorgeous place to have a cup of nice coffee.

According to their customers, this coffee shop is the best in Alameda, California. This place is highly recommended by most of the resident and coffee lovers of Alameda city.

One of their customer named Sarah M. posted feedback stating, “I’m obsessing over their Celebration roast right now – also obsessed with their label on the bag. Anyhoo – this is a small business with takeaway and outdoor seating. Baristas are always super friendly and there is a fun and young vibrant energy that’s contagious.”

You can check out this cafe whenever you want.

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#4 Cafe Au Lait 

According to many coffee lovers in Alameda city, Cafe Au Lait serves one of the best coffee in town. It has also a stunning cozy interior. Their shops offer a nice cozy and calm place to sit with friends and family.

This shop is very much famous for its incredible interior design. It adds an extra value along with their soothing tasted coffee. Their Baristas are skilled and very much friendly with the visitors.

They sometimes offer the customers complimentary snacks and pastries along with their coffee.

Amy K. posted feedback of Cafe Au Lait, “Excellent tasting coffee and espresso drinks. The food tastes good and everyone is very friendly. Very kid-friendly, with a sitting area with some toys in the back. The owners are trying to fly the cafe as an upstanding place to get good coffee and food on the East End.”

You can always pay a visit to this coffee shop.

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#5 Julie’s Coffee and Tea Garden 

Julie’s Coffee and Tea Garden opened in Alameda on January 1, 2005. This place is great to hang out and work, and what’s even better is that they have amazing coffees, food, pastries, and wine.

The seating is outdoors only. You can sit in the front of the store which works out great in today’s environment. Or you can sit in the garden in the back if you want a little quieter and a lot more of a vibe.

This spot is smaller but has just enough space to feel like the plants are healing as is the coffee. Their hospitality and customer services are really remarkable. The owners are very much friendly and always welcoming.

They serve their customers with great care and love. One of their visitors Meg T. shared, “Julie’s has a great backyard area and a super cute space out front. It had been our top choice. The service was super sweet and the cookies were delightful, we will definitely be returning!” 

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#6 Peet’s Coffee

Peet’s Coffee is a well-known coffee shop in Alameda, California, as well as a coffee chain. They sell excellent coffee and a variety of freshly roasted beans. Their cafe is a beautiful, pleasant, and relaxing location to enjoy a cup of coffee.

This coffee shop, according to its clients, is the finest in Alameda, California. The majority of Alameda city residents and coffee enthusiasts highly suggest this location.

They offer a wide selection of coffee variations, each of which is unique and gives real flavors to appeal to a wide range of flavors. They are dedicated to providing excellent service and keeping positive relationships with their clients.

Customers are really pleased with the atmosphere and services provided by the café owners. Chauntay B. a customer of Peet’s Coffee said, Like only the best pumpkin latte Ever!!! There are a few coffee spots in this area and I pick Peet’s every time!!! It’s a cool and comfortable environment. Good for reading a book, getting some work done, or chatting with a friend.”

You can hang out at this place anytime you like. The owners are always welcoming. 

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#7 Wescafe

In West Alameda, Wescafe is a family-run local cafe. Espresso, coffee, smoothies, juices, and other beverages are also available. They employ only the freshest, healthiest ingredients in their coffee, sandwiches, and wraps. Their restaurant is ideal for small family gatherings, meetings, and corporate events.

It has a large outdoor patio with seating for 40-50 people as well as a gorgeous water fountain. Because of their commitment to quality and vast coffee choices, they chose Mr. Espresso as their coffee roaster.

They offer a wide selection of coffee variations, each of which is unique and gives real flavors to appeal to a wide range of tastes and textures.

They are dedicated to providing excellent service and keeping positive relationships with their clients. One of their regular customer Brook L. posted a review about their services, “The service is quick and friendly with a variety of breakfast options as well as coffees and baked treats! My favorite is the classic breakfast with bacon, sourdough, and home fries! This breakfast is a great value for the quality of food that’s served. This is a great place to walk to and there are always a variety of vendors. A great weekend stop!”.

You can always pay a visit at their place to enjoy their soothing atmosphere and quality coffee.

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#8 Jay’s Coffee Teas and Treats

Jay’s Coffee Teas and Treats has been serving local retirees, parents, and students on their daily activities of breakfast, lunch, and brunch for over 10 years in the Alameda district.

Freshly baked breakfast is available, as well as freshly brewed coffee and custom-made coffee, teas, and special beverages, as well as pastries, baked goods, and a healthy breakfast. Freshly cooked soups and sandwiches made to order are available for lunch.

Their neighborhood’s lovely small business is open to serve the community. There is a lovely, private terrace in the property. They also provide a private label coffee roasted by Mr. Espresso, a long-time associate.

Their customers adore the location and the services they provide. This cafe is probably one of Alameda’s most well-known coffee shops. Their consumers and guests are always polite. One of their comments came from Jannet F. “Cute cafe spot in Alameda with lots of indoor seating! Found 2 hour free street parking right outside. We ordered a small cafe au lait, a small iced chai latte, and an apple turnover. They offered to warm it up for us too. It was just the right amount of sweet with fresh apple filling and perfectly flaky texture.”

Jay’s Coffee Teas and Treats is a highly recommended coffee shop in Alameda city. 

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#9 Signal Coffee Roasters 

At Signal Cafe, the proprietor serves their Signal brand house-roasted, small-batch coffee, as well as custom-blended specialty cocktails, rotating pastries, and consistent favorites from some of Northern California’s top bakeries.

Signal Coffee Roasters has evolved from its humble beginnings to become a valued tradition with six current variety options, something for everyone to enjoy.

They make wonderful, easy-to-love, gratifying, and uncompromising coffee. Exceptional single-origin and well-crafted blends from ethical sources are also roasted. Signal Coffee offers some inside seats as well as some pretty nice outside sitting in the rear.

It appears to be a great relaxing area to enjoy coffee and work in the mornings. By offering a choice of chairs and a stone fountain to decrease the ambient noise, the quiet terrace allows for peaceful discussions.

On Webster Street, this is a terrific place to get together!. This place is famous among coffee lovers. Here is feedback of Regina W. “ One of my favorite things to do is check out coffee shops, so when I heard about Signal Coffee Roasters recently, I knew that I wanted to come visit. It turns out this cute little coffee shop is in a very fun part of Alameda, near excellent vegan donuts (Donut Petit), the Pacific Pinball Museum, and a Cambodian restaurant named Phnom Penh House. I already want to come back with friends and hang out in this area of Alameda again.”

You can check out this cafe whenever you want.

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Over To You

Whenever people want to select a coffee shop or cafe to go and hangout with their friends and family; they always prefer a place with a cozy and comfortable atmosphere which offers good quality coffee and other snacks.

A qualityful coffee shop and coffee can definitely make your day cheerful and make you energetic for the rest of the day.

I hope you will love these above-mentioned coffee shops and their services when you visit them. I hope these suggestions will help you to find the best place for coffee in Alameda city. Please do share your review regarding these cafes after visiting.


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