Wedding Playlist 2018: A Complete Guide to Wedding Music

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Are you trying to avoid the usual boring wedding playlist, with the same typical, tired tunes? We've worked on the best wedding playlist for 2018—you're going to love it.

Band vs. DJ vs. Playlist

Before you fire up your Spotify or Apple Music playlist with the best wedding songs, let's take a look at what approach will suit your wedding party: 


Hiring a DJ is an affordable way to not spend too much time thinking about your wedding setlist. Especially if you use a friend. It requires less space than a band, and there's less technical risk than running a playlist on a computer. The downside? A good DJ is hard to find, so there's always a risk of accidentally hiring a total vibe-killer. So screen potential talent carefully.

Live Band 

If you have the budget and time to find the perfect band, there's nothing better than instruments and musicians. But booking live talent can be very expensive. Organizing any live show can be a tedious task. Bands are like restaurants, if you're getting a long list of options, chances are none of it will be great. Make sure the band can actually play the songs that are most important to you.


A DJ or a band can feel the crowd and give the party CPR when necessary. It's something you can’t necessarily do when you self-DJ with a playlist. Sure, you can prep the Spotify with all your favorite songs, but keeping everyone at the party (especially people of a certain age) on the dance floor requires some letting go. Are you ready to let go your personal taste for the good of the party?

 The Playlist Shortlist

Below the shortlist of our essential wedding playlists. Feel free to use them as is or to pick and choose and create your own! 

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