5 Netflix Movies That Will Inspire Your Wedding

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After binge watching way too many movies for 3 weekends in a row, we've compiled a list (shall we say "THE LIST"?) of the 5 bouquet toss films on Netflix that we think you should watch to find inspiration for your big day.

So grab some pop corn, fire up your Netflix app and find out if your favorite films landed on our list!

5. Steel Magnolias

Steel Magnolias is a perfect wedding film for several reasons: a strong community, hilarious lines, and one of the most kick-ass girl gangs in cinema. The wedding in the movie is an ode the ’80s fashion & music with bold prints, big hair and a lot of shiny. The entire script highlights how a community effort can make a wedding epic. After all, for a wedding to be fun you just need to work hard and play hard.

Wet Hot American Summer

4. Wet Hot American Summer

This movie created some arguments within the Qleek team to know if it deserves its place in the top ten. But with their good looks the mid-shin in a river and the tunics, we had no choice. Also, McKinley and Ben are still together after all these years, so there's that haters :)

3. Love Actually 

Love Actually is a strange movie with a strange script and a lot of unresolved plots. But the movie is not interested in any of that on purpose, and honestly we don't care—it's an absolute beauty aesthetically and musically. Thanks to the film, the “All You Need Is Love” has become a staple for couples who really enjoyed this scene in Love Actually and/or The Beatles.

2. Marie Antoinette 

What's Marie Antoinette best known for? Her extravagance and style. Watching the movie is like watching a live Pinterest board for a perfect French wedding. The dresses, the bouquets and the makeups are an inspiration machine if you're planning an ostentatious wedding. 

1. Moonrise Kingdom 

The film is an ideal fit for you if you believe in soulmates, and we do too. When you’re 12 and find you're soulmate, running away and getting hitched in an illegal marriage processed by a strange boy scout becomes and option. We absolutely love it. 


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